The German brand Womanizer has taken the world of sex toys by storm with the best selling toy of 2015 – the Womanizer and the new generation PRO. These are specific toys purely for women = designed for clitoral stimulation only. They don’t use vibrations, but only special pressure waves.

Womanizer products bring a revolutionary innovation to the market. Womanizer can stimulate a woman’s clitoris without touching it.

Womanizer brand

How does it work?

The attachment is placed on the clitoris, which is gently sucked in and stimulates the clitoris using pressure waves that are controlled by a microprocessor. There are about 4,000 to 8,000 nerve endings on the female clitoris, which are so sensitive that even the skin on your hand cannot perceive such intense stimulation as the clitoris.

The Womanizer (incorrectly referred to as a womanizer) works with pressure waves that only the sensitive clitoris can sense, you won’t even feel the waves elsewhere on your body. The stimulation head is made in medical grade silicone and meets all requirements and standards.

About the Manufacturer

Hailing from Germany, the epi24 brand is relatively new to the market. It gained its popularity mainly last year (in 2015) thanks to the unique erotic toy Womanizer.

Their production is done in close collaboration with designers and doctors. The uniqueness of the Womanizer is that it does not vibrate, but applies pressure waves to the clitoris without a single touch. Womanizer is also synonymous with “orgasm factory”.

We have tested several Womanizers

The only thing we can criticize is the price, which is significantly higher compared to other products.

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