Womanizer is a concept – a pioneer among toys and a best friend of many women. I myself can’t get enough of it. It even earned me the nickname “instant orgasm ma-chine”, which probably says it all.

Unfortunately, my Womanizer broke. And no, I didn’t break it with my frequent use. I was pretty bad about it at first, but on the other hand, there were newer pieces on the market, so I didn’t feel so bad about buying another toy for my home.

I originally wanted the Premium version, but there is a Womanizer duo in the same price range that I already have at home. So in the interest of variety in my reviews, I ended up choosing the Womanizer Classic, which is cheaper and more affordable for many people. So let’s get to the review!

When the box arrives…

I was really looking forward to the new Womanizer – yes, the original piece had been broken for a long time. And luckily, it arrived the very next day after I ordered it (I ordered it in the morning and paid by credit card online). And I was really excited when it arrived. A sleek ma-chine in very nice packaging, I had a chance to see the Womaniter Premium packaged and the packaging was exactly the same… although the Premium looks really luxurious even in the box.

But going back to my new Classic – the box really made me happy, because then you know you’re not paying ex-tra money (for the Premium) just for the packaging. And I really liked it 😀

In the box you will of course find the device, a magnetic charger, a spare silicone head (which is handy because they can’t be reordered separately… at least I couldn’t find them anywhere), a pouch to store the device and a leaflet with instructions. Though admittedly, I only skimmed through the instructions again – I love learning how to operate the device in action. Plus, the Classic only has 3 buttons, so what’s there to learn 😀

If we feel it…

The lower price of the Classic is (in my opinion) also because of the material used. You will find a silicone beak and the bottom part is silicone coated. The rest of the de-vice is ABS plastic. It doesn’t affect the function, and it’s not distracting in appearance, but when you pick it up, it’s not the same.


The Womanizer Classic is long and slim. I don’t know if this innovation was to make it feel better in the hand or to unify the look of all models, but to be honest, I’m not thrilled about this innovation. My original Womanizer PRO fit great in my hand, this one is quite big for me. When I hold it comfortably, I can’t control it. I really have no idea how to hold it properly – I usually end up holding it with the bellies of my fingers (4 on top and thumb on the bottom). My middle finger is then on the “+” button, so I can control the device fairly well – i.e. add intensity. Anyway, this is not a one-size-fits-all guide.

Compared to the PRO version, the Classic also has a dif-ferent silicone beak. The new one is in the color of the device, which looks good design-wise. For me, though, that’s the only good thing about this beak. It is quite hard and rough for my taste. The original beak hugged the clitoris beautifully and stimulated it gently. This one doesn’t have that kind of clearance. I guess if I didn’t have a comparison, it would be all good. Unfortunately, I do have a comparison.

But just to give you an idea, if you have experience with the Satisfyer stimulator – the Womanizer beak still leads the way.

Find out how much the Womanizer Classic costs

And one more good thing I remembered – the beak is conveniently removable so you can sterilize it with boil-ing water. Or you can wash it with warm water (ideally with antibacterial soap) and spray it with disinfectant.

Button here, button there…

The Classic has a total of 3 buttons, the classic “+” and “-“, then the on/off button – you have to hold this button for a moment for the device to react.

You switch the intensity (whether you want to increase or decrease) by quickly clicking on the button. If you hold “+” or “-“, nothing happens. Unfortunately, I always forget this and am terribly surprised that it doesn’t work.

The “+” button is the biggest of them all. I understand that it’s probably the most used, but the moment you want to reduce the intensity and you accidentally add it because you intuitively hit the biggest button, it’s a prob-lem.

I also often turn the Classic off when I want to reduce the intensity. I just somehow can’t naturally feel the “-” when I want to feel it. In other words, the layout doesn’t suit me at all. I’m just a little worried that Premium has it an-yway, so it’s possible I’ll just have to get used to it.

What about orgasm?

The Womanizer Classic has a total of 8 intensities. They are all silent, so you don’t have to worry about being heard.

For beginners, I definitely recommend staying with the lower intensities (first to second) and feel free to wait a little longer to orgasm. Even for more experienced users, I would like to recommend playing longer with lower in-tensities. If you keep increasing the intensity at all costs, you might end up numbing yourself soon.

Unfortunately, I’m already numb (but make no mistake, this hasn’t happened in my time testing the Classic, but it’s the result of years of work… plus the fact that I’ve never been completely sensitive). So I orient myself in the upper third of intensity when playing. And despite this fact, it takes me a few minutes (and yes with a wom-anizer this is a long time) to orgasm – if at all (conditions are not always right for this).

Anyway, I think it does very well for my insensitivity and various adverse circumstances.

And what is the final verdict?

As I wrote at the beginning, the Womanizer is a toy for “instant orgasm” – it will bring you to orgasm within a few minutes at the latest. Of course, all orgasms will be the same, give or take. But this is the problem with all vacuum toys.

But to be honest, the Classic didn’t completely blow me away. I bought it thinking that it had truncated features – and honestly, I don’t miss those features (the ones I know about). But they didn’t sit well together.

I do pull it out and play with it from time to time, but I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone! I guess if he were at least a third cheaper, I wouldn’t have such high expectations for him, and I might even put up with certain shortcomings. I will definitely be getting the Womanizer Premium again.

So if you’re thinking about a womanizer and happen to come across the Womanizer PRO, go for it, it’s great. But since it doesn’t sell much anymore (more like not at all), I’d recommend you pay a little extra and get the Womanizer Premium – I have nothing but positive reviews on them.



Quality workmanship Price
Silicone beak Somehow it didn't suit me
Easy to clean
8 intensities
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