Venus Balls are purely feminine aids, so this regularly updated ranking was put together only by the female representatives of our tester editorial team. Classic Venus Balls are usually 2 larger connected balls that are hollow and inside them other balls move freely. Thanks to then movements of the body (after insertion) they create a pleasant vibration. A variant is only 1 ball for insertion.

What can also count among the balls of the goddess Venus?

There are also different variants on these balls – for example, B-Balls anal pins with rotating balls inside, or vibrating eggs that can also strengthen the pelvic floor. Alternatively, vaginal dumbbells make a more noticeable improvement in the condition of the muscles in your lap (these weaken mainly with age and childbirth, so it’s a good idea for adult women to exercise them regularly). Strong muscles in this area also affect the experience of sex, so it’s not just a health benefit, but one that we women love to enjoy above all else.

It may be confusing to the uninitiated, but there is also a static/non-vibrating version of the balls called Ben Wa Balls. These are simple full balls of larger diameter that are inserted into the vagina, and the wearer’s goal is to keep them in as long as possible by clenching her lap muscles. The material can be stainless steel, borosilicate (shatterproof) glass, wood, silicone, ABS plastic, …

It’s also worth mentioning here that there are differing views on whether these balls are erotic aids at all. Basically, they have a health effect, they are sold in drugstores for example, and many gynecologists recommend them to their clients.

Why trust our ranking

We have been an objective and independent website with editorial testing of sexual aids for more than 8 years. The ladies of our editorial team have dedicated several months to this ranking to find the most suitable balls for our female readers. There are other rankings with the best balls for women, but the authors simply sucked them out of their fingers. They’ve never even seen the toys – we have, tested them on our own bodies, photographed and filmed them = we actually own them and know what’s good.

What influenced the best-selling Venus Balls for 2024?

Healthy materials, simple shapes and also accessories, which can include bead covers, removable bead variants and other interesting pieces, are the main factors.

What we evaluated when choosing the balls:

  1. material (health safety, ease of cleaning, …),
  2. features (what it can do differently than competitors, …),
  3. power to strengthen the pelvic floor (or how much they affect the pelvic muscles),
  4. price (it is only one parameter and not the most important for us)
  5. and fun (or whether you like this toy and it won’t sit in your drawer).

For this comparison review, we’ve loosened the boundaries, so you’ll find representatives of electronic balls as well as static ones. This is because there’s not much more to functionally develop the individual balls (given their origins) and we wanted to show readers other methods of strengthening pelvic muscles.

Table of the Best Venus Balls

#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialReviewWhere to buy
1.Venušiny kuličky Balls but functional - even gynaecologists recommend them to strengthen the pelvic floorSilicone Review
2.Fun Factory Smartballs NEWFun Factory Smartballs NEWSophisticated - longer eyelet for removal, recess for insertionSilicone, ABS plastic Review
3.LELO Luna NoirLELO Luna NoirElegantní a jednoduché venušiny kuličky od švédské designové značky LELO. Umožňují jednoduché vyjmutí kuliček z silikonového obalu. Mají v balení o textilní sáček na uchování kuliček.Silicone, ABS plastic Review
4.Posilovač pánevního dna BOOM HiBallBOOM HiBall pelvic floor exerciserElectric pelvic floor exerciser with mobile phone minigames - vibrates for completing tasks and better muscle strengthening.Silicone Review
5.BOOM Mini BO statické kuličkyBOOM Mini BO static ballsThey allow you to alternate the different weights of the balls that are included in the package, allowing each woman to build her own ideal set.Silicone Review
6.Romant YoYo 2v1Romant YoYo 2v1Simple, smaller in size, but most importantly in 1 package you have 2 - simple one-ball and classic.Silicone Review

TOP 6 most popular Venus Balls of our editorial team

Here are already 5 of our top-rated balls, which serve not only for strengthening a weakened pelvic floor, but also for erotic pleasure. Venus Balls

For us, the absolute top – the touch of a woman’s hand in the form of designer Anna Marešová is felt in every place. The pure white silicone, the graceful feminine curves of the balls themselves and also on the simple packaging.

Anna consulted even Czech gynaecologists about the shape and weight of the balls, and for us, they are rightly the best Venus balls on our market. Their high price is compensated by their high utility value – they simply fit beautifully in your lap, they gently squeak when you move, and all the time you feel as if you were spoiled with luxury. A clear winner for us.



Precision manufacturing I have no reservations (except perhaps that they are cheap for the care taken)
Pure silicone
Focus on detail
Czech origin
A purely feminine approach
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fun Factory Smartballs NEW

Second in our ball rankings are the new generation SmartBalls – they have a simpler shape compared to the previous one, slightly pointed towards the front, minimal protrusions and beautifully matte silicone. The latter is of course medical grade and hypoallergenic = does not cause any allergic reactions. The balls also have a simple loop that makes them easy to pull out and also a recess on the underside of the second ball that makes them good to insert again. Thumbs up!



Strong vibrations Water-based gels only
Easy insertion
Easy removal thanks to recess and eyelet
Finer shape
Medical grade silicone
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

LELO Luna Noir

A beautiful and elegant piece that has been at the top of sales for years – so functionally and design-wise, it’s time-tested and still popular. The materials are medical grade silicone (a premium material that is great to clean and hypoallergenic) and ABS plastic (durable and non-staining and non-toxic). So it rightfully belongs in our TOP pick of the best intimates for women.



Pleasant effect Higher price
Hygienic design
Elegant packaging - suitable as a gift
Beautiful design
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Boom HiBall Pelvic Floor Amplifier

These are not purely venus balls, but they fully reference them in shape and effect. These fully electric balls are a pelvic muscle enhancer. Inside are very sensitive pressure sensors and vibrating motors.

When paired with your smartphone, the app prompts you to initially squeeze the balls to assess your condition and then gives you progressive tasks. You perform them in the form of games where you tighten and loosen your muscles according to the rhythm or graphics. This makes strengthening your pelvic floor quite fun and effective, and for that it deserves a nice third place.



Strong vibrations Price
Velvety soft silicone Imperfect watertightness
Great mobile app Older type of charging
Innovative aid
Effect on pelvic muscles
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM Mini BO Static Balls

Simplicity itself, which is among the cheapest pieces in our rankings and perhaps the cheapest overall of the gadgets we tested. They’re simple on the surface but sophisticated in real life, as the individual balls can be swapped out for heavier ones that you also get in the pack.

Each woman can mix in exactly the right weight with which she will subsequently strengthen her pelvic muscles. There aren’t many similar variations on the market, which is why we’ve included them in our ranking – even though they don’t roll like the regular Venus balls. And let’s not forget – they’re also made of safe silicone.



Appearance in all aspects We didn't come across any
Different weights of balls
Easy cleaning
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Romant YoYo 2in1

The great strength of these balls is both their smaller size, so they fit even beginners, but you also get two in the package right away. One double and the other single bead. So each woman gets to choose which one she uses best for that instant. The shape is also interesting, the blunt tips have simple threads on them that can help with insertion… but they’re more of a design feature. Pure silicone plays a primary role here as with the others, so a hypoallergenic material that takes to the human body beautifully. It’s easy to clean and soft to the touch.



Quiet I can't feel the inner ball
Two for a good price
Good to keep clean
Soft and durable
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

What is your experience with the balls?

Do you have any favourites that have never let you down and are missing from our top 5 list? Do you have any questions about these divine balls? Let us know your experience and advice in the comments.

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