We all want to enjoy more sex play – we certainly don’t need to argue about that. But not everyone wants to invest more money in new erotic experiences – and that’s okay. Even in the cheap vibrators segment, there are great pieces that will definitely please you.

TOP materials such as silicone or ABS plastic are also found here. So why not save money from the family purse and still make yourself happy? For just such cases we have made this comparative ranking of the cheapest, but still high quality vibrating toys.

How did we choose the best cheap vibrators for 2024?

First of all, we chose from toys that we tested ourselves. There’s no point in sucking something out of our fingers, we simply put these toys through our hands (not only) and rated them as the best in their segment. It’s a significant cross-section of the Czech sex shop offer and we believe that every woman = who is a target for vibrators will find a choice here. Or will they also attract some shy men? Whether for themselves or just for their partner?

What we rated:

  1. materials (type of material, how it cleans, how good it looks, …),
  2. workmanship (what kind of surface it has, how well it glides, …),
  3. features (does it offer even more than the classic vibration, what does it have against the competition, …),
  4. strength of vibration (not always extreme strength is a plus, so looking for those good vibrations, …),
  5. type of charging (how vibrators are charged, how batteries are changed, how expensive they are, …),
  6. price (in this category price is more important than elsewhere – we look for value for money, …),
  7. and fun (or we use the toys more often and they don’t just sit sadly in a drawer, …)

Why trust our reviews (and this ranking)

We have been testing sex toys for over 6 years and have had over 300 sex toys in our tests. We already know what values our readers are looking for in these vibrating aids because we are one of them ourselves. We have our own photos and videos from real-world testing so you can trust us that we have actually had the products and haven’t sucked this ranking out of our fingers (like others have).

Top 6 cheap vibrators that will still please you – table
#PhotoTypeFeatureMaterialChargingStrength of vibrationReviewsWhere to buy
1.BOOM Delight na klitoris vibrátorBOOM Delight on clitorisA classic and bestseller - combining classic lap vibrations with vaginal teasing. And all wrapped up in a nice design and TOP materials.Silicone, ABS plastic2X AA batteries8Review
2.Funky Orange klitorální vibrátorFunky OrangeFun, tiny and cute - that's Funky in orange. The new generation has snap-on silicone heads for extra teasing. ABS plastic1X AA batteries6Review
3.G-Vibe Spot vibrátorG-Vibe SpotA powerful worker on the male G-spot, i.e. the prostate, but it can also be used by women who also want to stimulate their G-spot. ABS plastic2x AAA batteries7Review
4.OVO T1 vibrační pomůckaOVO T1A beautiful and elegant vibrator made to fit in the palm of a woman's hand - perfect for the clitoris and Venus' mound. ABS plastic1x AAA batteries7Review
5.Funky G-Spot pink šidítkoFunky G-Spot pinkA very simple vibrator with a curved tip - ideal for teasing the G-spot or clitoris. ABS plastic1x AA batteries7Review
6.Vibrační hračka Ovo F11Ovo F11A sleek and slim vibrator that is shaped for both insertion and sensitive clitoral teasing.Silicone, ABS plastic2x AA batteries8Review

BOOM Delight clitoral vibrator

It’s not the latest fad, but the BOOM Delight is still among the bestsellers among the cheapest vibrators on the Czech market. It is popular not only because of its pleasant price, but also because it offers a combination of a classic vibrator and a vibrating clitoral protrusion (i.e. bunny/rabbit style).

So it offers the dual stimulation that women love, and in a cute little jacket. The material is proven medical grade silicone with a wonderfully matte and soft surface (we’d cuddle with it all the time) and ABS plastic on a simple but purposeful handle.



Pure silicone Weaker vibration
Great shape You have to get used to the controls
Irritates both the clitoris and the vagina
Control of individual motors
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Funky Orange for clitoris

One of the cheapest pieces on the market, but from us still fun and will please just about any woman. It has a simple lipstick-like design and almost identical size. It’s held between the fingers like a pen, so you can precisely target the vibrating head to the sensitive clitoris or other erogenous zones.

While the vibrations are not adjustable – you only have then one intensity (just turn on and off and another motion to open and replace the battery), the Funky Orange has been a favorite as a basic female vibrator for years. The new generation, which costs the same money, even has interchangeable silicone caps with different protrusions that noticeably change the intensity of the teasing and the speed of orgasm. Definitely don’t be afraid to experiment – even with a partner, who will also be surprised by the effect of the vibrations.

One of the cheapest pieces on the market, but still fun for us. In the new 2017 edition, the manufacturer replaced the harder plastic heads with softer and more sensitive silicone ones. Functionally, they’re simple vibrators – just turn on and off, and another flick to open and replace the battery.



Low price Vibration cannot be controlled
Multiple attachments
Pocket size
Strong vibrations along the entire length
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

G-vibrator for prostate

The cheaper G-Vibe vibrator is the ideal beginner tool for any inquisitive man. It’s no secret that women have their G-spot on the inside of their vagina. Men also have a “g-spot”, but it’s only accessible from the inside of the butt = it’s the prostate.

And it is for prostate massage purposes that specialized vibrators are used – like this tested G-Vibe. Its shape is ideal for the first beginnings with this pleasant, but mainly health-beneficial stimulation – it has a suitably curved and rounded head that fits well on the prostate.

Thanks to the built-in vibrating motor, you can stimulate yourself not only by the circular pressure of the toy itself, but also thanks to the subtle vibrations. And all this at a pleasant price. Isn’t it great?



Easy handling Could have a stronger diameter and vibration
Strong and slip-resistant plastic
Doesn't smell
Simple vibration control
Curved header for prostate
See the current price and the possibility to order here:


The T1 model from proven German brand OVO is our favourite because it fits beautifully in a smaller woman’s hand and, thanks to its ergonomic curves, sits precisely on a woman’s scrotum. Ideally, it teases both the labia, the vagina and, of course, the sensitive clitoris. Thanks to the smaller beak, you can ideally focus on it and enjoy a sensual massage. OVO always mixes a beautiful and timeless design, well-shaped lines and a very pleasant and low price.



Travel toy for your pocket Battery power supply
Body shape It has no secondary containment
Pleasantly velvety material
One-touch control
Low price
Aiming precisely for the clitoris
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Funky G-Spot Pink

A simple but for starters, purposeful piece– primarily its curved beak is designed for the G-spot. And especially the female one, which is located inside the vagina on its upper side. Here it can tease it with simple but powerful vibrations (you can’t control them, just turn them on and off, but that’s often enough). But you don’t even have to go far and its vibrations and shape are great for the vagina too. So you have 2in1 for 1 great price.



Solid vibration Only 1 vibration
Rigid plastic (so it doesn't bend) Clumsy controls
Small size
Suitable shape for G-spot
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Ovo F11 vibrator

OVO vibrators are the benchmark of quality and very nice prices. It’s amazing how low prices this brand’s vibrators sell for – even though they have a beautiful, elegant design that women especially love and a medium-strength vibration. It’s the perfect collision of these 2 worlds, and definitely the OVO F11 is one of the best-looking vibrators ever – and we’ve tested perhaps more than 100 of them.



Low price Method of battery replacement
Medical grade silicone and ABS plastic Occasional problems with fastening - may be a problem with our piece
Decent vibrations
Head shape for clitoris
Vibration silence
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

How did these models win in our editorial tests?

They’re the best we’ve had in our editorial department, and they’re in the price range. With these toys, definitely don’t expect 100% bombshells, comprehensive accessories and add-ons, or the most beautiful designs. But these sex toys are definitely functional and will please many more advanced sex lovers.

Anyway, thanks to their lower price they are also suitable for beginners, let’s say toy “virgins” who want to taste the effect of vibrations on, for example, the clitoris, the clit, want to search for the mythical but real g-spot… So cheap vibrators are a great companion and an ideal starting point into the world of erotic pleasure from toys.

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