Vibrating eggs are unconventional vibrators that are usually round and subtle in shape (unexpectedly eggs). They’re suitable for both clitoral stimulation (you can stimulate it with both the tip of the egg and the body of the egg itself, so you can search for the best combination), but also for inserting into your lap, and teasing from the inside.

The introduction also makes them suitable for outdoor play, as the best pieces come with remote controls. And a partner (or yourself) can control the vibrations in your sensitive lap from a distance of several feet (even dozens on the best models). And it’s like taking a walk or going shopping… it’s a delightful but agonizing tease 🙂 This is what you want to experience.

What we reviewed on vibrating eggs for women

  1. materials (they don’t create allergic reactions, are safe, …)
  2. processing (everything must fit perfectly, no unnecessary protrusions, fine surface, …)
  3. features (what they can do to bring you to orgasm, how they are worn, …)
  4. strength of vibration (vibrate to get you off your knees, good for the clitoris, …)
  5. remote control (can they be controlled remotely, how reliable, what can interfere with the signal, …)
  6. price (we also added it to the rating, but it is not a key parameter, …)
  7. and funt (or whether we put the toys in question away and forget, or get excited by the idea of playing again soon, …)

We’ve picked the best pieces from our reviews and tests to make your purchase easier – you don’t have to worry about any of our pieces, we’ve had them all (literally) and they’ve passed with flying colours.

Why trust our ranking

We’ve been testing sex toys since 2010, and we’re careful to be as honest as possible – we only want to recommend toys that we’ve really experienced and tried. All products have been photographed, filmed and then tested for several weeks or months. You can trust our sex toy rankings, we have experienced what we write about.

TOP 5 most popular vibrating eggs for 2024
#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialChargingReviewsWhere to buy
1.BOOM HiBallBOOM HiBallTwo vibrating eggs connected together will strengthen your pelvic floor and even vibrate pleasantly - connect them to your smartphone for controlSiliconeUSB chargingReview
2.ToyJoy HelixToyJoy HelixThe vibrating egg itself vibrates, as does the remote control - perfect for your partner's pussy. She can control the vibrations herself, or pass the remote control of her pleasure to her partner.Silicone, ABS plastic3 x AAA (micro button) batteriesReview
3.BOOM Rabbit&Balls 2v1BOOM Rabbit&Balls 2v1A double toy: vibrating egg, clitoral vibrator and remote control in one - tease inside and you can stimulate the vagina at the same time.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic via USBReview
4,.B-Swish Bnaughty Unleashed PremiumB-Swish Bnaughty Unleashed PremiumA velvety comfortable vaginal egg that has an easy to use remote control - shaped perfectly for a woman's womb.Silicone, ABS plastic2 x LR1 batteries and 1x 23AE batteryReview
5.Cry Baby 2Cry Baby 2Silicone egg with remote control and incredible 30 meter range. It wins you over with 12 powerful vibration modes and a soft surface.Silicone, ABS plastic1 x CR1 battery and 1x L1028 batteryReview

Here are the most interesting pieces that we tested together in the editorial office (it was quite a ride) and came out as our current top picks for recommendations.


A big favourite for the post of best vibrating eggs ever – ironically, it’s basically not just a vibrating egg (two linked together), but more importantly a pelvic floor exerciser. In conjunction with a smartphone, you can really effectively and intensely send your womb and get a better sex experience = you can then wring your partner out nicely with just a squeeze of your lap = that’s what you want 🙂

Plus this toy can be easily “abused” just for simple vibrating teasing and worn in public. For us, a great helper for every woman – and with health benefits = the perfect king of our comparison ranking.



Strong vibrations Price
Velvety soft silicone Imperfect watertightness
Great mobile app Older type of charging
Innovative aid
Effect on pelvic muscles
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

ToyJoy Helix Egg

The Helix is an unconventionally shaped but wonderfully functional vibrating egg with remote control. The rounded shape makes it easy to insert and the conveniently long loop is used for removal. As such, the control allows you to pleasantly tease your partners clitoris, making it a multi-purpose toy. For us, definitely one of the best pieces on the market.



Packaging and product design In the beginning it is more difficult to learn the controls
Quiet running Confused battery wiring
Many types of vibrations/pulses to choose from
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM Rabbit&Balls 2in1

A newer and fun piece that combines both a vibrating introductory egg and a tiny but sensible clitoral vibrator = a sort of remote control egg. So you can, with a bit of dexterity, combine internal teasing (like the g-spot) and external on the clitoris.

When you get tired of this (after a few orgasms you’ll want more and more anyway), you can go all out with this combination – and not be controlled by your partner… But beware, orgasms can really knock you down, so you’d better be somewhere where you won’t get caught… or is that part of the thrill too?



Pleasant surface Noise
Cute look Longer reaction time
Dual use of the controller Vibration does not bring noticeable excitement
Easy maintenance The driver heats up quickly
Modern charging The vibration only affects one spot without any exciting effect
Possibility to use the egg as Venus balls
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

B-Swish Bnaughty Unleashed Premium

A beautiful piece that will delight you with self-soft silicone (we’d cuddle with it again in a heartbeat) and a powerful remote control. You can regulate the vibrations in your partner’s panties in just a few moments – that takes a lot of courage, but we recommend going really out and enjoying the delicious reward… or punishment?

Insertion and removal is easy due to the soft surface, but also thanks to the firm tail. Anyway, B-Swish is known for its perfect quality and durability, so you won’t go wrong with this piece.



Easy handling Faint but loud vibrations
Doesn't smell
7 different vibrations
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Cry Baby 2

An older gadget, but still high quality and popular. The simple egg shape makes it quick to slide into your lap, and the remote control makes it a bright piece for outdoor play. The second generation offers a more subtle design with additional vibration control right on the egg itself and a greater range of up to 30 meters = that’s already solid control for your partner.

And now you can choose from 12 vibration modes that include both single intensities and more interesting combinations of faster and slower vibration intervals. It’s actually a brand new toy and is rightly included in our vibration ranking.



Long remote control range Unconventional battery for the driver
Pleasant egg surface Greater noise level
10 vibration levels
Can also be used on the clitoris
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Why did this particular vibrating egg win?

From our editorial tests, it came out as the one with the best price/performance ratio. We appreciated the quality materials (medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic – you won’t find our discerning editorial staff without them today), the powerful vibrations (suitable not just for the clitoris, but for casual play as well), and, on select models, the remote control.

Not just for bed play

Suddenly, sex toys are not only an intimate pleasure for home and bed, but also for secret but all the more exciting teasing outdoors… on a walk, shopping, in company (although sometimes we prefer it louder)…

For even more intimate and totally discreet teasing, there are great outdoor balls (here a selection of the best ones) that don’t vibrate as loudly and are powered by the wearer’s movement but are still very popular and more than suitable for outdoor lap stimulation.

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