Currently it is only possible to advertise on Lascivní.cz in the form of competition sponsorship.

We work with the sex shops themselves that feature in product reviews exclusively on the basis of performance marketing (or the How We Earn section) in cooperation with affiliate technology company This company has our trust due to its 9 years of existence on the market, continuous tracking development and stability.

Competitions and Sponsorships

If you’re a sex shop looking to get involved in contest sponsorships, then read on.

In this case, the cooperation takes place by organizing a contest for material prizes or discount coupons for the purchase of erotic goods on Lascivní.cz. The most optimal is to offer material prizes (erotic aids) in combination with discount coupons.

Those interested in the competition should answer a simple question (or more questions) and send the answer via a special form (together with their email and name). After the contest is over, winners are selected according to a pre-determined order. Once we receive the contact addresses from the winners, we forward this information to the sponsor, who handles the mailing of the prizes.

What the sponsor can offer:

  • erotic aids,
  • discount coupons,
  • purchase vouchers,
  • any combination of the above.

Contest format:

  • one or more contest questions
  • answers to the questions can be found on the sponsor’s website (price of a specific product, length of time in the market, etc.),
  • answers are submitted using the contest form, which is located just below the article announcing the contest,i
  • contests are designed so that the winning order is predetermined (e.g. 1st prize is won by the first 150th person to submit a correct answer; 2nd prize is won by the first 250th person to submit a correct answer – so it is not a lottery),
  • the competition will be arranged for 7-14 days (depending on the arrangement and number of prizes).

Our prize promotion:

  • publication of an article on informing about the prize contest,
  • information about this article will be posted on the FB page of (over 700 fans),
  • information about the competition will be posted on Czech competition websites (,,, etc.),
  • the article informing about the competition will be linked to linking services,
  • placing a banner (alerting visitors to the contest) in the sidebar of

What the sponsor will receive for their sponsorship:

  • banner under the article informing about the contest,
  • a thematic link from the competition article,
  • the answer to the contest question will only be found on the sponsor’s website (thus gaining traffic and promo).

Information about has been operating since January 2010. The average daily traffic is over 1000 visitors. The traffic can be documented with a screen from Google Analytics.


Interested in sponsoring our competitions? Contact us via Contact.

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