The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek. It is derived from the name of the goddess Aphrodite, who in Greek mythology embodied love, fertility and beauty.

Aphrodisiacs refer to agents that favorably affect sexual arousal, enhancing male and female libido. In a broader sense, this includes remedies that affect not only the body but also the psyche. In particular, various love potions were known and popular in ancient times.

History – how did it arise?

Since ancient times, people have tried to influence the quality of their intimate life both physically and mentally. Popular remedies included various incantations, rituals, magic potions, pills or ointments. The performance of these ceremonies was considered magic, performed by a person knowledgeable in magic, who often teetered on the edge of the law. In the Roman Empire, the administration of magical potions was considered poisoning and was punishable by severe penalties.

In the Middle Ages, practitioners of magic were sentenced to death for witchcraft.

Many methods, such as magical incantations, only worked because of the belief in their effect. A separate group of remedies, where it was already a matter of exploiting the actual aphrodisiac effects of various substances, were love potions. The purpose of the drink was to induce the love of a person for another person.

An integral part of such potions were the ingredients contributing to the magical effect of the drink. Blood, hair, or some object of the person desiring love and the person to be affected by the drink was required. Other ingredients varied according to the recipe, for example, powder from the sexual organs of animals was used. The essential ingredient in the love potion was a natural aphrodisiac.

Table for comparing our tested products

In this table we gradually write the results of our editorial tests. In other words, only the products, nutritional supplements and preparations that we have tried on ourselves and experienced their possible effect with our partners during foreplay or erotic play are listed here.

PictureNameWhat is itProsConesReviewsWhere to buy
Ero Extreme HotHot Extreme MenThese are Spanish flies, i.e. a liquid nutritional supplement – the composition is suitable mainly for men (women have their own variant).+ This is a dietary supplement
+ Perhaps a little longer lasting effect
– It is not known whether this is a fly effect or a placebo effect
– May not work
– Not very appealing taste
Shunga Midnight SorbetShunga Midnight SorbetIt is a special massage oil that contains aphrodisiac ingredients. These help the person being massaged to awaken/gain a stronger libido.+ Beautiful fruity scent
+ Just apply a small amount
+ The warmth is very pleasant
– PriceReview
Extra španělské muškyFly ExtraSpanish Fly Extra is a dietary supplement that, according to our editorial tests, has an effect (on both women and men). It is taken by drops in the mouth, see our editorial testing in multiple people.+ Usable for couples (women and men)
+ For me a functional product
+ Dutch origin
+ Well-known brand in supplements
+ Passable packaging design
+ Dosing under the tongue
– Small packaging in relation to the price
– Slightly later ramp-up
Woman HOT mušky pro ženyHOT Woman FlyA purely female variant of Spanish flies, or a nutritional supplement that is supposed to help with libido. With this piece, be careful of the dosage, it’s a functional variant according to tests.+ Composition probably tailored for women
+ Larger packaging
+ Natural ingredients
+ Visible effect
+ Austrian origin
– Worse taste
– Careful with dosage
– For women only (there is a variant for men)v
Woman HOT mušky pro ženySex Elixir PremiumAnother in the line of dietary supplements – in the form of drops for oral use. Sex Elixir is based on Spanish drops that are supposed to support your appetite for sexual play.+ Extra large packaging
+ Price/performance ratio
+ Efficiency for both of us
+ Does not affect the taste of the drink
+ Easy dosing with drops
+ Use for both men and women
– It could be a placeboReview

They can be natural or synthetic. Due to this, each has different effects, onset time, intensity of manifestation, so we in the editorial office decided to test the most used ones. On ourselves, our partners (we didn’t even have to persuade them, they were curious).

And this review category will gradually be filled with the results of our editorial experiments with aphrodisiacs, preparations, supplements, … Some alleged aphrodisiacs can be harmful to health, so it is not worth giving “girl’s advice” and reach for proven preparations in case of emergency.

Modern Age

Nowadays, the use of aphrodisiacs is backed by scientific research and understanding of the effects of substances on human physiological functions, targeting a specific effect. Various superstitions and incantations are not very widespread, love drinks certainly do not occupy the first places in the sales ranking of erotic aids.

The magical component and the spiritual dimension are somewhat neglected, the emphasis is on the physical effects. In the hectic times, modern man is looking for quick and effective solutions. A big killer of erotic arousal is stress, which is why erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem for the modern man. Remedies that help increase and maintain arousal in both men and women and positively affect male erection are very popular.

Afrodisiacs for men and women

The usual system of dividing aphrodisiacs according to whether they are for men or women is not very practical. In fact, a large number of aphrodisiacs are intended for both sexes. Both sexes face similar problems in achieving maintenance of sexual arousal. Fatigue and sex is a desire killer for both men and women.

The mechanics of genital arousal and readiness for the sexual act are comparable in men and women, and the similarities are great in the hormonal realm as well. Aphrodisiacs are therefore largely universal from this point of view.

Natural aphrodisiacs



Cardamom spice is made up of a mixture of seeds from several plants in the ginger family. It is native to India. It is widely used in Indian, Nepalese and Pakistani cuisine. Currently, Guatemala is the largest exporter of this Indian spice, followed by India. Cardamom comes in two varieties, black and green, which differ in the type of plant used. It is the third most expensive spice in the world. Its great virtue is its ability to calm and relieve stress, which is very beneficial for male potency and female experience.

Ground anemone

An annual herb with yellow flowers, it is native to Asia, but can tolerate central European conditions without problems. Anemone has a positive effect on stamina and fitness, increases libido, promotes fertility, is used to improve erections and for difficulties with enlarged prostate. At the same time, it helps to reduce depressive states, causes relaxation and stress reduction, which again positively affects sex life.


Curcuma is the name for the spice derived from the dried and ground rhizome of the turmeric tree (Curcuma longa). It may also be referred to as Indian saffron or golden spice. It belongs to the ginger family, like ginger. It is used as one of the ingredients of curry spices, which are typical in Indian, Pakistani and Thai cuisine. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with stomach and liver problems, and supports immunity. Turmeric is also credited with the ability to influence libido.

Maca (rericha) peruana

Maca or also maca is the name of a plant native to South America. It grows mainly in the region of Peru and Bolivia. The botanical name of maca is Lepidium meyenii. Maca forms a tuber-shaped root, this root is used to improve immunity, counteract stress and to increase vitality. We can also come across the name “Peruvian Viagra”, because after consuming maca root, it has been reported to improve potency, and research shows an effect on sperm count, quality and motility.

Mandragora (Pokrin)

A plant whose root resembles a human body belongs to the aubergine family (Solanaceae). The roots, leaf and fruit are used. Mandrake is highly poisonous, so careful dosage in small amounts is necessary. It has stimulating effects, positively affecting the libido of both men and women, and its use can lead to euphoric states.

At the same time, mandrake relaxes, reduces the activity of the central nervous system, and one feels as if in a dream. Mandrake is attributed with the ability to cause more intense perception and a more passionate sexual act.

Mirik (celery)

Celery has been known from ancient times, in our country it began to be cultivated as a crop only in the second half of the nineteenth century. Both the stalk and the tuber are used. Celery is characterised by its characteristic intense aroma. In addition to its culinary use, it also stimulates the appetite for sex, improves blood circulation and thus has beneficial effects on erections.

Miura puama

The tree, known as Ptychopetalum olacoides, grows to a height of about four metres and is native to South America. The root and bark is used as an aphrodisiac, chewed by indigenous tribesmen; more modern treatments include various extracts, teas or ointments. Miura puama strongly affects libido in both men and women and is considered a means to improve erections. It may also be referred to as the Amazigh Viagra.

Muchomurka red

The red toadstool is a characteristically colored mushroom that every young child knows is poisonous. In large doses, toadstools are actually toxic and can cause death. In small doses, however, it can offer extraordinary experiences. The ingestion of red toadstools increases muscle excitability and heightens erotic experiences. It is recommended to consume toadstools in their dried state, when their toxicity is reduced. When experimenting with toadstools, in addition to the dosage, its psychedelic effects should be taken into account.

Primarily, however, this substance is extremely dangerous and we do not recommend its use – it is mentioned here only for the context of all other stimulants.


It is native to the Mediterranean, but is commonly grown in our conditions. It belongs to the family Deaf-leaved. It is mainly used in the kitchen, but also has medicinal properties. It helps to improve heart muscle function, is anti-inflammatory, promotes healing, and is used for digestive problems. Satureja is also considered an aphrodisiac. Its name is derived from the Latin word satyrus. In the legends, it is said that satyr was the herb to which the satyrs owed their sexual prowess. Satureja supports the activity of the adrenal cortex, which produces much of the sex hormones. Also, its scent is irritating, with mild aphrodisiac effects.


Yohimbine is an alkaloid contained in the bark of the African tree Pausinystallia yohimbe (yohimbe bark). It is mainly used in the USA as a dietary supplement. Causes dilation of blood vessels, affects male potency, acts especially to increase male arousal. In women, neither a reliable nor a very high effect has been observed. However, yohimbine also produces a number of undesirable side effects such as kidney failure and stroke. Dietary supplements containing yohimbine are not permitted in the European Union.


Ginger, also known as medicinal ginger (Zingiber officinale), has been cultivated and used in India and China for more than three thousand years. From there it has spread practically all over the world wherever it finds suitable conditions for growth. The rhizome is used. Ginger has many medicinal properties. It is effective against colds, indigestion, fevers, chronic heart disease. As an aphrodisiac, its ability to increase blood circulation and improve sensitivity of erogenous zones is used.

Right Ginseng (Korean, Asian)

Ginseng is a perennial forest herb with a branching root. It is attributed to have stimulating effects, which are also seen in relation to erections. Ginseng needs to be taken for a long period of time, but the after-effect is also longer lasting than that of a one-time preparation.

Ginseng has a beneficial effect on stabilizing blood pressure, helps protect and heal blood vessels, and improves erections. Increased sexual libido has been noted in both sexes with long-term use.



This is a waxy substance that forms in the digestive tract of the arachnid. It can also be found floating freely on the surface, where it is expelled along with the droppings and forms a grey-black clump, or occurs as sediment on rocks.

Initially, ambergris smells strongly, but over time its color changes to amber and the odor becomes very pleasant. As an aphrodisiac, ambergris was used in the form of a scented ointment, which was rubbed into the erect limb, thus improving and prolonging the erection.

Puchyrnik lekarsky-spanelske-musky

The downy woodpecker is a member of the mayfly family. It is a 10-12 cm large beetle, most commonly green in coloration, but there are subspecies in other colors. The blister beetle lives in southern Europe, in the African Mediterranean, in Asia to Siberia. The blister beetle’s defence strategy when threatened is to secrete a fluid that smells foul and causes the attacker to get pustules. Some predators are immune to this strategy.

The fluid secreted by blister beetles contains the active ingredient cantharidin, which positively affects erections and was therefore used to make love potions. Other effects of interest to humans include the possibility of inducing abortion. However, this substance was also of interest to poisoners because it is a violent poison. Contact with the skin causes blistering, and there is a high risk of blindness if the eye is affected. In addition to the liquid, powder from pulverized male beetles is used, in which cantharidin contains up to 5% of the body weight.

The ingestion of powdery mildew brings an improvement in sex life in the form of better quality erections, but fatal poisoning is very easy if the dose is not estimated. Overdose results in irritation of the digestive tube, bloody diarrhea and general collapse of the body. 


The reputation of this marine mollusc as a natural aphrodisiac is so well known that it is rather considered a cliché and a placebo effect. Allegedly, one of history’s most famous oyster lovers, Casanova himself, indulged in oysters in moderate quantities.

Research suggests, however, that oysters do have some positive effects on sex after all. They contain zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and sperm development. They also contain two special amino acids that affect the production of sex hormones. However, oysters must be eaten raw, as boiling destroys the active ingredients.


In modern somewhat hurried times, problems in sex are very common. People are tired, stressed, often overwhelmed by work and everyday worries. Such a state of mind does not add to the quality of sex. Men have problems with erections, women suffer from lack of arousal. Fast times call for effective solutions. The solution is offered in the form of a preparation targeted to a specific problem. There are many preparations on the market in the form of tablets, powders, drops that promise miracles.

That’s why we decided to try them together in the editorial office, to test them, to check their effects.

And possibly recommend to you some of them that really make sense for us and effect on our libidinal perception and sexiness let’s say.


Clavin is used for erection support and is over-the-counter. The main ingredients are extract of anemone and saffron. Its use fits perfectly into the modern and fast-paced times. Just swallow the recommended dosage of capsules a few hours before the planned sex, and then just enjoy a strong erection.


The blue pill has become a symbol of quality sex. Its effectiveness lies in the content of the substance sildenafil, with the help of which the blood flow through the penis is increased. Viagra is taken fasting, about an hour before the intended sex. A prescription is required to purchase it, but offers to buy it without a prescription can be found on the internet.


A comprehensive line of dietary supplements focuses on mental well-being, digestion and intimacy, Since the human body and soul is a highly interconnected and influential system. Zerex klasik and klasik plus are tablets containing extracts of the maca and anemone plants, which are classified as natural aphrodisiacs. Zerex klasik and klasik plus improve erection and increase libido. You will appreciate the very fast onset of action.


It is similar in composition and function to Viagra. It also contains sildenphenil, it should increase blood flow in the penis and promote erection. However, Kamagra is not approved in our country, nor can it be bought with a prescription. The only sources are foreign e-shops. The unspecified content of the active ingredient is problematic for kamagra.


Off-the-shelf preparations for which no side effects have been reported. The erectan brand contains a dietary supplement in tablets for men to improve erections. There is a choice of tablets with a one-time quick effect or a two-month cure with longer-lasting effects. The erectan brand also has women in mind. For them, there is a lubricating gel that promotes blood circulation to the genitals and increases arousal. The effects of the gel are also appreciated by men, as the gel also promotes erection.


The Czech brand focuses on natural-based dietary supplements. The capsules contain extracts of ginseng, maca and other substances of natural origin. Taking the capsules leads to better fitness, quality erection, quick solution of problems in intimate area. In women, in addition to increasing libido, alleviating effects in menstrual difficulties have been described.


The seven-ingredient dietary supplement is manufactured in the USA. It prides itself on the natural content of the active ingredients. It uses extracts of ginseng, maca, ylang-ylang and anchorage, as well as zinc, vitamin E and L-arginine. The result of this unique combination is an appetite for sex, firm and long-lasting erections leading to a fulfilled intimate life.


This all-natural dietary supplement is available in a men’s and a women’s version. The men’s variant is designed to support erections, manifested by a rapid onset after taking the tablets. The women’s variant is intended for female users who have problems or reluctance to have sex due to erratic hormone levels. The natural substances contained in clerex for women lead to restoration of hormonal and mental balance, thus increasing libido and sexual experiences. Men and women who have heart problems should consult a physician when taking clerex.


A freely available nutritional supplement from the UK introduces an all-natural formulation of herbs and vitamins. It is designed for men, in addition to improving sex life, improving erection quality and potency, it positively affects the health of the prostate gland. The product is taken half an hour before planned intercourse, but it can also be taken for a long time. There are no known negative side effects.


The product is presented as a commercial hit of 2020, as a purely natural product. It promises to increase men’s sex drive, prolong and improve the quality of erections, improve ejaculation. However, this information is gleaned from various sites after typing it into a google search engine. The information on the site is written in bad English, sometimes mixed with Cyrillic. Supposedly, erogan can only be bought over the internet, where the interested party is contacted by a call centre.

Although the website claims that the product is approved and completely safe in our country, this information cannot be taken as a guide. Before purchasing this product over the Internet, the interested party should properly inquire about the origin of the product and, if necessary, consult his or her physician first.


A drug designed to resolve difficulties in erectile dysfunction, belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It causes relaxation of blood vessels, thus increasing blood supply to the penis during irritation. The result is better erection. Men with heart problems must be careful when taking the drug. The drug is available on the Czech market only with a prescription.


Canadian Erection Support is presented as a natural product. It contains an extract of Ginkgo biloba, which has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the erectile tissues and improving erection. Other representatives of the contained herbs are anemone and ginseng. Vimax is a nutritional supplement and can be purchased without a prescription.


Dietary supplement of Czech origin, designed for men who want to improve their condition in intimate area. The product solves problems with premature ejaculation, promotes proper sperm production, improves erection and promotes appetite for sex. It contains extracts of maca, jojoba and other plants, vitamins are an integral part. Crilex is available without a prescription.


The amante brand includes a comprehensive line of products addressing both male and female intimacy issues. Erection is supported by amante original, for delaying ejaculation by amante long night. For stronger experiences, amante rapid strong is ready and for long-term use, amante long effect is suitable. For women, amante love and beauty is designed to increase female libido and have a positive effect on the quality of skin, hair and nails. The amante range is presented as natural dietary supplements that are over-the-counter.

Advanced Editorial Testing

We have collected these commercial brands of aphrodisiac products in this article and will progressively cover them to examine their functionality and benefits for erotic play.

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