What exactly is the mysterious G-spot and is it really so great (ehm YES it is!) that we had to choose the best vibrators for it? Do they really help in stimulating him or are they just advertising talk? That’s what we’ll look at in this summary comparison article, which is sure to be exhaustive.

What the hell is a G-spot, and why should you care?

The G-spot, or Gräfenberg point is a specific spot in the female vagina that is riddled with nerve endings… so in short, it is very sensitive to stimulation.

For many years, everyone laughed at him that such a spot didn’t exist, but many women gave him the benefit of the doubt. And really loudly, because stimulation of just the G-spot, coupled with, say, the clitoris, can lead to incrediblypowerful and explosive orgasms. But you have to learn how to find your G-spot and how to stimulate it properly.

One of the ways is of course with your own hand – you bend the fingers of one hand as if towards each other and just like that you start looking for a specific spot on the inside of your lap… How do you know it? Believe that you will know it, because its sensitivity and arousal will be many times greater than normal lap teasing.

How did we choose the MOST popular G-spot stimulating vibrators?

So the G-spot we would have and now why should you stimulate it with vibrators? They provide noticeably stronger stimulation, definitely won’t tire as quickly as your or your partner’s hand, and offer even better angle and pressure than from your hands…

Simply put – there’s no reason not to have fun with a vibrator just for the G-spot (we’ve tested over 15 of them). But now the right question – which one to choose? There are a plethora of them on the market. And this is where our inquisitive editorial team and its comparative review comes in.

What we evaluated:

  1. materials (how safe they are, cleaning, suitability, …),
  2. workmanship (how well everything moulds, if it has surface defects, …),
  3. effect on the g-spot (obviously how well it adheres to it, how it stimulates it, …),
  4. the power of vibrations (these, in addition to pressure and circling just get women to faint, …),
  5. charging (how easy, fast and effective charging is, anyone can do it, …),
  6. price (with better toys it’s not so crucial, but we’ve also included it in the rating, …),
  7. and fun (and finally how much fun the toy is after xx. playing and teasing, …).

Why trust our comparison ranking

Our conscientious editorial staff has tested more than 300 sex toys, we’ve selected, photographed, filmed, tried the possible and impossible ourselves, and we wouldn’t recommend anything we’re not happy with anymore. We’ve actually tested vibrators on the G-spot and we can put our erogenous zones (and that there are some) on fire for these select pieces. We truly vouch for their quality and performance.

5 BEST vibrators that stimulate mainly the G-BOD – table

#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialChargingStrength of vibrationReviewsWhere to buy
1.Fun Factory Stronic GFun Factory Stronic GIt can move/vibrate back and forth, noticeably teasing the G-spot, but it can also be used for classic or vaginal stimulation.SilikonMagnetic / USB8Review
2.LELO Elise 2Thanks to 2 strong motors, it can give you a solid vibe and push on the G-spot with its curved tip.Silicone, ABS plasticRetractable / USB9Review
3.ZALO Queen PulseWaveZALO Queen PulseWaveThe chameleon of the vibrator world - it can stimulate the clitoris with vacuum and pulsating tip, vibrate and thanks to the curve it can also stimulate the G-spot (both with vibration and extremely fast pulsation).SiliconeMagnetic / USB7Review
4.Fun Factory Miss BiFun Factory Miss BiThe dual stimulation will offer you in a beautiful package - the outside teases the clitoris, the inside pushes nicely against the g-spot and vibrates everywhere. Brand Ideal.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic / USB8Review
5.Boom DelightBoom DelightA simple but functional worker for both the G-spot and the clitoris for which it has a special protrusion. Definitely the cheapest piece from our reviews.Silicone, ABS plastic2 AA batteries6Review

Fun Factory Stronic G

An over-the-top vibrator – it was unimaginable for years, but thanks to Germany’s Fun Factory, you can enjoy it at home too, not just in your wet dreams. This piece not only teases itself, but it’s also ideally shaped thanks to a curved tip for the G-spot. And that combined with the velvety medical grade silicone, understated shape and strong performance makes it a clear winner!



I don't have to hold him Price - you can't expect a lower price for such a high quality toy
ABS plastic and medical grade silicone (beware of lubricants)
Large selection of modes
Backlit control
Elegant and functional shape
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

LELO Elise 2

A classic that is an incredibly versatile vibrator. The foundation is2 powerful internal motors and a noticeably curved vibrator shape that fits perfectly on the g-spot. Add to that the traditionally great surface treatment from Swedish LELO, minimalist styling and a wealth of accessories. We’ve been recommending the Elise to our readers for several years now, and we’ve yet to receive a negative reaction… and what has been the content of the positive ones? That would be more suited to a server with erotic stories. And that’s not really an exaggeration.



Velvet medical grade silicone Higher price
Two vibration motors 80 nesting combinations (which will be rather advantageous for many people)
Easy one-handed operation
Strong vibrations along the entire length
Textile packaging in the package
Own charger
Luxury paper packaging
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Zalo Queen PulseWave

A newcomer to the market, but one that has shoved a number of products into your pocket with its incredible variability– it’s a vibrator/pulsator, has a “womanizer”-style vacuum attachment, but mainly for this comparison ranking = the perfect head shape and mainly just pulsation on the head.

So he fits well on your g-spot, but in addition to the vibration he gives it a nice “workout” with very fast pulsing back and forth. Without the action, it’s challenging to grasp, but… read our Aly’s review, she raved about this feature. So, for us, a bright piece for your bedroom.



3 toys in one Missing manual
Unrivalled pulsating tip You have to get to grips with the controls
2 separate engines
Simple but luxurious design
Medical grade silicone
Pleasant mobile app
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fun Factory MissBi

Beautiful, great fitting and powerful = that’s “MissBi”. It can stimulate both the clitoris from the outside and the G-spot inside with solid vibrations from 2 motors. That’s why it has “Bi” in the name, or it’s not for girls, but it can do double stimulation at the same time. The shape is very nicely curved just for internal G-spot stimulation and that’s why it has its place in our ranking. If she didn’t have such strong rivals, she would be attacking the top positions.



Click 'n' charge magnetic charging Only water-based lubricants can be used
Separate motor control
Medical grade silicone
6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM Delight

A classic that won’t rust. This model is definitely not in the selection of the newest vibrators on the market, nor is it the most beautiful (in our opinion), but by being requested by customers over and over again, it deserves a tribute.

The Delight (or Delight) is interesting because it’s made of pure silicone with an ABS base, it can stimulate both the clitoris and vagina from the inside, and together they can do it thanks to the curved G-spot head. And you know what else? You won’t believe it, but it’s solidly cheap. Definitely the cheapest of our comparison reviews.

So it’s not the best, most powerful, but it always gets the job done. And it won’t break your wallet. So it’s an ideal starter toy – not just for the g-spot or clitoris, but overall as a first vibrator for any woman.



Pure silicone Weaker vibration
Great shape You have to get used to the controls
Irritates both the clitoris and the vagina
Control of individual motors
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Why did these win?

Out of the xx reviews of vibrators, how did we choose these? They are the perfect intersection of all the values we were looking for in them. The ones we focused on are at the top of the WHAT we rated section. There were 2 key preference parameters for these – namely a shape suitable for the G-spot (or to reach it and sit flat well) and also the strength of the vibration/pulses, which are key in stimulating the right G-spot in the vagina.

And why do we mention in the vagina anyway? Is he also some other G-spot? Yes there is – the same name is used for the prostate in men, which is also only accessible from the inside – unfortunately for gentlemen it is from inside their anus, just past the opening upwards. And this specific point, like the female version, is very sensitive to pressure and vibration stimulation and also helps to make very powerful orgasms.

The key is health safety and perfect workmanship

Other parameters such as materials, workmanship, charging are taken for granted today – more precisely, that modern toys meet them in peace. The materials are medical-grade silicone, a clean, durable and stable material that is non-porous (compared to gel or TPR, for example) and hypoallergenic. Or it does not cause any allergic reactions in humans. It is a great material just for erotic aids.

For more expensive vibrators, you also expect first class surface treatment – everything fits together, there are no surface defects, nothing squeaks, it holds beautifully as it should. This may not have been the standard historically, but today no higher priced toy can afford to fail.

When it comes to charging, it is definitely best if the sex toy has its own built-in battery, which is usually more stable and powerful than regular batteries. Also, such built-in batteries are already a harbinger that the device will be more resistant to water, drowning, showering or even bathing…

And comfort-wise, the magnetic charging is definitely the most pleasant, where the toy always has 2 inconspicuous steel points on it and the charger end with magnetic-like points as a counterpoint. These snap together when approached and are charging right away. The other end of the charger has a standard USB connector, so you can charge your favorite ero-toy from your computer, for example, or commonly sold AC adapters with a USB hole…

And that’s it for us and G-spot vibrators. What kind do you have? Do you have favorites from our ranking? Show off!

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