Womanizers appeared as a miracle that kick-started women’s interest in erotic aids. Suddenly there was something new that didn’t vibrate, or even, unusually for an erotic toy, didn’t even slide in anywhere, and yet it still brought orgasms. And not just single ones, but literally heaps.

Erotic toys from German brand Womanizer started this ride, but gradually copies and competitors appeared, trying to bring similar (or improved) products to the global sex toy market. And they’re often very interesting, which is why we at the editors have compiled this regularlyupdated list of all the toys that can be described as “womanizers.” Find out which ones they are below!

How do Womanizers actually work?

All similarly labeled devices stimulate the clitoris only, thanks to a very targeted vacuum. If you are familiar with vacuum pumps, which create a vacuum in the attached area and thus increase the blood supply (for example just to the clitoris, nipples, breasts or penis), you are also familiar with the principle of womanizers. But these don’t have a hand pump, but a small compressor, and MOST importantly they can change between vacuum mode and normal state incredibly quickly.

So they are constantly pulling and pushing the clitoris together and thus stimulating it very intensely and quickly. That’s why Womanizers can bring a woman to orgasm in a minute, two or three (every woman is an original) – a result that no other ero-toy on the market to date can boast.

How did we choose the best Womanizers for 2024?

As the Czech market has started to see more and more individual models from Womanizer as well as from others, typically Satisfyer, Romant, LELO and others, we have prepared this ranking of the best clitoral vacuum stimulators that we had the opportunity to test in our experienced editorial team.

What we rated:

  1. materials (what kind of materials they have, how healthy they are, …),
  2. workmanship (how everything fits, holds, finish, …),
  3. features (can they just suck the clit, what else do they have, …),
  4. strength of stimulation (how fast and hard can they suck the vagina, …)
  5. type of charging (they charge from batteries or usb cable, …)
  6. price (where is the ideal price/performance ratio, …),
  7. and fun (and, of course, if we enjoy playing with the womanizer, …).

Why trust our comparison ranking

Womanizers are tested on the Czech market in the greatest breadth, as well as other erotic aids – we have been dedicated to them for more than 8 years. Our comparison rankings are always based on our own experience, all toys we actually have, we filmed and photographed before testing. So you can trust that we have tested the products ourselves and we honestly only recommend the best of the best.

Specific Best Womanizers with Luxury Workmanship
#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialChargingPower (0-10)ReviewsWhere to buy
1.Womanizer W500 ProWomanizer W500 ProStill the king of the entire segment, unconquered for years - it fits nicely in the hand, with a cradle switch for intensity and 2 different heads for precise seating on the clitoris.Silicone, ABS plasticMicroUSB10Review
2.Satisfyer Pro G-spot RabbitSatisfyer Pro G-spot RabbitDouble stimulation of the female clitoris - vibration inside and vacuum from the outside on the vagina = a very strong attack on the female body.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic8Review
3.Satisfyer Pro TravellerSatisfyer Pro TravellerSmall size, medium performance, but perfect portability - especially the toy itself is a package in itself.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic6Review
4.Satisfyer Pro 4 CouplesSatisfyer Pro 4 CouplesA combination of vibration and vacuum clitoral stimulation = all in a U-shaped toy that fits snugly in your lap. It can therefore be used in classic partner play as a We-Vibe.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic8Review
5. Satisfyer 2Satisfyer 2The basic model, which also stimulates the clitoris solidly, has simple controls and a more precise head. It is a good representative of price/performance.Silicone, ABS plasticMagnetic7Review

Womanizer W500 Pro

For us, still the king of the clitoral vacuum stimulator segment “aka womanizer”. The whole industry is named after this brand and this is exactly. It was the first and for our editorial team still unsurpassed in the pleasantness of the stimulation the toy delivers. The W500 Pro’s underpressure waves are simply more gentle and sensitive to the clitoris than the vigorous (lie still functional) teasing from competing machines. With the “500” we appreciate the ideal shape for a woman’s palm, the very easy switching between modes, and the graduated individual stimulation intensities.



The strength of the vacuum on the clitoris Price - but the investment is worth it
Charging via microUSB
Yes, I'm repeating myself, but the orgasm repeats itself too 🙂
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
Růžovýslon.cz Sexíčekshop.cz Sexshop.cz

Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit

A very interesting piece in that it combines Satisfyer’s vacuum technology with a classic vibrator with a gently curved tip for the G-spot. So you are teased from the inside classically and from the outside on the clitoris under pressure. Functionally it’s great, but the angle (or its possible future adjustability) of the vacuum cap output would be worth an improvement.



Price The shape of the clitoral stimulator (and its inflexibility)
Two motors (which are controlled separately) Slightly cheaper look
The shape of the vibrator Too many programs for my taste (could be a plus)
Waterproof Controlling
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

A simple and small worker that the name suggests will be perfect for travel. We appreciate its size, the packaging of the toy as a portable case and also the effect on the clitoris. Thanks to the size of the machine, it is of course noticeably smaller than larger and more “adult” models, but we still enjoy it as a travel alternative = or you never know when it will come on you and an orgasm will always help you out of trouble.



Beautiful look Noisy
Fits perfectly in the hand More difficult to manipulate buttons
Practical and fast charging The second half of the suction intensity is almost uniform
Ideal for travel
Wide range of vibrations
A pleasant experience
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

An interesting attempt from Satisfyer to combine clitoral pressure technology with vibration and wrap it all up in the body of a partner vibrator. One that can also be used for partnered sex. So you’re being teased from the outside in with vibrations (as is your partner), plus the clitoris is being vacuumed and stimulated by the larger protrusion. A very unusual stimulation during sex, but one that definitely has results.



Design It is necessary to hold it during sex
Pleasant material Noisier
Excellent clitoral suction
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Satisfyer 2

Now a basic competing modelfor the classic Womanizer – for us, it’s great to hold, good to aim precisely at the clitoris, and the controls are user-friendly too. Performance-wise, it’s slightly weaker than its Womanizer competitor, but still offered solid value for money in its day. For us, it’s still an interesting model when you don’t want to invest more money in this ero-toy.



Price Robust silicone extension
Magnetic charger Noise
Clumsy intensities
Uncomfortable grip when using
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Why did these models win in our reviews/tests?

For us, they are the ideal representative of the “womanizer” segment, as we dared to label all similar brands according to the first one that started it all (and actually invented and paved the way for the competition). For us, even after 3 years since their introduction, these gadgets are an inspiration and a fantastic experience and are one of our 10 or so toys that we use every week. And we just have not tired of them to this day.

The ratio of fun, effect on the vagina and, if necessary, additional functions that make this kind of erotic aid purely for a woman come alive and go further – usually it is, for example, accompanying vibrations, teasing and partner during classic “copulation” sex, etc.

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I am still waiting for a review of the vibrating satisfier to come out and I would be quite interested to see its ranking :-).

I’ve been waiting a year for a review of the premium womanizer. I’m surprised it’s not in the 2020 list, since it was such a hit last year…

Good day, this month’s review of the Womanizer Premium will come out, but in the DUO version, which definitely impressed us more than the “classic” Premium version.

Hi, you’ll have to wait quite a while, we’re stuck – instead I can recommend the new ZALO Queen Pulsewave – a very interesting vibrator, also with clitoral vacuum stimulation – but it does it a bit in its own way 🙂

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