Pressure pumps are an unexplored segment of sex toys for many men, but many won’t even let them go. They’re little helpers that make sex more interesting (thanks to greater penile sensitivity) and can also help with blood flow (they pump blood to it – and you can clearly regulate this).

And finally, also for many men, it’s a means for better and longer lasting sex. We’ve already looked at these claims in individual reviews of vacuum pumps for men, so today we have “just” a selection of the best bits for you.

How did we choose the TOP men’s vacuum pumps for the year 2024?

Basically, we went for those pumps that we had our own experience with – we’ve tested them before. There’s no point in giving you nonsense about products we’ve never seen (or even tried) in our lives. So this is a selection from our editorial tests and reviews over the last 7 years or so that we’ve been in the adult toy business.

What we’ve reviewed about them:

  1. materials (how healthy the materials are, quality of workmanship, …),
  2. features (or what makes them different from the competition, can they do something better, ….),
  3. force of vacuum (how vacuum has an effect on our erection),
  4. underpressure control (ease/speed of vacuum pump control),
  5. price (not a priority for us, but good to consider),
  6. and fun (or whether the toy is not just sitting in a drawer, but we actually use it).

Why trust our ranking

You can trust our tests and comparison reviews because we’ve actually had the products in question in our hands (and not just there). We have always had photos and videos from unboxing and our reviews are authentic and true like few on the Czech internet. We have always tested the products for several weeks and we can compare them and find the best quality pieces among them. The ones that every man should buy – and believe us, the vacuums we recommend will not rest in a drawer, but you will love to use them regularly.

Top 5 vacuum pumps for men for better erections

#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialPowwerReviewsWhere to buy
1.Bathmate HerculesBathmate HerculesA water vacuum pump that sits firmly on the root and, thanks to the water inside, better distributes the vacuum on the penis and thus enhances the effect.PMMA (plexisklo), ABS plast, silikon8/10Review
2.BOOM MaxmanThanks to the motor, the electric underflow pump makes pumping easier and also stops precisely at the desired vacuum - easier and faster than classic pumps.ABS plastic, silicone9/10Review
3.Boom Master pumpaBoom MasterThe most powerful pump of classic design - it has interchangeable tips, so you can tease your nipples with one pump, or even your vagina, breasts, ..ABS plastic, silicone8/10Review
4.Boom Maximum pumpička vakuováBoom MaximumIn addition to a precision handle that makes it easy to regulate pressure and release, you also get a set of choke rings in the package for an even better and longer-lasting effect on erections during sex.ABS plastic, silicone8/10Review
5.XL Sucker vakuovkaXL SuckerSimple, but functional and cheaper pump not only for men with larger penis size - that's why XL size tube fits everyone.ABS plastic, silicone7/10Review

Here we’ve already listed the top 5 vacuum pumps for men that we’ve tested ourselves (unexpectedly on male editorial reps). There were many volunteers, so there was no shortage of results.

Bathmate Hercules

nggallery id=661]

A clear butvery unusual winner for us. Instead of using classic air like a regular vacuum pump, Bathmate works with water in all of its products = so it’s a water vacuum. Apparently, the water helps to distribute the pressure more evenly on the penis itself and thus further enhances the performance of the pump itself.



High quality design Need to use with water - limits you to certain environments
Ease of use Possible tightness if you have a larger penis
Underpressure effect on erection Higher weight
Gauge on the side
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM Maxman

The only representative of electric vacuum pumps (maybe the only one on the Czech market). You don’t have to deal with manual pumping through a balloon, just regulate the pressure precisely via a button and the motor takes care of everything. The Plus version has also been newly launched to complement the original model, which offers an even more pleasant sitting on the root of the penis. For us, a clear hit for the coming months.



Suction force I just don't have
USB charging
With gentleness even on the testicles
Artificial vagina included
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM LuvPump Vacuum Master

With this vacuum pump, we especially appreciate the lever vacuum mechanism – one hand clearly and precisely regulates the penile floor. Thanks to the universal end cap, the vacuum pump can also be used with additional bulbs – there are 2 in the package for nipples, they can also be bought for vagina, breasts, … you can change them freely and still have only one pump body = space saving and more fun for one money.



Large number of accessories Initially uncomfortable operation
Price The processing of some of the components is not quite right
Mechanism to maintain vacuum after pump disconnection
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

BOOM LuvPump Maximum

An inconspicuous, yet high-selling piece, where you’ll appreciate both the included accessories (throttle ring kit, application cone) and the sleek black color. Of course, the vacuum effect on the male erection is still strong here, the vacuum regulation is solved not by a balloon mechanism, but by a pleasant handle, which is for us one of the most interesting innovations in this segment.



Easy operation and maintenance Lack of information or unclear information
Quality extraction apparatus Difficult application of the erection ring
Friendly price
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

XL Sucker

A classic model that still has a lot to offer thanks to its simple design and functionality. Simply put, there’s nothing here that can break and it’s quality enough to last through hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of uses. It’s a one-piece underarm pump with an XL tube size to fit really any man and help him with his erection.



Easy cleaning It has no rubber blade
Favourable price
Vacuum power
Gauge on the side
Transparent plastic (you can see the effect on the penis)
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Why did these vacuums win?

For us, they are the most interesting amount of features: the strength of the vacuum, its control, materials, and price. We take the liberty of adding to the rating because even the short-term effect of a vacuum pump improves blood flow and can help with quality.

Penile enlargement – permanent or short term?

Penis enlargement is obviously not permanent, no legal (or illegal) product on the Czech or world market can provide that. But for the needs of proximal sex (a vacuum pump is great to use as foreplay), these pieces are more than functional and will make both of you happy during sex.

Higher sensitivity – always according to testing

The penis is increased in length and diameter thanks to the pumped blood, so sensationally it will be new sex for both of you – and very intense from our testing. Because the more blooded the body part is (not only for men, of course), it is also more sensitive – so you will enjoy sex like never before. It’s not just empty advertising talk, we’ve tried it ourselves, we have unboxing photos/videos and we’re happy to share our play and testing experiences with you.

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