Massage heads with vibration are very popular as beginner toys. They’re great for massaging, say, a sore back, but since you’re on erotic magazine… they can also be used during sex.

Strong vibrations combined with a sensitive wedge guarantee very strong and fast orgasms – this can also be used for example in BDSM play, where strong vibrating massage heads have a frequent mini-role.

The heads have (as the name suggests) a large vibrating head that transmits a solid dose of vibration over a fairly large area. It can be freely rolled over the naked body to test the reactions of various erogenous zones, but they do their best work for us in the lap – both men’s and women’s mostly.

How did we choose the best massage vibrating heads for 2024?

We’ve had our hands on (more than just) many erotic gadgets over the course of our review magazine’s existence, but we return to massage heads again and again. They’re simply enticing – like big irons of bliss that only need a few touches and your counterpart is already flowing with excitement and anticipation for more.

They still have something going for them years later and have long been one of our favourite toys ever. And we’d be dry and stingy if we didn’t share with you (in our expert opinion) the best vibrating heads on the Czech market.

What we rated:

  1. materials (what the head is made of, the neck or handle, …),
  2. workmanship (how everything fits, holds, can bend, …),
  3. functions (what it can do besides the classic vibrations, how they can be adjusted, …),
  4. strength of vibration (are there stronger and weaker heads, where to put them, …),
  5. type of charging (how do they charge, do they need a plug or just batteries, …),
  6. price (it is also important for many and the ideal quality/price ratio is sought, …),
  7. and fun (how much we enjoy using it over and over again in different play sessions, …).

Why trust our comparison ranking

For our years of existence and sex awareness in the country, we’ve been much loved and visited by testers who have real contact with ero-toys and no longer let themselves be spoiled by just anything. Our reviews are objective, honest and always based on real play (alone and with partners). Each review/test is accompanied by real photos and video of unboxing the toy = proof that we don’t suck our thumbs like others do – but ask them for their own photos… they won’t give them to you because they never had any toys.

The best vibrating massage heads for women

#PhotoTypeFeaturesMaterialChargingPowerReviewsWhere to buy
1.PowerBullet / PalmpowerPowerBullet / PalmpowerSurprisingly small and incredibly powerful - the lighter weight makes it easy for women to hold and you can add about 6 attachments to make it a versatile toy for everyone.Silicone / ABS plasticFrom the power plug9Review
2.LELO Smart WandLELO Smart WandBeautiful, elegant, luxuriously crafted - just like all toys from Swedish LELO. It can detect pressure, so it regulates the intensity of the vibrations according to how you push the head = a very addictive feature.Silicone / ABS plasticUSB8Review
3. Europe Magic WandMagic Wand EuropeA classic that's a legend in its field - extreme head performance on a flexible joint. Power is delivered by plugging into the mains plug - never run out of batteriesSilicone / ABS plasticFrom the power plug10Review
4.ToyJoy Akuwand 2. gen.ToyJoy Akuwand 2. gen.Simple, the cheapest in our comparison. But also the largest in the hands and with a distinctive header. It has its pros and cons (see below), but it is one of our favourite heads.Silicone / ABS plasticUSB7Review

PowerBullet/Palmpower with attachments – review

A great powerhead that has long been the best seller in its mid-range class– and there are several reasons for that. The very slim and small body packs extremely powerful vibrations, has interchangeable attachments (or you can turn a clean round head into a “bunny” vibrator, prostate stimulator, vagina stimulator, …) and has mains charging.

And it’s surprisingly advantageous in that you’ll never run out of juice at your best while playing with it. If you have multiple charging toys, this has certainly happened to you before. But there is also a battery option on the market that is slightly weaker, but still superbly powerful.



Great power Mains power (this is both a plus and a minus)
Tiny size It has no packaging for storage
4 purchasable handles
Free of phthalates and other harmful substances
2.5 m long power cord
Silicone headers
Simple operation
Not just for sex play
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

LELO Smart Wand – review

An elegantly feminine wand that adds smarter electronics to the purely “vibrating” field. The latter responds to the amount of pressure on the body, for example, or the more you push, the stronger the vibrations. It also offers perhaps the most beautiful design combining medical-grade silicone and glossy ABS plastic, as well as a more ergonomic handle than the competition. It’s offset again by a higher price, but for advanced features, a designer jacket and solid power, it’s worth paying for – and that’s what our editors think.



Great materials I didn't find
Holding the head
Great vibration performance
Groundbreaking SenseTouch
Ergonomic shape
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Europe Magic Wand

A legend that has thankfully also been sold by us in its European version for a few years now – which is therefore compatible with our mains and sockets. As the previous sentence suggests, this massage/vibration head plugs into the mains. It therefore has incredible power, but slightly impaired portability. But this is compensated for by the uncompromising performance on behalf of our editorial team. One that is truly legendary in its field for many years now. And we don’t need to exaggerate. Check out the review and the video to see for yourself.



Extreme, but really extreme performance Price (relative - it's a great piece)
Historical legend of the wands Noise
Modern elegant design High weight
Clean and precise processing The power source is the power grid (+ and -)
Different attachments available
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

ToyJoy Akuwand 2nd Generation – review

Compared to the last one, the new generation of the bestselling AkuWand offers a simpler and cleaner design, a silicone beautifully rounded head, a slightly more flexible neck, and stronger vibrations. Overall, the head is sleeker, the charging is noticeably more mature. For us, it’s a very solid successor that has noticeably matured. When you put these heads side by side, everyone (or each) will surely pick the new snow-white one.



Short charging time Flashing Diode
Strong vibrations Not waterproof
Packaging for storage
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Why did these particular models win in our reviews/tests?

Massage heads have long been our favourite tools thanks to its versatility – their overlap from casual and innocent massages (which they handle really well) to purely sexual levels is fantastic. The size of the head as such is atypical to classic vibrators, so it doesn’t retract anywhere, its power is just a matter of pressing it to the chosen spot on the body and you get a quick reaction from it – and most of the time it’s a very intense pleasure.

And it doesn’t matter if you use the head to tease breasts, nipples, … over the hips, circling the ass, or directly pressing on the butthole, pussy, or in the case of men, on the penis or testicles… it’s always a great ride that you start just by putting on this “scepter of pleasure”. That’s what we love about it.

And the aforementioned vibrating massagers are a great representative of this entire segment. They have strong vibrations, sufficient endurance, great workmanship, the best materials and they feel/control well. Thus, the perfect intersection of what you expect from a great erotic aid.

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