A personal masseur just for you – that could be the title of today’s article. I was really looking forward to this review. LELO always makes great products, so why the excitement? I’ve never tried a better vibrating head. Do you know why? Because of the SenseTouch. Controlling the intensity of the vibrations just by pressing against the skin. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Just press and… you will see (or rather hear) what happens to me 🙂

Luxury vibrating head – not just for your back 🙂

LELO has always been a peak in design and materials used, and the Smart Wand vibrating head is proof of that (as are all the Swedish brand’s products). Pure medical-grade silicone plays a major role here. It is suitably complemented by ABS plastic – both materials are hypoallergenic and among the best materials to use for toys.

The market comes in 3 colors– purple (my favorite), black and white.

A few numbers:


  • 7 stimulation programs + SenseTouch program
  • Length 22 cm
  • Min. diameter 4.2 cm
  • Max. diameter 5.8 cm
  • Weight 155 grams

The vibrator is fully watertight, so there’s nothing to stop you playing in the shower. The power supply is via a built-in battery. It charges in approximately 2 hours and can vibrate for the same amount of time.

2 sizes, so there’s something for everyone

At CES 2012, 2 sizes (Large and Medium) of the LELO Smart Wand were unveiled. At first only one arrived in the Czech Republic, but within a few months the other one arrived as well, so both are available.

Find out how much a smart massage head from LELO costs

The vibration control is done with 3 buttons +, and (). The + and – buttons are classically used to switch between programs and to increase and decrease the strength of the vibration. This applies if you don’t have the SenseTouch program on, it regulates itself.

There are sensitive sensors in the head of the vibrator that sense the area the vibrator is touching and also the pressure it’s applying. This allows the vibration to be regulated – SenseTouch technology. This is accessed by holding down the middle button.

The vibration motor is located in the ball head of the vibrator. This is attached to the body of the vibrator on a flexible neck – so the head can hold a relatively large angle to the body. The handle is slightly curved, so it is good to hold.

Using the Smart Wand (translated: smart wand) is not just for erogenous zones. There, of course, it does a great job – strong vibrations (like the vibrating heads have) can’t create the small vibrators I use normally. You can use it to massage your back, hands, or sore feet. It will do a good service everywhere – home massager for all uses🙂 And you don’t even need a boyfriend – I kid you not, that’s handy too…

In the package, in addition to the vibrator itself, you’ll find a charger, a satin bag for the vibrator (very similar to the one from We-Vibe), instructions and a tiny brooch with the shape of an “infinity” (a lying figure of eight), which refers to the LELO Insignia model line of vibrators.

LELO has again confirmed that it is one of the best manufacturers of sex toys. Perfect workmanship and materials (as usual for LELO), elegant design and, above all, a multitude of vibration programs – all this and SenseTouch, without which I can no longer imagine a massage head. From now on, I’ll take it for the time before Smart Wand and after Smart Wand



Great materials I didn't find
Holding the head
Great vibration performance
Groundbreaking SenseTouch
Ergonomic shape
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
Sexshop.cz Intimity.cz Sexíčekshop.cz
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Hi, I want to get a massage head for my girlfriend and since she already has one lelo (liv) from me, my eyes automatically fell on the other one…I’m just wondering whether to get the medium or large size (which is already on the Czech market) would you advise me ?


Thank you for the warning (I forgot to correct the availability of both in the Czech Republic in the article).

Personally, I would choose the smaller one, because it is lighter and easier to hold, but the strength of the larger one is also not a bad thing – in our country it would be a problem that we wouldn’t have anywhere to put the larger one in the “toy boxes” and the small one is already nicely “housed” here.

I hope I’ve helped

Otherwise, good taste – LELO is never a bad choice:)

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