Some time ago I met a friend for coffee, expecting her to spew all her problems with men at me right after greeting me and we both fell into a deep depression. Oh, how wrong I was. She started telling me about a new vibrator that doesn’t vibrate, but pulsates. She was thrilled. Personally, I’m not a fan of traditional vibrators either.

A vibrator you can enjoy in private = Stronic

However, my friend’s enthusiasm was insanely contagious, so as soon as I got home, I typed the word “pulsator” into a search engine and vented.

Video of the unboxing of the pulsator:

The result of the search was clear Fun Factory Stronic Eins (mislabeled as ains). I wasn’t surprised that Fun Factory came up with this revolutionary idea. When German precision and Fun Factory’s experience come together, we can expect nothing less than a quality toy that will take us to heaven =D

Fun Factory Stronic Eins has a built-in battery so you don’t need any batteries. If you order the Stronic, remember that you also need a Click ‘N’ Charge charger for it, which is NOT included.

It’s a pretty logical step, because you don’t have to be the owner of just one Fun Factory vibrator. This way, you only need one charger for all your lovelies…how practical – no need to store piles of “cords”.

You have to charge the “Stronik” before you use it for the first time – this supposedly gives the battery more life and stamina. So we approach the charger to the two patents on the pulsator, magnetism kicks in, and then we just wait. The first charge can take up to 12 hours.

Find out how much a breakthrough pulsating vibrator costs

If you forget to plug the charger into the socket, even longer =D (But you don’t have to worry about that – when plugged in, the red light on the charger glows and the buttons on the pulsator gradually turn on and off, so you’ll soon realise something is wrong ;=) ).

A few numbers about the pulsator

  • Total length: 23.8 cm
  • Utility length: 16 cm
  • Diameter: 3.5 – 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 377 g

After opening the typical gold box, I was looking at the most modern (and also the most expensive) technical novelty. A sleek straight Stronic with a curved tip – supposedly to stimulate the G-spot, unfortunately for me, my G-spot is probably not sensitive enough to notice this special shape somehow.

It’s available in Stronic in two colors – pink and dark purple…it’s up to you which one you choose. As the name suggests (Eins) is the first in the range – two other versions are also on sale – Zwei (suitable for anal and G-spot teasing) and Drei (with pronounced protrusions for even more intense penetration).

Thanks to its phallic shape, Eins slips easily and naturally into the vagina and reveals the pleasurable experiences that await you when you switch on the vibrator.

Pulsation at your fingertips – quickly and easily

Controlling the Stronic is very easy. There are three buttons on the black handle made of ABS plastic. The red FUN button, which is slightly larger compared to the other two buttons, is used to switch the pulsator on and off.

When you press it, all three buttons light up, the hand starts rhythmically pulsing up and down, and you can clearly see the + and – on the second and third buttons. Stronic has a total of 10 pulsation programs – innovative pulses and a combination of pulses with classic vibrations. The programs are linearly ordered (when you reach the end, you have to go back through the programs again).

You’ll know you’re on the last program easily – if you press the same button, the other two will flash twice. Similarly, “Fun” will flash the moment you want to turn on the pulser with a button other than the one specified by the manufacturer (that’s what I call good instructions).

Every time you turn on the Stronic, a pulsing program appears (exactly the one advertised in the various videos), and then there are 6 more programs up (using the + button) and 3 programs down (using the – button).

Find out how much a breakthrough pulsating vibrator costs

How does Fun Factory Stronic Eins actually work? Apparently there is a permanent magnet inside that moves back and forth in a smooth tube. That movement creates powerful electromagnets that turn on and off alternately, attracting and repelling the heavy magnet.

Of course, let’s not kid ourselves – we women are interested in entirely different things than the technicalities of this contraption. Specifically, it was very important to them that the Stronic is made of 100% medical-grade silicone – it’s completely health-safe, and most importantly, it’s incredibly soft, gentle and non-cool to the touch, so you won’t want to stop touching it.

In addition, its length (the utility part measures 16 cm) and extended shape (the diameter of the tip is 3.5 cm, it extends down to 4.5 cm) as well as the pleasant material make it inviting: “Try me on!” Who can resist? Honestly, I didn’t… And I didn’t regret it!

Quick recap

At first, I was a little embarrassed by the gentle pulsing – after all, I was used to a whirring vibrator where you can vary the maximum intensity of the vibrations. This was something else – it was like your partner was playing with you and just giving you a hint of things to come.

Admittedly, I tried out all the programs carefully a few times first, but by the time it came to trying out the pulsator, I knew next to nothing. Only that I wanted more. And by alternating differently strong pulses and vibrations, I got more… Ah, the sheer relaxation =D.

Truth be told, a regular vibrator can’t compare to the Stronic, it’s not even up to its ankles, as they say. I’ve never been thrilled with conventional vibrators… now they have a complete stranglehold on me when I have Fun Factory Stronic Eins. So, gentlemen, watch out that this new piece doesn’t replace you too =D.



ABS and medical grade silicone Price
Intensity of pulses and vibrations
Backlit control
Elegant and functional shape
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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Hello, Aly, gentlemen and ladies. The Classic Vibrator is becoming a watch holder in my bedroom after the discovery of the Lady Dream Pulsator (just a different manufacturer).

Since I’ve been extremely good all year, we got two straight under the tree. I didn’t find out the price until after I tried it out, and the fact is, I would have bought it on the spot even if I had to live on orgasms for six months…

It’s a different type and manufacturer than the one described. Its body is made up of several indented parts and the best part is the curved glans, funny, after the first time it gets heavily addictive.

I’ll probably have problems with it at the airport as it contains strong magnets, and you have to remove the watch in contact with it, supposedly it could magnetise it. But for me, these are negligible shortcomings.

It’s called Richard, King Richard!!! and for the next 50 years it will be my life’s impulse 🙂

Girls, no more selfish quickies, magnets will propel you into space without meat…

PS: I put the second one up for sale in the bazaars, if any of you want it for less money.

I hope Mr. Fun won’t be offended 🙂


Barbara, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, we are happy for any opinion and I think Mr. Fun will not be offended… and we wish you and King Richard many happy moments 🙂

After purchase, what is the minimum charging time to test the Fun Factory Stronic Eins? I have tested the functionality after an hour of charging and it is not responding. Hence the query.

Have a nice day,
it is advisable to put it straight on the charger after purchase, even though it is already partially charged from the factory. For us, it took about 10-11 hours – the first charge is the longest.

The manufacturer recommends about 12 hours for the first charging phase. But I think it should be functional even earlier – did you unlock the Stronic according to the instructions? It is “locked” for transport and distribution.

Ha, good question. How do you unlock it, please?

Press + for 1.5 seconds and Fun 🙂
It locks in reverse – Fun and –

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