Perhaps everyone who has a good experience with sex loves it. And that’s why in January 2010 the project Lascivní.cz was created. To inspire, excite and delight your imagination. And you could enjoy making love with your partner all the more.

Why Lascero?

Why did we name our joint magazine the way we did? Why do we have that mysterious little word in the title that many Czechs still don’t know? We wanted to differentiate ourselves, we wanted to provoke, and for those who know the word, we wanted to be transparent and clear.

The meaning of the word lascivious:

  • unctuous,
  • lascivious,
  • bold,
  • indecent,
  • depraved,
  • immoral,
  • slippery,
  • and we’ll add provocative.

What you will read here

Sections like Sex, or Relationships are fairly common, because they both belong together. A relationship without sex is like food without taste. It is not for nothing that they say sex is the spice of life. These two sections are meant to inspire you, or give you a hint on how to make your partner happy, or carnal pleasure.

Real sex toy reviews

But the Reviews of erotic toys section is not commonly found on the Czech Internet. Here, various erotic toys are reviewed so you know what you’re getting into before you buy. After all, everyone wants to spend their money on quality goods and erotic toys are certainly no exception.

The next section is Tips and Reports – we didn’t want to stay grounded, so we went to events or recommend inspiring books and movies. If you’re not familiar with the terms used in sexuality (and pornography) check out our regularly updated Dictionary of Erotic Terms.

Sexuality Awareness in the Czech Republic

The second reason for the creation of Lascivní.cz is that sex in the Czech Republic is unnecessarily tabooed. This is true even though sex and lovemaking is the nature of each of us. Yet, it is not talked about much in public, and people tend to tiptoe around the issue so as not to “accidentally” stand out from the crowd.

We don’t see why sex and lovemaking should have such a label, so we decided to help change. Of course, we are not shouting out views like “sex in the streets” here, but we don’t see why. two people making love should be so hidden, and the slightest display of a naked body part in the media should be said.

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, then spread links to articles or become a fan of our Facebook page to express your disagreement with the current state of affairs. You can also watch our toy reviews as videos on Youtube.

How works

We have published several articles about the creation, operation and non/performance of our

We’ll be supplementing the original three-part post on the workings of our magazine with annual reports:

And there’s no shortage of frequently asked questions that our readers have:

The content is handled by several editors (Peter, Natalie, Theresa, Veronica, Agrr and others), so the articles offer a view from both sides of the barricades. At Lascivní.cz we don’t focus on the view of erotic play or sex toys only from the perspective of women, but also men.

The entire editorial team

Written about us

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News from our editorial team

Here you will find news cleanly about our editorial staff and the erotic magazine Lascivní.cz as a whole. Every year we also publish here our evaluation of the past year and also the evaluation of our newsletter poll on the sexual tastes of our readers. Would you like to become an editor/tester with us? We are currently looking for such writers. You can find our editorial office in the contact section.

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