We’ve been getting a lot of questions in the review comments that we’d like to answer in one place, in a focused and clear way. We’ll be regularly adding more and more questions about our testing, which we’ve been doing since 2010. We have tested more than 300 gadgets, so it’s time to shed some light on how our editorial team of more than 15 members approaches this specific field.

How do we acquire toys?

We already answered this question in one of the episodes of our mini-series about the functioning of the whole Lascivious.cz server, more HERE. So there is no need to repeat yourself and you can learn all about resources of gadgets for reviews in that article.

How do we choose toys?

We try to find the most interesting/innovative pieces (after all, we’ve gotten pretty jaded over the years, and we’re tired of testing a classic vibrator for the twenty-second time) and those that can be bestsellers and reach the most customers = have the biggest reach.

Plus, we also like to delve into BDSM gadgets, which, while not mass-market, have made us good at fetish, bondage, D/s play in recent years, and thus naturally adjust the toy selection for reviews.

branding also plays a role in the selection – paradoxically, we’re more into toys that are from unbranded or rather unknown manufacturers. Often they can find an interesting intersection of functionality, material, shape, … and it’s fun to explore. But of course they are less consistent in quality and often don’t have more than units of nice toys.

How do we split toys?

Toys are broken down by individual editors in our closed “column” system. We put links to each available toy in batches in the left column, from which editors forward to their own column to confirm their interest. When a larger number of toys are broken down, we package and mail them directly to the testers’ homes.

How do we test?

Toys are variably judged according to:

  • packaging,
  • material,
  • smell,
  • function,
  • charging capabilities,
  • endurance per charge,
  • use in couples, foreplay, masturbation alone, …
  • and finally by price, which is also important to many.

We look for not only the pros, but also the cons – it doesn’t happen much anymore that only the perfect toy makes it into the final review. There’s always something to be found.

Each tester is an original, so they adjust the bowl of scales according to their preferences, which is why we have multiple reviews for some toys, so that our readers can get the best possible picture of the gadget.

What do we specifically evaluate in ero-toys?

  1. Anal Pins – material, workmanship, beginner-friendly, advanced, prostate irritation, vibration, self-wrapping, non-slip, sufficient footing.
  2. Ben Wa balls – material, workmanship, weight, difficulty to hold, custom wrapper.
  3. Disinfectant – composition, cleaning power, staying power, dosage, scent.
  4. Dilators – material, workmanship, difficulty of insertion, projections, hollowness, comfort after application, custom packaging.
  5. Dilda – material, workmanship, suction, protrusions, beginner/advanced, custom packaging.
  6. Punches – material, workmanship, punch intensity.
  7. Double Dildos – material, workmanship, flexibility, custom packaging.
  8. Electrosex – material, workmanship, strength of pulses, ease of use, charging.
  9. Erotic Board Games – processing, number of players, fun to play again.
  10. Lubricating Gels – slipperiness, composition, dosage, consistency, washability, staying power, taste, smell, other properties – numbing, disinfecting, …).
  11. Enema – materials, workmanship, pleasantness of application, volume, multiple attachments, cleaning, custom packaging.
  12. Massage/Vibration Head – materials, workmanship, vibration strength, additional attachments, power supply, custom packaging.
  13. Massage Candles – composition, processing, burn time, dosage, scent, spreadability.
  14. Finger/Penis Stretchers – material, processing, vibration, penis enlargement, protrusions, use in masturbation.
  15. Chastity Belts – material, workmanship, difficulty of putting on, inability to masturbate, inability to get off, difficulty of wearing, weight, connection of other irritants.
  16. Pouta – material, workmanship, inability to get off, difficulty of wearing, resistance to damage.
  17. Pulsators – material, workmanship, number of pulsations, strength/intensity, waterproof, g-spot stimulation, quietness, rechargeability, custom packaging.
  18. Sponges – material, workmanship, difficulty of wear, allows oral, ability to get off, drooliness, humiliation.
  19. Strangulation/Erection Rings – material, workmanship, strength of strangulation, ease of wearing, ease of putting on, vibration, extra features.
  20. Strap-on dildos – material, workmanship, wearer pleasure, attachment strength, ability to replace dildo, cleaning, vibration, custom packaging.
  21. Clamps – material, workmanship, grip strength, easy adjustment, contact area.
  22. Soft Vaginas – material, workmanship, teasing strength, cleaning, vibration, maintenance, extra accessories, custom packaging.
  23. Vacuum Pumps – material, workmanship, strength of vacuum, vibration, effect on erection/nipples/clinch, difficulty of creating vacuum.
  24. Balls of vapor – material, workmanship, strength of vibration, ease of introduction, cleaning, quietness, custom packaging.
  25. Vibrating Butterflies – material, workmanship, strength of vibration, number of modes, charging, quietness, ease of wear, cleaning, custom packaging.
  26. Vibrating Eggs – material, workmanship, vibration strength, quietness, number of modes, charging, cleaning, control range, custom packaging.
  27. Vibrators – material, workmanship, vibration strength, number of modes, waterproof, charging, quietness, cleaning, custom packaging.
  28. Womanizers – material, workmanship, orgasm, waterproof, charging, attachment convenience, attachment interchangeability, multiple attachment sizes, quietness, cleaning, custom packaging.

Which ero-toys performed best?

Every year we prepare and actualize our big comparative reviews in each sub-segment of toys, so that you don’t have to sift through dozens of reviews, but you already have a clearer overview of which are the TOP ones for our editorial team. We go through these big articles at monthly intervals, expanding and, when we can, adding new great pieces that we in the editorial team are really excited about. You’ll find all these comprehensive reviews sorted in the Best Erotic Aids section on Lascivious.com.

Alternatively, here:

How long do we review?

As a rule we take about 1 month for reviews, for more expensive pieces that are maybe even more interesting due to functionality we take our time, so as far as my memory goes, for example We-Vibe 4 we tested for a quarter of a year, to have a great and conclusive review. Another tough test was the premium vibrator from Czech brand Whoop.de.doo.

How many people usually test?

There’s a lot of intermingling here in the life of the tester/tester themselves. Most toys can be used in partner play, foreplay, so if they have a partner at the time of the test, they share the toy with them, look for positives, pros, try as many uses as possible.

This is what makes the most in-depth and beneficial reviews, because they reflect the experience of 2 people at once. In most cases, this is indeed the case with our reviewers, so they tend to stick to pairs and as a result bring a lot of engaging and detailed tests.

We work together: