We’ve selected 6 of the best erotic aids for men that you’ll appreciate especially when your partner is away and you need to blow off some steam. And you’re not enjoying your right hand anyway, like hundreds of hours of porn movies.

We picked the best male masturbators on the market – 2024

So what have we prepared for you? First and foremost, artificial vaginas (or wankers or masturbators if you prefer) to replace the live one, and they don’t talk back or give headaches. We’ve selected the TOP male masturbators from brands like Fleshlight, Blewit, Hot Octopuss and Fun Factory. We’ve tested these toys many times in the editorial office (and we will many more times) and they are simply worth the investment.

The 6 best artificial vaginas for this year

#PhotoTypeIrritatingVibrationsMaterialReviewsWhere to buy
1.Tenga Flip Hole 0Entire penisNoMedical grade silicone / ABS plasticReview
2.Fleshlight FlightEntire penisNoReal Feel SuperSkin / ABS plasticReview
3.Vibrační umělá vagína Hot Octopuss PulseHot Octopuss PulseThe glans and tip of the penisYesMedical grade siliconeReview
4.Fleshlight STUEntire penisNoReal Feel SuperSkin / ABS plastReview
5.Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2The glans and tip of the penisYesMedical grade siliconeReview
6.BlewitEntire penisNoThermoplastic elastomer / ABS plasticReview

Why trust our ranking

We are still the only, objective and independent site (we don’t own a sex shop and we don’t get paid for positive reviews) with an editorial staff testing sex toys. The men’s part of the editorial staff actually tested them on their laps and gave them a lot of work – we have our own photos of toys and videos of unboxing. There are other rankings of the best-selling artificial vaginas, but the authors have never seen them, and probably never owned any toys. We did – we tested over 300 toys on ourselves.

How we chose the best artificial vaginas in the country

We chose pieces that will last a long time, won’t bore you and are easy to use. The order is descending, so we consider the first mentioned toy to be the Top erotic gadget for men of the year 2024. We’ve been testing toys for you for over 8 years, so you can trust us to have tried a lot. Exactly 35 masturbators for men we tested and here are the TOP 6.

Tenga Flip Hole Zero

After 10 years in the industry, Tenga has come up with a brand new artificial vagina that they built from 0 (that’s why it has ZERO in the name). And it’s a really perfect piece, which made us throw out a few older pieces from our collection straight away. No legace. The inner liner is pure silicone, with an extreme amount of protrusions, depressions and lines. It’s nothing realistic (not even the entrance to the wanker), but a great experience nonetheless. The chaser is easy to open after playing (it has internal hinges) and you can quickly clean it = no delays or problems.



Full silicone insert with hinge retention We expect less lifetime of the side mini-pants
Inner protrusions
Simple vacuum regulation by pressing the sides
The toy is also the packaging
Great cleaning and drying
Intense orgasms
And even more orgasms
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fleshlight Flight

The TOP toy for men is the men’s masturbator from American brand Fleshlight, which even scored two representatives in our list of the best sex toys for men. The first one (and in our opinion the best) is Flight.

Travel version, unobtrusive appearance – this will probably come to everyone’s mind, but the main advantage is the inner liner. Pretty irritating by the way gents. It just sucks you in and won’t let go. And your partner won’t suspect you of anything – Fleshlight Flight is really unobtrusive and looks like… well like nothing erotic. Its masturbation efficiency, harmless material and great hold make it TOP.



Unrealistic appearance Necessity to powder
The packaging does not slip in the hand
Easy cleaning
The toy is a case unto itself
Great clear material
Inner liner lifetime
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

An innovative toy that doesn’t irritate the entire length of the penis, but stimulates the very sensitive glans and its bridle – it does away with conventional vibrations and irritates only with specific pulsations. It can’t compare to anything on the market (like the Cobra Libre), but it’s still one of the best-selling wanking toys in the last year.



Intense oscillations on the glans Stimulates only the tip of the penis
Great grip thanks to side wings
Integrated battery
Waterproof packaging
Fine knurled silicone
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fun Factory Cobra II

Another representative of non-traditional erotic aids for men is from the works of German Fun Factory. For us it was an experience that we have nothing to compare to in sex. The main teasing effect here is provided by two vibrating motors, which massage your stomach like the finest oil massage from an Asian professional woman. It’s more expensive, but don’t get too worked up – the pleasant vibrations do all the work for you.



Strong vibrations Water-based lubricant only
First-class materials Price
Great to hold
Easy to use
Magnetic charging
Unconventional acorn stimulation (a + for me, a - for some)
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fleshlight Stamina (STU)

A classic representative of artificial vaginas that we can’t miss here. Look no further than this classic – realistic look, just the right size for your hand, depth beyond measure. The STU Realistic Vagina will help you with erection length – if you practice with it regularly, you’ll see that solid difference in your performance. The stimulating inner liner is very comfortable, gently wraps around you and the teasing protrusions won’t leave you feeling at ease. Until they make you… We have no reservations.



Fine material Larger dimensions
Tightness regulation Necessity to powder
Realistic appearance (subjective)
Distinctive insert for training
See the current price and the possibility to order here:


An unconventional venture that wanted to change the entire market for male wankers – in the end, the Blewit is not a revolution, just an evolution of artificial vaginas that makes it easier to care for after play, for example. And it also adds more control over vaginal tightness to one toy – thanks to interchangeable inner rings.



Very nice gel-like insert Awkward shape
Unrealistic appearance Half-solved better cleaning
Half-solved better cleaning
Changing the diameter of the replaceable eyelet
Great powdering solution
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
Why we created this ranking

We love sex toys, we’ve tested hundreds of them, but our reviews were pretty lacking in any sort of comparison chart. One that showed the best toys in the range. And that’s why we’ve put together today’s selection of the TOP men’s toys, which we regularly update with new pieces.

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Your opinions 8 opinions

good day. i want to buy an artificial vagina and i can’t decide – fleshlight or classic cast vagina… i had a tenga Egg wanker but it broke quickly.

In this unequal fight I would definitely choose Fleshlight – you are assured of the type of material (Real Feel Skin), lots of types and sizes + sensationally it will be the most pleasant compared to classic gel – good experience we have with this seller (he is authorized by Fleshlight, so he sells only originals).

The basic models from Tenga don’t last much – both the Egg and the disposable Onacup are only good for trying out an artificial vagina as a kind of sex toy. For longer play, the Fleshlights and higher-end Tengy lines are good.

When I first noticed toy manufacturer Tenga they only had 3 OnaCup masturbators amongst their products. However, they are clearly doing better and better as they have expanded their portfolio of sex toys for men. Keep it up

You’re right, Tenga has branched out beyond Japan and is bringing out some pretty interesting toys in the higher (luxury) end as well.

I’d like to get one of those toys, too? What is your experience? What do you recommend? 😛 thanks for the advice 🙂

and what kind of toy would you imagine? :)) it’s quite a difference to get it and want something else :)) feel free to advise :))


Of course we have experience with all of them, I mainly compiled the ranking from men’s toys that I have tested (we have tested more than 200 toys in the editorial office). Of the 5 men’s ones, for a beginner I would recommend the Fleshlight Flight or Stamina/STU – they are classic wankers that mimic the insertion of a penis into a vagina – so they are soft, have a nice texture inside, and the STU is a realistic vagina in appearance as well. Just a little lube, eyes closed and you won’t know the difference 🙂

Hello, I’m thinking of buying a tenga flip air lite, do you think there is something better in this price range (taking into account maintenance)?

Have a nice day,

if you take maintenance into account, it’s not. Feeling-wise, the Flip Air Lite is great, but lately I’ve become slightly annoyed with the sounds it makes – it’s closed at the other end, so air compressed by the penis escapes through the inlet hole and sounds annoying. Big Fleshlight-type wankers don’t suffer from this as they are see-through.

Good day, what lube is used for artificial vaginas?

Hello, mostly water based so as not to damage delicate surfaces – silicone could be a problem – we have tested water based ones such as Sasmar: https://www.lascero.com/eroticke-hracky-pomucky/klouze-ci-neklouze-test-lubrikacnich-gelu-sasmar/

Lots of solid competition:) i only have the 3D (i.e. the Zen model, but still cool) and i’m looking for the others… Hopefully Santa will smile on me and i’ll find one at home under the tree…

Thanks for some tips on the next toy – I have a cobra (now the new second generation one) – I’m not really into fleslights, I have a wife for that, so the one with the green mouth might be refreshing – verspaken.

I want to ask, I am considering buying a Tenga Flip Hole Zero and I have seen that there is a more expensive model with vibration. Have you tested this vibrating model as well? It looks good, but I would hate to throw away so much money unnecessarily. Thanks for the reply.

Have a nice day,

No, unfortunately not – as a rule, with these toys, you can tell that the version with vibration will be more irritating than the one without. The vibrations are a welcome diversion for chasers where it’s “just” a load. So we can safely recommend the version with vibration.

I can confirm the cobra – it’s worth spending money on it:) it’s different than classic chasers, but if it fits you, you won’t want to change…

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