We’ve covered men in sex toy reviews many times before – we’ve even prepared a list of the best male sex toys. And this time we have one TOP list for our gentle readers – women. We have chosen classic vibrators as our first topic. A significant part of our female editorial staff collaborated on this article, so it’s telling.

Best vibrators for women for 2024

What we used to choose the best vibrating gadgets:

  1. design and shape,
  2. materials,
  3. force of vibration,
  4. features (vibration modes, pulses, atypical enhancements…),
  5. controls
  6. and charging.

For materials, of course, the classic medical grade silicone – safe, hypoallergenic (doesn’t cause allergic reactions), poreless, so it’s great to clean and ageless. ABS plastic has similarly good properties, but its structure makes it very strong and hard, so it is mainly used for vibrator handles.

Among the selection of the best vibrators – which vibrate thanks to a rotating motor inside – we have also added a representative of the so-called pulsators. Their effect is not whirring, but rather overpowering. It’s a specific toy that bears comparison with the best vibrators on the market, which is why we’ve also included them in our Top 5 ranking.

Why trust our ranking

We are the only independent site (we are not run by a sex shop and we don’t get paid for positive reviews) testing sex toys since 2010. Realistically, these aids have ended up in our laps (or other body parts) – we have our own photos and unboxing videos of them. There are other rankings of best-selling vibrators, but the authors have never seen them, and may even have never owned any toys. We certainly have – we’ve tested over 300 of them on ourselves.

Women choose sex toys for women

After all, women have different toy requirements than their male counterparts. So this ranking would look different from the men in the editorial team – with the biggest gadgets like massage heads and xxl vibrators taking precedence… But that doesn’t score well with us girls – at least with our test sample from the editorial office. But enough talk, let’s go to the individual pieces. 🙂

The 5 best vibrators for this year

#PhotoTypePower of vibrations (1-5)FeaturesChargingReviewsWhere to buy
1.LELO Elise 25Velvety surface, two vibrating motors and noticeable sizeMains charger with connectorReview
2.We-Vibe 43Partner vibrator, 2 vibrating motorsInduction chargerReview
3.Fun Factory Stronic Eins3Pulsation instead of vibration, self-tightening, shaped to the G-spotMagnetic chargerReview
4.Whoop.de.doo vibrator43 vibrating motors, slim body but refined performance.Magnetic chargerReview
5.Fun Factory Miss Bi4Clitoral and G-spot irritationMagnetic chargerReview

We’ve discussed the individual winners of our premium vibrator rankings briefly below, or in the individual reviews, which you can get to by clicking on the vibrator’s name in the title.

LELO ELise 2

A regular on our list of the best female vibrating toys – Sweden’s LELO just knows how to do it, and this silicone cat with 2 vibrating motors gets the job done to perfection. That’s why it’s called the best vibrating ear on the Czech market.



Velvet medical grade silicone Higher price
Two vibration motors 80 nesting combinations (which will be rather advantageous for many people)
Easy one-handed operation
Strong vibrations along the entire length
Textile packaging in the package
Own charger
Luxury paper packaging
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

We-Vibe 4 – classic and PLUS

A solid classic that has got many couples pretty vibed up – it’s one of the best-selling vibrators ever, and this 4th generation has surpassed even the earlier ones. It has a tricked-out remote control, solid vibration for its size, and your boyfriend can even play with you remotely over the internet.

Step up to virtual sex, which is a great lube for both that at-home “play” and partner play. You can also enjoy it with your partner – it can be introduced during sex and thanks to its smaller shape it no longer presses…



6 programmes Price
Medical grade silicone
Remote control
Elegant design
Functional shape that fits comfortably
Inductive charging
Custom carrying case
MicroUSB charging charger
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

The first representative of the “pulsators” we tested, and actually still the only one on the market that works properly. Again – the higher price is offset by the workmanship, matte silicone (it’s probably really in vogue), and simple 3-button controls.

We like that it really vibrates, don’t expect vibrations like you know here. Also interesting are the newer versions of the Drei (pronounced protrusions and curves for the G-spot) and Zwei (designed for the male prostate and G-spot). Check out the video in our test/review – especially when playing it feels like it’s damn near alive and wants to go as deep into you as possible 🙂



ABS and medical grade silicone Price
Intensity of pulses and vibrations
Backlit control
Elegant and functional shape
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Whoop.de.doo vibrator

Sleek, smooth and unobtrusive, but rightfully in our top 5 vibrators for this year. This is the unusually minimalist Whoop.de.doo vibrator, designed and manufactured by Anna Marešová – a Czech designer.

In its slimmer body, it hides 3 vibration motors (by Czech standards above standard), which are easily operated via the extended foot of the vibrator. The shape was tuned with both the tester and gynecologists to exactly match the most suitable shape of the female womb.



Easy to use Price
3 motors
Number of vibration combinations
Beautiful simple design
Magnetic charger
Czech product with a story
See the current price and the possibility to order here:

Fun Factory Miss Bi

The newest piece in our comparison of the best vibrators on the market, but also probably the most interesting – it combines clitoral stimulation with G-spot stimulation. 2 powerful motors will definitely do their job and help you to a powerful orgasm = tested for you :).



Click 'n' charge magnetic charging Only water-based lubricants can be used
Separate motor control
Medical grade silicone
6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
Why did these win?

We women want to be pampered. We want the best.. And these 5 toys are definitely among the luxuries we want. You may have noticed that we’ve picked out 5 rather distinctive pieces that are different from the competition.

These were mostly pioneers in sensual design, or technological innovations. And we still have them in the drawer in a privileged place of “just enough to touch”. You don’t want to hide such little helpers in boxes and in the closet. If Czech society were less prudish, we’d happily put them on our shelf for admiration – that’s how much we like them…

We put our hand in the fire that you won’t make a mistake with any toy from our TOP selection 🙂

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Your opinions 3 opinions

Hello, my girlfriend and I are looking for some variety and a toy. Is a vacuum pump for women of any use? Thank you

Have a nice day, definitely yes 🙂 it will noticeably increase the blood flow to her clit, so it will also intensify the touching, kissing, licking, sex, … But you have to choose the right size – every woman has a different shape and size of her clit.

Unfortunately, you can’t try such things in person. So buy a few and hopefully one will be right.

Personally, no 🙂

There aren’t that many sizes – it’s more of a guess at the shape, the sizes aren’t even officially stated to be xs, xl, etc. but we tested 2 completely different ones – the Intim underwire and Black Treasure.

The former is noticeably larger, the latter rather smaller.

And some kind of vibrator with more volume? Thicker than 2.5 cm, maybe? Thank you.

I’ll look you up on the verified 🙂 A verified piece is also this one – OVO F 11 – made of pure silicone, so it is health safe, thicker diameter, more types of vibration and ideal shape: https://www.lascero.com/eroticke-hracky-pomucky/stihly-zavodak-ovo-f11-vas-prekvapi/ – we got it from this e-shop, where the price and stock availability can be seen: https://www.lascero.com/ovo-f11/.

Could you recommend me some vibrators and dildos…? I’m inexperienced about them, so I’d like to get some advice – thanks for the advice of the whole editorial team:)

Have a nice day,

it’s okay that you have no experience with them.) For starters, it’s advisable to start with a cheaper piece (albeit a good quality and useful one) – I would recommend the smaller Funky Orange clitoral vibrator. It’s one of the best sellers because it’s relatively cheap and useful: https://www.lascero.com/eroticke-hracky-pomucky/klitoris-se-ma-na-co-tesit-vibrator-na-klitoris/.

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