We are currently looking for new writers who can use their experience to write an article, experience, interview, guide on the following topics. It will be an advantage to supply photo/video materials for the article.

Why write for us?

The article will be permanently published on Lascivni.cz (more on editorial / how we work) and promoted within our emailing, social networking, interlinking with our other content – we have over 50k visitors a month, so your content reaches readers and can inspire and help a lot of Czech lovers of alternative sexual practices, …

Want to help us change the way Czechs view sexuality? Do you want to help them choose better, healthier and more skillful sex toys? Join us🙂

2 directions of cooperation we have for you:

  • contributing to Lascivni.cz and other thematic sites (tutorials, reports, toy reviews, …)
  • our own sex blog (more at Lascero.cz/sexbloggers)

What for?

The reward will be money for the delivered article (on a work contract/invoice). Possibly barter within erotic products, promos of your website, entries to erotic events = by agreement.

Erotic topics

Erotic events – reports/invitations

We are happy to buy reports from individual erotic events – fairs, BDSM events, workshops, … together with photos or videos.

Erotic books, films, comics

We will buy author reviews of books with sexual themes (inspiration can be your list of erotic books waiting to be tested), or movies (they don’t have to be purely pornographic – an outline can be Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Wet Spots, …), or sex comics.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in any of the requests? Drop us a line via the Contact section. We look forward to working with you.

We work together: