Here are all the galleries from our reviews where testers/reviewers have agreed to publish (typically 18+) photos of themselves – simply put, these are testing photos, so they usually contain nudity.

At the request of individual testers, we put them under registration so that they are not freely visible to all visitors. Both for the sake of easy confidentiality and not everyone wants to see the so-called in natura photos.

How do the thumbnails look like?

List of 18+ reviews:

List of 18+ tutorials:

Our series of photo/video tutorials includes both punitive (panties, armbinder), restrictive (wrists, ankles) and decorative (both bras, spider web and turtle).

Taste of rope guides:

How do I unlock the photos and videos

Just support us and become a paying member of the Bondage section (the link is always next to each gallery) and once you log in, all current and future galleries will be unlocked for you. And you will also be able to easily comment on all of our reviews, articles, add questions to the advice section more conveniently, …

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