Womanizer – a toy that stirs up a lot of emotions in people. It promises a powerful orgasm that women can achieve in a very short time. It is a unique toy on the market that sucks the clitoris and stimulates it with pulsed pressure waves (so don’t expect vibrations)… But the price!

I have to admit that even I was put off at first. But I kept thinking, “Damn, I really want that toy!”. And after much deliberation, I decided to get it. Then I ran into another problem – the look.I didn’t like either one.

Don’t expect wild designs – Womanizer video

Luckily for me, there is a new new one on the market that fits my hand better, the Womanizer PRP/W 500. This one is offered in 4 subtle and one leopard pattern (oddly enough, I quite liked that one too). I fell in love at first sight and the lavender Womanizer Pro was mine.

WOMANIZER in review/test

You may have been promised a review of the classic Womanizer, but the newer generation PRO seems like a more interesting option to me 🙂 Compared to the first version, the Pro is quieter (which many women will appreciate), lighter, but most importantly, it is more powerful and offers 8 intensity levels (the original version had only 5 levels).

Shape is everything

I have to admit that the shape of the new Womanizer didn’t impress me at first. From the picture, I had the feeling that it was a massive toy, but thankfully that’s not the case. I was pleasantly surprised that it fits my hand (for those who don’t know, I have pretty small hands and most things are big for me) and the weight was comfortable too. It’s also very nice to the touch – it reminded me of the surface of the LELO Elise 2, I couldn’t get enough of that either :). The difference is that the Womanizer Pro’s surface is made of hard ABS plastic.

Just 3 buttons are enough

The Womanizer Pro is very easy to use. There are only the 3 buttons described. The rather dominant Swarovski cut stone, which is used to turn the device on and off, and the oval plus and minus buttons – these control the intensity. And it was the buttons that seemed a bit ill-conceived to me – the “diamond” is cut into a needle-like shape (with a flat top), and it pricks your finger unpleasantly when you press it.

A few numbers:

  • Max noise – 42 dB
  • Dimensions – 12.5 x 6.2 cm
  • Weight – 128 g

However, I was more disappointed with the intensity control. If you want to increase or decrease the intensity, you have to press the button every time. Yet you hardly feel that you are pressing anything. On the other hand, you get used to the controls relatively quickly (if I hadn’t written down what bothered me after the first use, I wouldn’t have even known about it) :).

Find out how much does the Womanizer PRO cost per clitoris

When you turn it on, the Womanizer starts glowing red and whirring. The growl is a little louder, but it’s not entirely distracting as the noise level is reduced the moment you put the beak to your clitoris. And I also believe that many women will find it much louder when using it 😉.

Reverse to orgasm

The Womanizer’s beak is also made of ABS plastic, but is covered by a silicone handle. The package includes a smaller and larger handle (or they can be purchased separately). I personally preferred the smaller one – it fits better on my clitoris, so it stimulates it better. You attach the beak with the silicone extension to the clitoris and then the ride begins!

Honestly, I’ve only tried the lowest intensity so far (and there are 8 of them!!!). The higher levels were such a shock to me that I wasn’t entirely comfortable. However, even with the lowest intensity I had my first orgasm within one minute… And then another :).

The Womanizer experience is special – there is no “foreplay” to prepare you for orgasm. You just turn it on and almost immediately feel yourself having an orgasm. Even after using it, you’ll have a very sensitive clitoris (by the way the beak sucks it in), which you can use for other play with the Womanizer or with a partner to keep them from getting so jealous 🙂

What you will find in the package

In the box you’ll find your Womanizer Pro, a satin bag (I liked the box that came with the first series better) a USB charger, two silicone attachments and an instruction manual, but you won’t need it 🙂

A little advice in conclusion

The Womanizer PRO is an orgasm machine. You’ll have it fast, it’ll be powerful and it can be multiple. But I miss the male element of it. So if you’re like me, allow your partner to control you with the Womanizer. You will experience the best orgasm of your life😉



The strength of the vacuum on the clitoris Price - but the investment is worth it
Charging via microUSB
Yes, I'm repeating myself, but the orgasm repeats itself too 🙂
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
Sexshop.cz Sexíčekshop.cz Růžovýslon.cz
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Your opinions 14 opinions

It’s luxurious!!!! Unfortunately I have a problem…. it chewed my charger!! Now the problem is where to get a new one

Problem? The charger is a standard microUSB – you can get it in any online/offline electro for around 100 CZK.

Have a peaceful and nerveless holiday and lots of orgasms 🙂

I can’t let him go. Best money spent, really. Go for it. 😀

Thank you for your feedback – even after a long time since the review, we stand by our statement: it’s worth it!

Yesterday I participated in the Ladies’ Ride, during which we were shown the “Casanova” – on one side a vibrator, on the other side the principle of the womanizer (i.e. a silicone sock). The advantage of the toy was that it can be used “both ways” and the suction itself can be combined with the vibration. Plus the suction has several modes, which do not differ in intensity but in frequency. I have a Satisfyer at home which has the suction frequency the same, only the intensity is selected within the + and – modes, and since I was touching the womanizer in the sex shop, I guess it had a similar one. Do you know if the newest type now also has different modes for frequency (i.e. not just “ta-ta-ta”, but also “ta-tata-ta-tata” and “taaa-taaa” etc. :-)), or a combination with vibration? Because in this respect I found Casanova ingenious, even at a relatively affordable price, the only drawback for me was the lack of a waterproof guarantee, which even Satisfyer already has. However, compared to the S. very pleasant suction (since I compared the S. with the Womanizer, it’s really heaven and smoke, and if someone hesitates and has the money for it, I recommend going for the Womanizer), so except for the waterproofness all pluses :-). But I keep telling myself that if the new Womanizer could do the same thing, I’m going to break the piggy bank and play it safe.

Have a nice day, thanks for the feedback for sure 🙂 We’re getting more and more experiences from W. owners that if someone doesn’t want to save on themselves, they should go straight to Womanizer and not to competing pieces.

And does the new Womanizer also have different modes or does it just regulate the intensity? I was intrigued by this + the combination with vibrations on the Casanova, I don’t know that with the Satisfyer :-).

It has 8 modes of intensity – it doesn’t have vibrations, it’s only the newer model that we’ll be testing in November that has them (in the beginning no one thought to combine clitoral pulses with vibrations yet – it’s only in the last 2 months or so).

Well, I’m looking forward to the review ;-).

If you get your hands on the Casanova, I’d be quite interested in a review of it. But the downside is that it’s not widely available and can only be ordered as part of the Ladies Ride :-/.

We’re curious too, we haven’t had much of a chance to really get to know each other yet 🙂

It doesn’t work on me 🙁

Wow, we haven’t heard that yet – you’re not going to do it at all? Or fast? And how about in regular sex/masturbation? Do you cum just fine?

I have this problem I’ve never had an orgasm, I’m 24 years old, it’s always like close but like my head always blocks it, do you think a womanizer would help with breaking the ice? 🙂 thanks for the answer

Have a nice day,

it’s possible, but in our experience it’s always helped more to explore, to watch your body’s reactions, to learn what turns you on the most. Orgasms from Womanizer are quite strong and sudden, but what we have from testers are also so synthetic and unchanging. That is, unless a partner or lover joins in with the teasing and peppers it with their efforts and takes it to the next level.

I’ve had it for a few years now and we take it everywhere with us I like to use it most during intercourse, a much better dimension than clitoral teasing alone

For several years now? You must have the older generation – anyway, thanks for the feedback 🙂

I have one at home but I don’t have a counterpart, there’s not one who wants to be a guinea pig 🙂
we will try it together and maybe we will be together until death 🙂 get in touch, I am 40 years old, non-smoker, Central Bohemia 🙂

Interesting way to brand :)) keep it up!

Today I bought it, within 20min 3 orgasms (2 of them wet).In 2h I had 2 more :-D. (I haven’t had as many orgasms all last week as today). I guarantee an orgasm factory…I don’t regret the money


I’m so glad you like Womanizer… for me it is one of the best toys I have 🙂

I first bought the Womanizer for my beloved about a year and a half ago I love erotic toys I have tried quite a few different mini vibrators classic vibrators and so I was determined to try this one as well having tried 1 after 1. So I reconsidered and stopped using vibrators today when I want to use an erotic toy I don’t use any other than the Womanizer about a week ago I bought my own and it is absolutely amazing and yes even on men it really works for me specifically on the tip of the penis and the nipples if you have a partner try it like this maybe it works on him too I usually have orgasms with this toy from 20 seconds max were two minutes and I hold it on purpose it tends to be incredible waterfalls of wetness and screaming

Super tips for using the Womanizer on the acorn – we need to try this right away and let you know! O:) And definitely thanks for the exhaustive toy experience.

Peter the instructions are quite simple you just have to undress because the Womanizer is big and you can’t put it over your shorts in one hand you hold your privates in the other hand you put the handle of the Womanizer on the tip of your penis but you have to hold it at a certain angle where you can feel a gentle growl and at the same time what kind of suction you get and then it just depends on your body structure how it affects you for me it reacts as I described

Thanks for the heads up 🙂 when we have a free moment we’ll go ahead and test what we can!

I personally usually have an orgasm between 20 seconds and a minute but it exhausts me so much that I can only manage one but it’s worth 6 female orgasms so I don’t mind

Unbelievable speed 🙂 This would probably be good for a separate article/instruction.

dear Peter it is ideal to use it on the tip of the penis and I warn you not to give up it is necessary to find the right place further I warn it is better to either have your own handle or better to cum somewhere else it is better than risking anything

Thanks for the heads up 🙂 I won’t miss it.

I bought it today and within half an hour I had cum 4 times, I always orgasmed within a minute! I must add that the last two were wet! And I didn’t know I could do that 😀

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m so glad you’re happy with Womanizer 🙂

Ta cenovka je dost krutá bohužel – na to si asi neušetřím. Tak třeba ježíšek 😀

Dík za test – více takových…

Dobry den,prosim kdy mam poprve novy womanizer nabit??Az se UPNE vybije a nebo kdyz uz blika kontrolka? Ma to nejaky vliv na prstroj?(vetsinou se vse zpocatku nabiji az pri uplnem vybiti…). Diky za info

Hezký den,

úplně nový womanizer bychom nabili až poté, co bychom ho dostali na 0 = díky tomu by se správně měla naformátovat baterie a nemělo by docházet ke ztrátě kapacity.

No cenovka je dost solidně vražedná… Tak to si budu muset počkat až do Vánoc 😀

Vypadá hezky a lákavě, velikostí do kabelky, ale orgasmus do dvou minut…tak rychle? Tomu se mi moc nechce věřit. V čem je lepší než vibrátor? A co má vibrace? Jsem jen zvědavá 🙂 Díky

Vibrace Womanizer nemá, jsou to speciální pulzy – zobáček nasává klitoris v takové frekvenci, že chvílemi máte pocit, že to vrní, navíc to probíhá pod tlakem, takže se klitoris výrazně prokrví a vy jste tak daleko citlivější 🙂 Já osobně jenom s vibrátorem orgasmus nemám (potřebuju k tomu právě stimulaci klitorisu). Takže pro mě je Womanizer lepší v tom, že se zaměřuje právě na to nejcitlivější místo 🙂 Je to specifická hračka, kterou ocení především ženy klitoriálně vzrušivé. A pokud jde o ten orgasmus do dvou minut – ani já tomu nevěřila, dokud jsem to nezažila 😉 Několikrát se mi také stalo, že to trvalo déle, ale silný orgasmus, který se dostaví do dvou minut (mnohdy i rychleji), stále vede 🙂

Děkuji za super recenzi, ráda si ho koupím, vyzkouším a pak případně napíšu, jak moc intenzivně jsem s ním to vzrušení a orgasmus cítila já. Je pravda, že klitoriální hračku ještě nemám, takže nemohu porovnávat, vyzkoušela jsem jen několik klasických vibrátorů, ale za zkoušku nic nedám a je pravda, že i já patřím mezi ženy, které jsou na klitorisu hodně citlivé, řekla bych že ještě více než vaginálně 🙂 A hnedka je tip na vánoční dárek…sama sobě 🙂

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