We have tested several hobbies (or masturbators if you want) from Tenga in our editorial office. From the cheapest and smallest Eggs, to the classic Deep Throat Classics, 3D variants, the great Flip Lite and the great Flip Hole. Everything has evolved, changed and moved on to something else over the years.

And the result of that (from our testers’ point of view) 8-year anabasis is today’s reviewed Tenga Flip Hole 0, or “zero”. It’s called Zero because it’s been redesigned from a complete 0. They’ve taken everything they’ve learned over the last 10 years and built a toy tailored for modern men.

Japanese minimalism we love so much

The packaging is very simple and minimalist – we love that the toy itself is both itself and the case. Here in the base, there’s a hidden instruction manual and also a dose of lube gel, so you don’t have to wait for anything and can test it out.

For a better experience (as with any artificial vagina) we recommend pre-heating with some heating “bazmek” – we’ve already tested the BOOM Warmer and Fleshlight Warmer. Each of them fulfills its function, although the second one is more comfortable. Plus you can experiment with cool and warm gels to spice things up even more.

An unrealistic erotic toy for men…

If you’re not familiar with the wankers from Japan’s Tenga, you might be surprised to know that the creature doesn’t mimic a girl’s mouth, her vagina or a fairy’s ass. And neither do their male counterparts. It’s simply a round hole, behind which sharper eyes can see an inner lining of transparent silicone. Hints of the inner structure are also spectacularly visible from the outside, where it shines through around the hips.

What’s new?

How is it different from the original “turning hole” or Flip Hole version? It’s noticeably more flexible, thanks to the fact that the body is made of solid ABS plastic, but only in the form of solid sidewalls on the left and right. The top and bottom (looking into the opening) are pure silicone, so extremely soft and flexible. So super responsive to your squeeze.

And it has a special hole at the inlet to prevent lube leakage during thrusting. Gentlemen, if you have any wankers, you know it’s a pain in the ass when they “drool” on you like that. Unfortunately, more gel ensures more slip and therefore more pleasure for us. And this 0 has solved that for us perfectly.

Opens like a flip phone

In short, it’s another larger model wanker for the curious gentlemen who don’t need the hyper, extra realistic look of a toy, but just need pure “performance”. That is, a fun, different and powerful orgasm. And more of them.

Find out how much the Tenga Flip Hole Zero costs

And they will appreciate the main assets of the “flip” design, i.e. great cleaning. This time, it is secured on the side by a plastic clasp, which is held on the silicone center thanks to simple but solid rails. These are easy to slide out of the toy.

VIDEO – Official from Tenga

Here, for us, is probably the weakest link in the whole toy. Actually, maybe the only downside. Namely, the small serrated hinges that hold the rail together when you remove the thick sidewall.

They come apart by gently prying the two pieces apart. On their own, when they break, they don’t damage anything. It’s just the strong side clasp that will hold the chase. But you’ll know they’re there. So be considerate of them.

When you remove the clasp, you just have a silicone sleeve in front of you. When you open it up, you have an incredible view of a bizarre internal structure full of grooves, beads, protrusions… Check out the surrounding photos or the unboxing video = it will give you a better idea of what awaits your sensitive glans and the whole penis.

The inside could be construed from the video as a variant suitable for the mouth of a toothy Alien. However, one of the performances is called the Ripple Dome… I’m sure you know how Ripley turned out, but thankfully this little critter doesn’t bite at all. It just slides and teases. In a way no woman can (sorry ladies, but you can’t beat that).

How do you clean and dry it?

Honestly, we haven’t had a better designed toy in the editorial office – that is, from the line of erotic fuck toys for men. After playing:


  • you remove the plastic clasp from the sides,
  • open 0 wide,
  • the bottom hinges hold it in place.
  • flush every crease thoroughly with water,
  • and place the sides up (in a V) on the foot of the cover.

This has the perfect round shape with raised sides, so the Zero chaser fits right in there, which is perfectly open, the water is able to evaporate upwards, and what runs down gets into the little groove in the lid. Someone’s been thinking about this for a long time.

Total Rating

We have pretty big drawers under our bed full of boxes for sex toys. They can hold dozens of toys, but we always purge our erotic assortment when the best one in a given segment arrives.

And this wanker has ensured the certain death of 3 toys from earlier. They just didn’t stand a chance and had to leave the house. Stimulating internal texture, great finger squeeze pressure control and easy cleaning and drying (it’s a really big asset). If you gents should own even a single strap-on toy, have this one.

And we’re sending this message out to the ladies too… Give the Flip 0 to your men… along with a pair of VR goggles and some porn videos… we trust they’ll have no reason (or power) to trade you for another.



Full silicone insert with hinge retention We expect less lifetime of the side mini-pants
Inner protrusions
Simple vacuum regulation by pressing the sides
The toy is also the packaging
Great cleaning and drying
Intense orgasms
And even more orgasms
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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Hi, I bought a Tenga Flip Hole Zero… I have read that JP guarantee quality to 35 uses, just an aside. It’s a quality product that will guarantee a perfect experience but, as a downside, I consider that it is not heated. The heating stick sucks. In a water bath it can be heated, only, before you wipe everything properly, the temperature + lube is lowered and the Tenga is only warm for a short time. There are 2pcs of small very strong magnets hidden inside the foot and I happened to have them peel off the plastic where they were attached with silicone and now the U profile doesn’t hold the inner part, so when using the smaller inner part of the U profile stays attached to the solid and the larger U profile slides out… If it didn’t say made in Japan, I would have thought it was from China. Sticking the magnets in the right place ( where?) will not be easy at all, if not impossible. Ps.: I would add pics, but there’s no place.

Hello, we agree that any artificial vagina without heating is not perfect – for us, it is ideal to have an electric heater – specifically our tested s you can write here. With these, the experience is multifold better and also the heat distribution in the vagina is more even and sensible. Unfortunately, the problems you describe have eluded us and the wanker still serves the same as it did at the time of the review itself.


I would like to get my first toy of this type and based on your reviews I am considering between the Fleshlight Flight Pilot and the Tenga Flip Hole 0 (ZERO). The treatment method is probably not a priority (it will be a casual toy), I’m more concerned with sensation and authenticity.

Thanks for the insights and good luck!

Hi, if you want authenticity, go for a realistic casting – like Ana Foxxx. Downright about the feel, I would opt for Flip Hole ZERO because it is definitely distinctive and intense. Flight Pilot is the imaginary middle of the trio, with an unrealistic entry, which may be a plus for some, but the inner lining is again very nice.

Ultimately, all 3 are for us the imaginary pinnacle of what the erotic industry has to offer, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. So it will be more about, say, appearance preferences. Cleaning is of course many times easier and quicker with the Tenga as it doesn’t need to be powdered.

Have a nice day,

Good day. Thank you for the review. I would like to ask for a comparison with the fleshlight. We have it at home, but I don’t use it often because of the laborious cleaning and powdering. In the case of tengy, it is not an option. Could we subjectively compare the quality of the pad with the fleshlight?

Have a nice day,

…the liner is very different, slippery and slippery after it’s been lubricated. The Fleshlight lightly scrubs like a human body – the transparent silicone is softer and softer to the touch, while the Real Feel from FL is firmer to the touch and has a denser texture. For cleaning, the Tenga is definitely brilliantly crafted, that’s the main advantage for us, and admittedly the main advantage should be the experience (which is great with both masturbators), but the cleaning thing just might put some people off (as you can see – the powder on the FL is a nuisance).

Thank you very much and yes your reviews are really beneficial.As the first, your site, already some year ago, discovered my wife, at first I was skeptical, I took it as an advertisement for the goods (I did not study it as closely as my wife 🙂 ), but then, when my wife, according to your reviews, was shopping and the products really worked and satisfied friends and colleagues of my wife (to whom your reviews, my wife forwarded) so I believed and I did the right thing.

Thank you for your work,perseverance.True reviews on not exactly the cheapest goods,are certainly rare.Yet you provide them all for free.It’s nice,that even nowadays,there are people who help others selflessly.

Otherwise TENGA-Masturbation-Reusable-Masturber-TFZ-001 my wife found here.

Have a nice day,

thank you for the additional compliments and the addition of the review. Anyway, we won’t make a saint out of ourselves because our project earns its keep – we’ve described how in a special article on partnership.

I wanted to buy the product according to your review, but then I read a few reviews on Amazon and I am in doubt.I wonder how long you tested the product?In the reviews on Amazon are repeated opinions that it is a waste of money, that the product breaks down after a few days.
Earlier,according to your reviews,I was buying for my wife and me,or both at the same time and I always had to admit that your reviews are true,of course,I was not a pensioner yet,today I would not like to spend two thousand for something that would break immediately.

Can you advise me?Thank you.

Have a nice day,

We’ve been testing the Flip O for about 2 months – during that time we’ve had maybe 30 times? Honestly we didn’t count, but we did spend quite a bit of time on it because the design is specific.

For us, it has a downside in the tiny hinges that hold the toy inside the plastic frame – as we wrote in the review. But that the chaser should completely fall apart, we can’t think of how. And the weakest point is definitely the silicone to abs plastic joint at the mouth, but even after 2 months of normal use we don’t see any wear and tear – we can photograph or film those individual spots for you to see the condition.

Depends how many reviews and if they were original Tengas. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has faked them – much like historically Fleshlights.

Of course, if you’re already worried, you’d probably have them for the entire time you were using the toy, and that’s not an emotion you want to associate with these particular toys. So you’re better off choosing one of our TOP men’s wankers.

Anyway, in hindsight, thank you for trusting us before and it has always turned out well 🙂 We take a lot of care in our tests, we’ve been here for over 8 years and we want to be here for another 8 at least.

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