Today’s review starts with a paraphrase of the famous quote, “there are never enough vibrating heads. It may be that you only need one of very high quality, and most of the time that’s true, but this time we have a piece in the test that will blow the others away.

PalmPower Massage Heads in Detailed Review

And it’s not just the price, but the uses it offers. Which one is it exactly? The legendary PowerBullet/Palmpower head with 2 sets of attachments – we’ve unfairly neglected it, but that’s been rectified.

Unboxing video:

What actually makes this slim and paradoxically small head different? Mainly – it doesn’t have battery charging or replaceable batteries. This may seem like a disadvantage, but:

  • you’ll never run out of juice at the best of times,
  • you don’t have to change batteries,
  • significantly higher performance compared to battery versions,
  • lifetime is longer because of it.

You may be wondering, what about safety and ease of use? We certainly wouldn’t try the whole thing in the bath (at least like any hairdryer), but otherwise it’s completely safe to use. And thanks to the longer-than-average power cord (2.5 METERS!!!), you’re not restricted by the power supply either. All you need is a suitably positioned mains plug and you’re in blissful comfort.

How does it actually operate?

Minimalism rules the world (and thank goodness for that) – you’ll only find 1 button. Press the head to turn it on, hold the button to increase the vibrations to the max. When you stop pushing, the vibrations stay at that intensity. A short press turns the vibrator/massage head off and you are ready to go again.

Find out the current price of this massage head

Why is that? When playing, massaging,stimulating the vagina, etc., you generally start off light and the closer you get to climax, you naturally turn up the vibrations to make the build-up as strong and fast as possible. And the whole PalmBullet head control is tailored to this = detail on functionality is always appreciated 🙂

What’s waiting for you in the package?

Vibrating head with 1 interchangeable cap, AC 220V/9V charger with 4 interchangeable plugs (European, Asian, … – perfect for an exotic holiday ;)) and instructions for use. Not that you need one then. We’re just missing the packaging for the toy itself – of course it would have to hold the charger as it’s not an integral part. So you have to either keep the toy in its original plastic blister pack (you can), or buy a pouch – we have the tried and tested almost indestructible tyvek ones from Fun Factory (more in an earlier review).

5 different heads that will destroy you

What else is this head good at? You can buy 2 sets (2 each = PalmBody and PalmSensual) of interchangeable heads/sets to go with it. You won’t find that with other pieces. So your clitoris, clit, G-spot, anus and other erogenous zones will enjoy their own. The shapes and sizes are so very imaginative that we certainly haven’t found all the positions and practices that can be done with them.

A few numbers:

  • 19 total length,
  • 3.5 cm head diameter,
  • 5 different heads (1 basic + 4 purchasable).

We recommend you add these attachments directly to the head – unfortunately you never know when they will fall out of stock = and not many other e-stores in the country offer them either. It would be a shame to lose them. They are the spice for an already strong and interesting head…

Add to that the very flexible neck that connects the body of the head to the vibrating “head” itself – it bends slightly when the head is pressed, so it always ideally transmits the vibrations to the body without unnecessary pushing.

Summary = result of our review/test

In a nutshell – the head is priced at about 1700 Kč, very pleasant to the touch (the velvety softness of ABS plastic without phthalates and any harmful substances) and with 4 purchasable attachments that will take the place of any vibrator.

If you want to enjoy a lot of music for little money and don’t have any other head, this is the obvious choice. Even if you had another head, the 4 additional attachments make it a solid vibrating cannon. Not just for the clitoris, but for female G-spot or male prostate = that’s a strong offering 🙂

Tried and tested for you – you can’t go wrong with this piece



Great power Mains power (this is both a plus and a minus)
Tiny size It has no packaging for storage
4 purchasable handles
Free of phthalates and other harmful substances
2.5 m long power cord
Silicone headers
Simple operation
Not just for sex play
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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Your opinions 3 opinions

Can I buy a separate charger for this head?

No matter how we searched – we couldn’t find it in CZ – only on Amazon. So either a complaint (after how long did it break down – and how?) or a handy electrician.

We have been very happy with this massage head for about 1/2 year.
Unfortunately it stopped working and since we didn’t put the block away, I decided to take it apart and find out the cause.
The torque transfer through that swing neck is handled by a steel spring and that is the weakness of this product – a better solution would have been a fixed lug at the expense of the swing ..
Despite this weakness I recommend you buy it / we are going to buy it again / but in case it breaks down, don’t disassemble it but claim it with a tax deferred receipt .

Have a nice day,

thank you very much for your feedback! Luckily we haven’t encountered this problem, she’s holding solid so far (and that we’re giving her what she’s got). I definitely wouldn’t disassemble and claim it right away either. We got from the dealer that it’s one of the least complained about pieces, so hopefully the problem doesn’t manifest itself too often. Alternatively, claim it and you’ll probably get a new one.

Do you happen to know if the rechargeable version is as strong?

Thank you

I would say that the rechargeable version is about the same strength – unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to compare them directly. Anyway, when I first held it in my hand, I was very surprised at its strength (I almost couldn’t believe that such a thing was even possible). So if there was a difference, it would be really slight 🙂

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