This product is a really great idea, it is basically a three in one. What does Satisfyer do? First of all it serves as a small vibrator, secondly it tightens the vagina and thirdly it massages the clitoris. It does all of this to a tee, but when it comes to everything at once, you start to hesitate a bit as to whether this great idea also has great uses.

The toy is literally beautiful

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at the gadget in more detail. In terms of design, the toy is literally beautiful. It’s inviting to look at, it’s made of nice and soft silicone, and it simply captivates. The control buttons are placed really handily, always at hand. A separate chapter is the charging of the built-in battery.

On the body of the product there is no connector, only two tiny metal “buttons”, to which you just need to attach the charging cable, because the connection is provided by a magnet. The reason for this method of charging is that, as mentioned in the enclosed instructions, the product is waterproof. Even the user is directly encouraged to try it in the bath or shower. Perhaps needless to say, cleaning is absolutely trouble-free thanks to this fact.


He proved himself in the pre-game

In terms of actual use, the Satisfyer performed well in foreplay. After inserting it into the vagina and attaching the suction cup part to the clitoris, we started testing the different modes. Sucking the clitoris with pressure pulses was handled by the device to a tee, and my wife commented that to get properly turned on, she only needed a moment with this thing, even on the lowest power. The degrees are a total of 11 and it has to be said that it is a pretty powerful “pump”, as I experienced when I put my finger to the suction cup.

Vibration Programs The product has a total of 10, but honestly, this is where the lovers of stronger vibrations will come into their own. We found even the weakest mode perhaps too strong and in the end its intensity completely drowned out all the efforts of the suction part. The too high power output was also reflected in the noise level. Although the manufacturer writes that the device has a quiet operation, I really cannot confirm this claim, rather the opposite.

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Not just for solo play?

The intended use, however, is not during masturbation, but during sex. The vibrator part is fortunately relatively narrow, so I fit next to it without any problems. The feeling wasn’t bad at all, and in the first moments after plugging it in, we recognized that this thing is really a great idea.

The question, however, is how to keep the Satisfyer in place. Sucking the clitoris alone is not nearly enough to keep it staying and not moving. If you want to have sex with it, you need someone to hold it. Also, say goodbye to the idea of bodies pressed tightly together, the Satisfyer will simply and easily get in the way and push. So you won’t enjoy wilder sex with this device and one of you will have at least one hand occupied at all times.

How did we enjoy the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples the most?

As a result, we found the device to be more of a masturbation toy. As such, my wife praises it highly and declares that she is happy to include it in foreplay. Unfortunately, however, the original intended use has remained a great idea that has run into technical problems, the solution to which is not entirely convenient and practical. However, those who don’t mind the necessity of holding on and want rather slower sex in a not quite standard position will enjoy it.



Design It is necessary to hold it during sex
Pleasant material Noisier
Excellent clitoral suction
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