In the world of sex toys, Satisfyer toys are a relatively new thing. They have come to the market in style and the enthusiastic response has not been long in coming. For many of us, this alleged miracle is still an unexplored dimension of erotic play. Is it just an inflated bubble or a real treat that must not be missed in our bedrooms?We chose this piece for review/test on sex shop Růžový

A look of luxurious sensuality

The first time I saw the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, I had one thought: it’s so sleek! It looks very sensual, mysterious, passionate and innocent. The colour scheme of muted black with gold trim evokes an atmosphere of secret irresistibility. The pleasant feeling is emphasised by its soft, silky matt finish, which, together with the “just right” size, makes it very comfortable to hold.

For handbag and suitcase

It must be allowed to live up to its Pro Traveler name – its size and overall craftsmanship are attributes that make it the perfect travel companion. I especially appreciate its closability solution – so you don’t have to worry about how to specially secure it, or what to store and pack it in should you want to take it on a trip.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler consists of two parts – the toy itself and the lid, which snaps together with a magnet. The magnetically designed charger also comes with a classic USB cable, eliminating the worry of sourcing batteries and making charging completely hassle-free.

What is it like?

Its waterproof feature is definitely worth mentioning, so if you like to indulge in pleasure in the shower, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler will be right there with you!

The disappointment for me was the promised silence. It’s true that at the first two vibration levels, the toy is still fairly quiet when attached to the clitoris, but that changes dramatically with higher vibration levels. So if you want to keep your play discreet, don’t want to save this companion for times when no one is in the next room.

A few numbers

  • Length of cover: 9.5 cm
  • Width of cover: 4.5 cm
  • Diameter of suction section: 2 cm
  • Number of suction intensity levels: 11
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Power duration per charge: approx. 4 hours



The principle of control is really simple – there are two symbols on the body of this toy – plus and minus. Longer hold of the “plus” button to turn the device on and off. Pressing the “plus” button for a shorter period of time adds to the intensity of the vibrations, while the “minus” button reduces the intensity. Since the buttons are located below the surface and are not protruding in any way, handling them can be difficult in places (especially for women with longer nails:)

Focused on the clitoris

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is used by applying it to the clitoris. It’s definitely not one of the multi-use toys, and doesn’t offer room to experiment by trying out what interesting things you can conjure up with it on different parts of your body. It is purely designed to pamper your clitoris.

Customized Experience

Its great advantage is that it is made, I am not afraid to say, for every woman. The range of vibrations is very varied. It starts at really subtle vibrations that are barely noticeable. So gentle are the first two vibration levels, which introduce you to the new sucking sensation in a pleasant and non-violent way.

Although these vibrations are very gentle indeed, I appreciate this slight intensity more than if the first stage was straight up stronger suction. The third level of intensity of vibration is already more tantalizing and exciting. Up to the sixth degree, the intensity increases smoothly and steadily.

For beginners and demanding experts

From the sixth degree onwards, the difference in vibration is almost imperceptible for me. It has to be said, however, that I only explored the higher suction intensity, up to the final eleventh degree, on my finger, as the higher degrees of vibration from the middle onwards are kind of too much for me on the clitoris, the arousal disappears below them and a rather unpleasant pounding sensation comes in.

However, I don’t perceive this circumstance negatively, on the contrary I appreciate it very much – we are all different and each clitoris pleases something different. That’s why I find the Satisfyer Pro Traveler ideal with its wide range of action, thanks to which women of diverse needs and passions can fall in love with it.

I have no doubt that if you play with it quietly, you will soon find out how to experience an orgasm in a way that is impossible to experience otherwise, thanks to this charming toy. So strong>let’s get to exploring!


The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a pleasurable toy that will definitely bring you a lot of unique pleasure. Women who love to stir the clitoris in a variety of intense ways will find it very satisfying. If you are deciding to buy a toy of this type, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is definitely a good choice.



Beautiful look Noisy
Fits perfectly in the hand More difficult to manipulate buttons
Practical and fast charging The second half of the suction intensity is almost uniform
Ideal for travel
Wide range of vibrations
A pleasant experience
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Wow, you made me happy with this review. It’s waiting for me at the post office right now. I have a womanizer PRO and was looking for something smaller for travel. 🙂

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