The combination of clitoral pressure and vibrator sounds like a brilliant idea that could satisfy like 99% of women. Theoretically, it’s a real bombshell, but what’s the reality?

One of the brands that makes this toy is Satisfyer. I’m personally quite skeptical of their pieces (they’ve always disappointed me more than pleased me), but for some reason I always give them another chance.

I was really looking forward to testing the Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit. Finally there was something that I (as a die-hard vibrator opponent) could enjoy and find satisfying:)

Box, open up!

I would have preferred to skip the Satisfyer packaging and not even mention it. A paper box would still be fine. The design is simple and looks good. Worse is the transparent blister inside. I know you don’t buy a toy because of the packaging, plus Satisfyer is one of the cheaper toys, so fancy packaging isn’t really to be expected, but I was still pretty disappointed when unboxing. Anyway, the box and the blister pack flew immediately into the trash.

In all the photos I saw while reviewing, the Rabbit looked really luxurious – the combination of white silicone and ABS plastic in rose gold is really hilarious – at least in the photos.

Is looks that important?

In real life, the design looks a bit cheap. The pieces could fit together better and the controls could be less jerky – but more on that later. But I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the silicone, it was soft, smooth and kind of silky. It’s true that I’m familiar with similarly velvety surfaces and I love to cuddle with them, but these are usually more expensive toys.


The big problem I had was with the controls. I knew the Rabbit had two motors – one for the clitoral part and one for the vibrator. Intuitively, one can deduce which knob controls a particular motor. The white buttons control the clitoral part and the bottom button is for the vibrator motor. The latter is quite difficult to turn on though.

I even thought I had a broken piece the first time I used it and the vibrator didn’t work. Luckily (and purely by accident while searching for the right position), I managed to press the button enough and the vibrator turned on. I was a little scared at first, but then I liked it 😀

So now we’re off to test it

Shape-wise – whether we talk about the length or the thickness of the vibrator – I have nothing to complain about. It fits beautifully, the vibrations are relatively intense (but pleasant), and it’s also pretty flexible, making it fairly easy to manipulate and find the most ideal spot.

Sleepy clitoris due to laziness

Unfortunately, all of these features are completely useless to the vibrator, as the manufacturers have attached a completely motorless part to it for the clitoris. The latter is actually inflexible and I don’t know about others, but it doesn’t fit me proportionally at all.

In other words, I can get pleasure from a vibrator, or from sucking on my clitoris. Combining both requires a bit of contortion to find the right position. I have found, after much exploration in various positions, that FOR ME it’s best when I’m lying on my stomach with my hip area padded with a pillow.

The second way to play with Rabbit is in the presence of a partner. The partner has a better angle and can manipulate the Rabbit better. All you have to do is relax and let yourself be taken to heaven.

There is room for improvement

Rabbit is supposed to be quiet, but I’ve tried quieter toys. I can’t say that he makes any noise, but it took me a while to get used to the noise.

I would still criticize the “bunny” for the shape of the attachment on the clitoris. It’s too small for my taste and can’t suck the clitoris properly. It does create some vacuum, but I think it could do better.

Lovers of many programs are guaranteed to come into their own as the Rabbit offers 11 programs for the vibrator motor and 10 for the clitoral stimulator. Well, against my taste… that’s too much for me. With just a few changes I stop feeling the difference, it just starts to blend in.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind that so much, I see the control as the bigger problem – you have to press the buttons quite hard (especially the one to control the vibrator) and even that doesn’t guarantee that the motor will turn on. And when you’re lying on your stomach (I haven’t tried it much in other positions), the buttons are really stupid and pretty clumsy to operate.

Charging is a must

Charging is classic magnetic. The Rabbit charges fairly quickly, and for my taste it also lasts a long time, which is great – because I’m forever forgetting to charge my toys, and quite often they run out of power at the best of times 😀

To buy or not to buy?

I will admit without torture that Satisfyer is not one of my favorite brands and I prefer to pay more and buy a more expensive competitor. But with the “bunny” they have corrected their reputation a bit. In my opinion, it’s a hilarious toy that does have a few flies, but for the price it sells for, it’s a good buy. And if you’re thinking of buying it, go for it!



Price The shape of the clitoral stimulator (and its inflexibility)
Two motors (which are controlled separately) Slightly cheaper look
The shape of the vibrator Too many programs for my taste (could be a plus)
Waterproof Controlling
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