As far as Venus balls are concerned, this is a rather special category of sex toys. Their primary purpose is not to achieve orgasm, they have underlying health benefits, you usually hardly feel them when wearing them, and yet they are so strongly associated with female pleasure. How so? The Lelo Luna Noir beads are the materialized explanation.

Balls under the magnifying glass

The processing of the marbles is well thought out. These are two separate marbles, one of which has a string on it for easy handling. The third part is the connecting part which makes the marbles form a single unit. This way, you can either wear both beads as a whole or just take one, depending on your taste.

Video of the unboxing:


What I really appreciate about the balls is their easy maintenance, as the surface of the balls and the connecting part is smooth and easy to clean. The big problem with the balls is the string, which is often porous and therefore a cosy nest for bacteria and unwanted invisible guests. With the Lelo Luna Noir balls, the manufacturer states that it is a hygienic drawstring.

Find out how much the Lelo Luna Noir Venus Balls cost

Give the balls away!

Gentlemen beware! Would you like to delight your partner with a ticklish surprise, but you’re not sure how she’ll react? If you don’t know yourself that well in this regard and want to experiment a bit, you might be wondering – what would make her happy?

  • Surface: smooth
  • Size: 75 x 30 x 10 mm
  • Ball: 29 mm
  • Weight: 2 x 37 grams
  • Two in one – literally!

What’s exciting and what’s no longer appropriate? Or maybe you have been with your partner for a long time and want to show her that she is unique to you with an elegant and sensual gift – in that case, direct your attention to the Lelo Luna Noir Beads.

Breakup at first sight

The beads are imbued with a kind of aura of sensuality. The black colour suits them and creates an elegant and mysterious veil that suits the beads and catches the eye.

The overall impression is underlined by the packaging – both the black box and the self-sealing bag for hygienic storage. This combination makes the “ordinary” marbles a very attractive and eye-catching gift. And women, don’t be afraid to give it to yourself too!

Nice and exciting

Lelo Luna Noir beads please not only the eyes, but also the body. They are comfortable during normal wearing, do not press and do not interfere. But at the same time, thanks to the inner balls, you will occasionally feel a wavy and pleasant tickling sensation, which keeps you gently erotic for the duration of the wear. Their smaller size also makes them practical for joint play with a partner.



Pleasant effect Higher price
Hygienic design
Elegant packaging - suitable as a gift
Beautiful design
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How to improve the strength of the pelvic floor so that I can make my partner just with my lap clench and cum?

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There is a way to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles (we have written a guide to it here using Kegel exercises. With these exercises, it is possible to achieve a conscious control over the squeeze of your vagina and thus to “massage” and squeeze your partner.

In ancient India, this teaching and specific strengthening was practiced in the Kama Sutra – apart from the exercises, they used specific weights and “dumbbells” for strengthening – they also have a modern equivalent in the form of vaginal dumbbells and benwa balls. It was under one of these that you posted your comment.

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