The ladies will be cheering because today we have a review of an exclusively female toy. One that they will appreciate when strengthening the vaginal floor – the Venus Balls. We’ve reviewed a couple of pieces before (Teneo Duo, Smartballs, Desi Pink) and today we’ll continue. This time we have an upgraded model of Smartballs by German brand Fun Factory.

Let’s start by comparing them to the last generation. The previous one offered a thermoplastic elastomer, which was later replaced with silicone and ABS plastic on the Teneo model. I won’t list the disadvantages of the elastomer (there weren’t many), so it’s great that FF used the tried and true silicone and ABS. So the best materials that don’t cause allergic reactions and are easy to clean. Nothing to fault them.

Smartballs in the video

The new Smartballs resemble the shape of a venus ball that has gone through an aerodynamic tunnel. The surface is smooth, stretched and very soft. Except for the two pink plastic protrusions on each bead, they are smooth. And this is especially appreciated during insertion, which is even easier.

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The beads are connected together with a thicker silicone shank. I haven’t taken them apart with a knife, so I don’t know if they are still connected inside this shank with, for example, a steel bow to ensure maximum non-separation of the beads.

The useful Easy In groove at the end of the second ball probably worked well, so here it is. It serves to easily insert the ball with one finger.

Inside the bottom reinforcement balls are classic steel balls that bump sideways with any movement and create vibrations. There are classic DUO and UNO versions – either double or “single ball”.

The most noticeable change, besides the design, is the size of the single balls– the first in line, which is introduced immediately, is smaller than the second ball. The diameters are as follows:


  • First ball – 3.2 cm
  • Second ball – 3.6 cm

Balls of use

The balls are easier to introduce and the intensity of the vibration is also more different and feelable. For starters, I recommend trying out the balls in the comfort of your own home when aroused. Just walk around the room… For me, the balls had a significant effect on my steps. The buzzing isn’t exactly faint. When you get used to them a bit, try cooking something, for example, or a shorter walk… Suddenly all the movements take on a new dimension:)

The new Smartballs offer significant changes compared to previous generations – jdifferent size, better material and easier insertion. For my part, I can’t think of a better way to improve them. Not to be just enthusiastic, I’ll mention the only drawback, which has to do with the silicone the balls are made of.

It is not suitable to use silicone oils for lubrication on this material. So lubricate (unless you are sufficiently aroused yourself) with water-based gels. But that’s my only complaint – I definitely recommend the beads.



Strong vibrations Water-based gels only
Easy insertion
Easy removal thanks to recess and eyelet
Finer shape
Medical grade silicone
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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