Anal pins are a great thing. The buttocks are very sensitive and by teasing them we can give ourselves twice as much pleasure. The feeling of being filled is also very pleasurable for many, plus for us as ladies to have both holes filled is something great.

Even better if one of them is filled by our dear one, who then has a greater feeling of tightness thanks to the pin and is also much more irritated. And why not pin him too?

Video from the unpacking:

And what else is cool? Venus balls. Super healthy and irritating stuff for us girls. Wearing it supports the pelvic floor, strengthens it, gets blood flowing, and prevents incontinence later in life. Plus, the irritation of the mechanical vibration keeps us more keen and increases our after-play experience.

And what’s the best part? The Annal Venus Balls, or perhaps the Venus pin? Either way, it’s a proper roshambo!

I am absolutely thrilled with this toy!

The B-Balls Duo pin is designed like the old Fun Factory Venus Balls. Two balls connected by the same material, so there is no getting dirty and keeping dirt in the toy. Compared to the classic Venus balls, however, the top one is smaller to make it slide in well, the other ball is a bit bigger. As I wrote before, both balls are connected by the same material they are made of.


  • material: medical grade hypoallergenic matte silicone and ABS plastic,
  • total length: 12.6 cm,
  • smaller bead diameter: 3.2-3.3 cm,
  • larger ball diameter: 3.6-3.7 cm,
  • foot: 5 cm in width and 2.2 cm in diameter
  • weight: 87 grams.
Find out how much double anal balls cost B-Balls

Of course, the same material is used for the foot of the pin. It may seem unnecessary to point this out, but anal beads, which are normally connected by string, are very unhygienic, you basically never clean the string, it holds bacteria, as well as in the inner parts of the beads and in the places attached to the base or ring. Conversely, such pins and balls that are made entirely of one material are much better and more hygienic to maintain.

Directly from the event

So, on to the toy itself. With the use of a little lube, the balls slide in easily, but both need to be lubricated. No need to worry, the joint doesn’t bend and so both balls can be pushed in easily. The fact that the balls are distinctly shaped and that the ball itself is a distinctive shape makes insertion a pleasurable and intense experience, there are no rough grooves to grind or jerk. The foot is narrow and elongated so it doesn’t press anywhere and just fits between the cheeks. So with the pin in place, you can sit comfortably and walk around and no one will notice anything…

The principle of mechanical vibration of the pin, is an absolutely amazing idea. The mechanical vibration is caused by smaller heavy balls inside that rotate with each movement, making the toy “vibrate”. The vibrations are much more pleasant and natural than the classic “battery operated” ones. And that’s great!

But there’s one thing that’s better than the Venus pin itself. Introduce this pin and Venus balls at the same time.

I mean, if you’re a lady, men have to make do with just the pin 😉



Silicone bead connection I just don't have
Completely discreet
Not just for girls
Ideal for outdoor play
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Your opinions 2 opinions

It is a pity that the version with two balls does not have the same foot as the version with one. In the harder and after prolonged wearing pushes. But I’ve seen pictures online of the same heel, which would have been great.

Have a nice day,

thanks for the feedback – we honestly didn’t notice the difference in the variants. We’ll check with the testers at the earliest opportunity, but we could have sworn they were identical. Maybe the manufacturing technology has changed and you have a different batch?

Otherwise, even from a manufacturer’s point of view, we would find it odd that they have multiple types of feet on almost identical products, more likely to be the same due to cost.

The author does not mention any objections, but there are enough users on the Internet who have objections to:
– the small socket on the version with two bullets – there is a risk of it being pushed inwards
– cleaning, because the grooves catch dirt and it is necessary to prepare a brush for this

It would be necessary to work a little on the quality of the review – even such basics as, for example, the material from which the item is made, etc. (that is, if we do not include among the plus points the advantage that it is “Connection of the balls made of silicone”). Basically, I learned how good the anal beads and colic are, but nothing about the product itself.

Fingers crossed for further reviews and just take the criticism as inspiration to improve 🙂

First of all, thank you for your insights.

You’re certainly right in that it would be useful to look at the technical parameters as well, even if mainly just informatively, as the male part of the population and a lot of detail-oriented individuals like to have an overview on this. However, primarily in reviews I try to focus on the utility. Whether the toy is suitable, whether it delivers what it promises, and what can be done with it. Yes us women are not too keen on technical parameters. But let’s face it, if you’re going to get off a rock, you’re not going to care what the rope is made of either, just whether it will hold you. I write reviews in the same spirit, i.e. whether the toy is worth buying.

As a writer, I must first of all point out that I have not found any cons with this toy.
The base of the pin is definitely not small as described in the review, it is narrow and long and “fits between the cheeks”, which is also visible in the photos. If this foot slips inside someone, it’s quite likely that person won’t even get a similar pin because it’s just not enough for them.

As far as cleaning goes, this is one of the things I’m really touchy about and I’m pointing it out. This toy does not have any pronounced grooves that have to be cleaned with a brush, unlike others, there is some molding but it does not hold any dirt, I always hand wash and sanitize the toy after removing it. No brush, no scrubbing. Of course there is at least some basic hygiene needed here, like not letting the toy dry, but washing it right away, and introducing the toy if we are defecating, or using an intimate shower beforehand.

Plus my actual note – after more than two months the toy still does not bind odors.

There’s basically a whole article about the product itself and its use, we learned that it’s all silicone, so one solid material, we learned that it’s a combination of two toys namely the anal plug and the Venus balls – that is, the plug is shaped like two connected balls that mechanically vibrate, which is a more natural irritation for the body that only takes place when moving. That they slide well, the joint doesn’t bend or break, and that they need to be lubricated.

That when introducing this toy, another toy fits inside the woman, that it is very interesting to combine with this toy. And that even a man can finally try all-day teasing, as women have been doing for centuries with Venus balls.

Of course, if you own this toy and have specific experiences with it and know about the shortcomings, I will be glad for this information, because you may have a completely different experience and thus an incentive to focus more on.

Have a nice day,

thank you for your feedback on the review 🙂 Unfortunately, the author is no longer a beginner and I take your point that the review is more experiential than downright exact. But we wouldn’t worry about her opinion, she worked in a sex shop for years, and has reviewed over 25 toys for us alone.

My addition to the review: the material (as is customary with FF) is pure medical grade silicone, and I agree that this type of toy (based on the original shape and design of Smarballs Teneo Duo Venus Balls) can be more problematic to clean due to the grooves.

I would beg to differ on the size of the foot – it is noticeably wide and thick and wider than the largest bottom ball, so if you slip even that, I don’t know what protection there would be against slipping. For me, it’s definitely sufficient as a safety feature.

Overall: You are definitely correct in the bulk of your comment and thanks for the constructive criticism.

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