Did you know that the male “G” point is actually the “P” point? And by that I definitely don’t mean the penis, but the much neglected prostate. I took a look at it with my new friend, the little Duke from Fun Factory.

The prostate is one of the most important glands in the male body. At the same time, it is very sensitive in the most pleasant sense of the word. Yet it is so often overlooked. Why? Maybe because when you say male erogenous zone, most guys just grab the dick. The enlightened ones, however, sit quietly and nod sagely. For they know that the truth is hidden from our eyes. It is inside, and this time not in our hearts, but a little lower down, right between the testicles and the anus.

“O Holy Prostate!”

If I go around for a while and tell you that by stimulating it you do many beneficial things at once, many will only read blablabla… But what you’ll probably find interesting is that one of those things is orgasm, which you can’t know if you’re just chasing your tail like a dog.

Indeed it is. If you overcome the barriers, relax and have that spot massaged by someone close to you, or yourself by someone close to you, before a doctor has to do it under completely different circumstances, then you have a chance to really pleasantly expand your horizons.

3 ways to irritate the male prostate

There are three ways to go about this.

1) The first is the least invasive, and I think most of you know that the perineum area is pleasant to massage during masturbation, oral, or even just rubbing. Those who have made it to second base, however, have probably experienced a straight “home run.”

2) The second method of massage is already internal via anal, finger. The clinical representation looks about like when E. T. called home. But you just need to know where the prostate is and then you can find the right position yourself.

3) The third way to stimulate our “P” point is, in my opinion, the most comfortable, accurate, and doesn’t create as much initial embarrassment because you have the space to play quietly, alone at first, using a toy made just for that purpose. At the same time, this is a key topic which I have explored for you and now let me give you my impressions.

Little Big Helper

When I unpacked the vibrator and held it in my hand for the first time, I felt disappointment. The shape didn’t appeal to me much, the whole thing was so tiny (16,7 Ø 3,7 cm), uninteresting. “Really small for the money”. I’m a sucker for prostate massage, but I thought I was creative enough on my own to have to get some sort of equipment for it, besides my partners. “How foolish I was” I can now add with a smile. Little Duke turned out to be a great help and my new friend.

Find out how much the Duke Anal Prostate Vibrator costs

Feelings and impressions from testing

My initial preconceptions were really more than premature. I gradually came to realize that every part and shape really make sense. For the purpose of massaging the prostate, which the toy does both internally and externally, the decent size is perfectly adequate and actually convenient for travel purposes. I must also appreciate the silicone (neither soft nor hard) design.


But what I want to highlight is the removable vibrating patron with integrated battery, which you can conveniently recharge at any time using the “Click’n’ Charge” cable. This can be plugged into any charger with a USB port. The cable and cartridge are connected by magnets, which makes the cartridge waterproof (but not waterproof) and thus resistant to running water. Really convenient to use and clean afterwards.

The snag comes when you want to take the cartridge out. The vacuum and friction of the two materials make you really sweat. I solved this by lubricating the cartridge a bit with gel before inserting it, but I don’t know if this will harm anything in the future.

“Once you try it, you don’t want it any other way…”

… I wouldn’t say that right away, because before you get used to the unusual shape of the toy, the pressure and vibration on your sensitive prostate, you may have very mixed feelings at first. But give it a moment and be patient. You will soon feel that I am simply “right”.

By the time little Duke has settled in nicely, it’s time to relax and enjoy the adventure.

“The prostate benefits from exercise that allows it to get blood flowing”

Have you ever tried to push through your toes and clench your cheeks when you’re “jerking off” because you know that doing so can make the whole thing more enjoyable and even faster? Then you’ve unknowingly been inflicting prostate pain. Now try doing the same thing to when you have a Duke inside you. You don’t even have to push your toes through, just rock your pelvis back and forth.

Tighten your cheeks as you move forward and loosen back. It’s like you’re landing. To do this, take hold of your manhood and chase and chase until the outside world lights up in a golden glow. When it comes, time doesn’t exist and you’re still long in a blissful spasm…that is, until your roommate knocks on the bathroom door that you’ve been shaving for far too long. 🙂

In closing, I’d like to say “go for it”



Exceptional vibrating part The vibrator is hard to pull out
Waterproof The price may be a deterrent, but the buddy is priceless
Recharging system
Travel size
Vibration intensity
Sufficient selection of mods
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