We don’t see much innovation in the erotic segment anymore. A lot of things have already been invented and if we leave aside the hit of the last few years in the form of Womanizer, there is a real non-innovative drought. Every now and then, however, there is a new piece that combines familiar features, but in a rather odd way.

The Rimming B-Vibe anal rotating pin with remote control is just that. What’s new about this bluish pin of considerable size? In addition to vibration, there’s room inside for a ring of steel beads that rotate beneath the surface. The same feature can be found on the much-loved bead vibrators for women.

Rimming as you don’t know it = from a toy?

And somebody thought that this “swarming” under the surface might appeal to the asshole as well. Here, the rotating beads should simulate rimming, or butt licking. The beads are hidden at the narrowest point of the pin, i.e. between the body itself and the flared base = so that they precisely tease the glans when the pin is inserted.

A few numbers

  • Total length: 15 cm
  • Useable length: 12 cm
  • Minimum diameter: 2.5 cm
  • Maximum diameter: 4 cm
  • Vibration programs: 5
  • Rotation programs: 5


Someone has been thinking about travel and storage

Finally, someone thought that nobody wants to store an expensive sex toy (with accessories) in a fabric case. Here you get a mini case (not unlike the Rimowa brand) where you can fit the pin, charging cable and remote control of the pleasure.

And for travel, the travel lock function is handy, too, which is triggered by a simple 5-second press of the foot to lock the vibe in place. New generations of Fun Factory vibrators have a similar feature, and hopefully it will appear more often. Thumbs up to the B-Vibe team!

Find out how much the B-Vibe Anal Vibrator costs

The easy charging option is also a positive – the inspiration is clear, but it doesn’t matter at all that the Rimming Pin has a magnetic charger with USB plug. So you can charge on the go and at home quietly from your computer (just beware of the proximity of the webcam, it’s quite tempting to produce with the pin plugged in, … well, especially me). The 2 hour charge to full capacity is also a plus. So you don’t have to wait long until your next ass ride.

Purely from a deep charge

Quite a big piece, but just a little help jerking off, gel and you’re already growling inside me. At first glance I was startled by its hardness, but in the flesh it ends up being quite pliable and you don’t feel like it’s pushing you unnecessarily. But it also doesn’t fill out that well, some latex inflatable plugs serve better here. The foot is quite wide, so it definitely won’t slip – I shouldn’t need to mention this, but some cheaper butt plugs can.

The controls are pretty simple – you deal with intensity/programs and rotating the pearls in the taper of the pin.

I’ll admit without torture that at first, I didn’t see the rotation of the pearls as something significant that would secure the B-Vibe the title of best anal toy of the year (although a similar award was indeed won by the B-Vibe). The pearls lose a lot in the strength of the vibrations, so you will enjoy them the most at weaker vibrations. There they are much more interesting and you have more opportunity to feel them rotating and massaging.

The use of unconventional battery size in the control is a pity – if the toy costs x thousand and the pin has a magnetic charger, why on earth didn’t they put the same magnetic contacts in the controller? WHAT and WHAT were they thinking when they came up with this? I’m sure they were thinking of some assholes and piggy banks, or they would have figured it out.

How I rate it after a month of playing and training

B-Vibe has gone to a lot of trouble with this pin, you can feel the solid care taken over the material, shape, bead spinning and packaging. But little things around the battery or the volume of the rotation spoil my enjoyment a bit.

Plus I definitely have to mention that it’s not a pint-sized crumb. For a beginner, it’s not going to be much. This is true for men, women have a much more relaxed pelvic area in my experience and the ass will happily come anything without too much trouble.

Personally, if I had to pick a single butt plug on the market, it would be the “caressing” B-Vibe Rimming. But I will point out that it doesn’t have much luxury competition on the market either.



Pure silicone Classic battery in control
Bead rotation in the foot Louder than we'd like
Remote control
Luxury harder packaging
Magnetic charger
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good evening,can I ask if how much rimming b-vibe is really that great,I’m considering buying some toys so I’ll go for it
and what lube do you think is best for anal?

Hi, as we wrote in the review it is nice and more interesting than the other pins, but it is not the cheapest and for us the vibrations/twisting came off at a stronger intensity. Definitely some silicone based one for anal, but that can’t be combined with a silicone toy, which is most of the good ones. So if combining with a toy use a water-based one, like the Waterglide from our last review.

Thank you for the information,I am just considering buying an anal colic and a vinrator and I am swimming in it
I want it for myself.
So I’m just looking around and I don’t know

If the former you would be quite surprised at the size of the B-Vib, it’s quite small and has a firm interior within limits so not much for a beginner, it’s more like a Prock https://www.lascero.com/eroticke-hracky-pomucky/recenze-stimulator-prostaty-prock/

So I’m gay, I’m used to something.
I’m gonna go for it.

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