We have had more than one classic anal plug in editorial tests/reviews. We’ve also had larger pins that have been able to inflate (and some even inflate themselves). But a new “expandable” type like the Xpander from JoyDivision was missing from our ass collection. So thanks to Elephant, we didn’t miss it.

Handily: I first saw Xpander at the previous Berlin erotic festival VENUS and I liked it already then. It’s basically an anal plug with a bigger head and an L-shaped base, so it doesn’t slip and yet the protrusions tease your perineum, or sensitive perineum. The material is a mix of silicone and something special and it’s called Silikomed. In addition to the pin and cartridge, the package also includes a satin bag for storage.

Does the butt stretch even with a smaller diameter pin?

How is this pin different from the others? Its insertion part has an interesting silicone ace inside, which allows the head to squeeze when inserted, thus reducing its diameter. And logically, when you insert the pin, the escutcheon expands due to the internal tension of the silicone, thus filling you up more.


And those who know inflatable vibration pins know that there is no substitute for that kind of fill and strong vibration = and they are right. With a fuller stretch, this pin will transfer more vibrations to your sensitive butt and thus you’ll enjoy wearing it more. Even more so when a cunning partner ties you up in a titty and won’t let you go, testing how strong the vibrations feel on you and your prostate:) Let yourself be “punished” like that, you will worship her for it… feel free to get on all fours at her feet in red heels.

My “reward” then was that I had to put the peg in myself and if I couldn’t get it in fast enough (like when she swallowed my “strawberry”), Mistress would spur me on with a riding crop. And the blows from it burn pretty good.

A few numbers

  • usable pin length: 9.5 cm
  • usable pin width: 4.4 cm
  • usable pin width when pressed 3.2 cm

The vibrating cartridge can be removed from the pin, but you’ll be doing a lot of washing as it’s quite tight. So possibly keep an eye on it when washing (if you don’t remove it). Or as I recommend with any anal toy = use a cheap condom on it. You have easy cleaning (almost none) and especially with this piece, you wouldn’t want to detail clean it in its inner flexible part… really.

Find out how much the Xpander Expandable Anal Plug costs

Multiple sizes for multiple stretches

Even beginners will appreciate this toy (which is on the market in even more different S, L, XL diameters) because it allows you to enjoy more stretch and pressure in your butt even at the cost of less sphincter slack.

Tip for teasing: when inserting, you can play freely with the squeezing of the head, so maybe you only insert it halfway and let go slightly and it stretches inside you… you squeeze it again… and then you let go again. That’s what (I think not only my) ass likes best.

That’s why some of my favorite toys are anal beads, which just slide in and out, and the variable diameter of the beads massages the butt beautifully.

Vibrations that you will feel deeply

As you’ll have noticed from the text, as well as the extending part (which we’ve probably only seen with this piece), it also has vibration. And that’s thanks to the (admittedly difficult) removable cartridge that runs on a simple AAA battery. The 5 programs will punish your ass nicely, and thanks to the stretch, you’ll definitely enjoy the effect of the vibrations. They are also transmitted to the penis, so your partner can saddle you up for a nice ride.

Hourly Test Ratings

Leaving aside the inflatable pins (which offer unsurpassed ass teasing thanks to adjustable pressure and vibration), the Xpander has been my favorite ass pin since testing. It’s big enough thanks to the stretch, with strong vibrations and the perfect shape to hold inside. For me, this is a super piece and should not be missed.



Extension part The vibrating part is hard to remove
Removable vibrating plug Higher price (but worth it)
5 strong vibrations
It's also irritating the perineum
Soft but thicker material
Satin cover
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