There are many anal plugs on the market – big, small, plastic, gel, rubber and latex. But also silicone – like the one we have in today’s test. We’ve been saving it for a long time (and a lot of readers have written about it.

Anal Peg Testing – Video

So let’s take a look at it – and who are we talking about? About the Fun Factory Boosts anal peg. It’s a more challenging version of the smooth Bootie. And definitely prettier. But what’s it like when booted and worn? I’ll answer that for you now.

You won’t forget it…

It’s very unusual in shape – leaving aside the properly flared heel (so it doesn’t slip into the anus), it’s made up of a trio of distinctive “bubbles”. These are not lined up in a row,as is proper and proper (and as the competition normally has), but is in the form of ice-cream scoops, probably stacked on top of each other by a drunken ice-cream man. I hope no child is reading this and that we have spoiled their opinion of this magnificent profession.

Thanks to the silicone, the pin is quite rigid, so you will definitely feel it when inserting and wearing it. This is also due to the asymmetrical placement of the individual bubbles, which will push initially. In men, for example, on the prostate, which is actually a big plus. Prevention is never enough – with prostate cancer this is triply true.

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How does it feel when worn?

When inserting, I recommend more gel (water-based, of course, as silicone might damage it) – the surface of the toy is matte, so it scrubs quite a bit. But at least it doesn’t get dust and hair on it like, for example, the otherwise good second-generation We-Vibe. The latter was almost famous for that.

When slipping it in, you’ll need to find a good angle that will make it easier to fully “accept” – it’s definitely not easy for a beginner to get it in. For those, I’d recommend perhaps a Bootie with a nice smooth body and slightly curved toe. This one will slip into you immediately and without apology. But you also hardly feel it when you wear it. Which can’t be said for the Boosty.

What do I like about today’s tested pin? Pure silicone with perfect machining, it doesn’t slip out and has a very distinctive foot. However, the shape is quite aggressive for my taste. But that’s a matter of taste. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you want to explore the mysteries of anal play, similarly reliable and proven toys always come in handy.



Pure Silicone Not ideal for beginners
Distinctive shape Scrubbing when booting
Decently flexible
Very distinctive foot
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