For this toy, I must allow myself a small prologue. I remember when we got our first vacuum pump. My husband has a spinal injury and that sometimes brings problems with standing at attention. So we got a vacuum pump with a balloon and an erection ring. It was an interesting experience that had its successes, but since then sex toys for men have undergone a huge evolution and most of all vacuum pumps and related pacifiers.

Unboxing video :

Why are vacuum pumps awesome? Because they stand up even when the little one doesn’t want to. By applying pressure, the erectile bodies are engorged and then pinched by the erection ring, he’s left standing and yay for play. Plus, vacuum pumps, as such, are a great exercise for all men. By regularly pumping the blood supply to the aforementioned erectile bodies becomes more pronounced, thus training them to hold more blood. This strengthens and makes the erection firmer and harder over time. Which is great. A healthy and enjoyable workout that’s fun.

So now for the BOOM/XUANAI MAXMAN pump review

It’s big massive electric and most importantly it’s electric! It may sound like a silly thing to say, but you just can’t get that kind of vacuum with a balloon.

The penis tube is standard like perhaps all pumps – a tube with a size measurement, but there are no tubes or cables, everything is built into the pump head. There’s a large digital counter that shows the pressure reached with three knobs underneath. One to turn the pump on. The second “mode” turns on the air extraction, but then switches to vibration mode (yes the pump can vibrate, which is a great thing for some play) and the third knob releases the air.

One press stops the air suction and slow admittance, holding it down quickly equalizes the pressure. Well, how do you charge it? via USB cable to computer. The pump is charged within two hours and will last charged for about an hour.

So how did we test it out?

First time on a classic. We lubed up our partner’s private parts (no need to shave if you don’t want to, shaving is a common myth, just enough gel), put on the pump with the black cuff and turned on the suction. Pleasantly surprised at how quickly and intensely the air is sucked out and the vacuum is quickly built up.

We tested how much negative pressure would be comfortable for our partner (I won’t give kPA numbers, as everyone should test it on their own and not how much it will last). Then we tried vibrating (smooth and pulses) and then alternating between letting out and inflating air. I have to say it kept us entertained for quite a while and we both enjoyed it.

Another great use is on the testicles. Obviously not much pressure was induced here, just a little suck and release vibration. What are we kidding, just be gentle and careful. But what a pleasure! The expression of sheer bliss is indescribable.

But we saved the best for last. In addition to the classic cuff, the package also includes an artificial vagina – a virgin. It doesn’t look very realistic at first glance, but after it’s lubed up, it’s very realistic to touch. My husband first stripped her of her innocence and then turned on the air suction, let some air out and then used her as a wanker. I must say he enjoyed it very much and commented on the act by saying “well she has thrust, much more than you, you can’t do that can you?”. Not even with my mouth, I must admit.

We’re both very excited about this toy. Me, because it’s exhausting and despite my otherwise high sex drive. Except for a week! And he, he’s happy because it’s a powerful lover, which I approve of.



    Suction force


    USB charging


    With gentleness even on the testicles


    Artificial vagina included



    I just don't have

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