Fleshlight has come up with a new model of wanker that is not like the ones you know from it. Unrealistic looks, modern tube shape and compact size – that’s the new Flight. It’s cheaper and smaller than the classic “flashlights”. It goes up against the competing product Tenga Flip Air (Lite) – interestingly, the names of both toys are pronounced the same.

Fleshlight, which you’ll enjoy especially off the plane…

The Fleshlight Flight has an inner lining of the much-lauded Real Feel Super Skin material. It’s not flesh-coloured, but it is clear. Personally, I’m glad for that – I’ve never been comfortable with flesh-coloured toys (let alone ones with realistic vagina, anal and mouth treatment). I’m much more comfortable with the distinct style of the Japanese Tenga and just the Fleshlight Flight model. I applaud the shift from realism to futuristic.

Translated, “flight” means “flight.” This already clearly indicates that the new model is especially suitable for travel. It has a small size (it fits in any luggage) and an unobtrusive design – hardly revealing to airport security what it hides inside. The black tube has a “dimpled” surface – it doesn’t slip in the hand and gives a good grip. It tapers slightly from one end to the other, which also helps to keep it from slipping out of your hand.

Find out how much a Fleshlight Flight artificial vagina costs

September 2014 Update: For this tool, we can recommend the Shower mount for better play. It also has an adapter for this Flight model.

The entrance to the chase mount has a structure that seems to be whipped by wind currents from the wind tunnel. The inner lining has pronounced stimulating protrusions especially just behind the entrance to the vagina. Penetrating the wanker through the distinctly profiled opening is a pleasurable experience.

A few numbers about the Flight:

  • Length 20.3 cm
  • Useable depth 15 cm
  • Outer diameter 5.7 cm
  • Inner diameter 4,5 cm

The liner can be easily removed after use and washed under running water. Afterwards, however, you must powder it (with cornstarch or special fleshlight powder). The delicate material tends to stick if you don’t prevent it from doing so with a fine dusting. Of course, wash the powder under running water before using it – it gives the chase a nice translucent look.

Tip: try using the inner liner without the black cover. It will ripple a bit, but you will beautifully see the individual penetrations. Plus, before using it, it’s better to dip the wanker in warm water for a while – let’s slightly bring the water temperature down and it will be much more pleasant to use (you won’t experience unnecessary shock when your hot penis comes into contact with a cold toy).

The bottom cap, as with all other models of this American brand, can be unscrewed – thanks to this you can gently adjust the tightness of the vagina (vacuum). Newly on the market since 2014 are two versions Instructor and Pilot – the Instructor has an inner liner very similar to the Fleshlight STU wanker (round pumps for stamina training) – the Pilot is the tried and tested classic Flight from this review.

I’m glad American Fleshlight has gotten bold and made the move to non-realistic toys. They may be having success around the world with realistic vaginas of famous porn actresses (including Czech Tarry White, for example), but it wouldn’t hurt to move on – an alien “Avatar/Alien” model in blue would be a nice model, too.



Unrealistic appearance Necessity to powder
The packaging does not slip in the hand
Easy cleaning
The toy is a case unto itself
Great clear material
Inner liner lifetime
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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Your opinions 12 opinions

Hi, I am deciding on my first Fleshlight and that is between the Fleshlight Flight Pilot and the Fleshlight STU. Both are rated positively, can you advise me which one to choose? My size is standard about 14,5 by 4. I don’t care about the look and the price is +- the same. Will I be able to get to the top if I take the Flight?

Yes you will – the Flight is about 16 cm, so you have to decide if a transparent insert or a classic one, if the smaller size is a plus for you, or if you don’t deal with it. Personally I would go for the Flight = it’s my favourite of all the Fleshlights 🙂

Thanks for the reply and I’ll let someone with experience know and I’ll take Flight 🙂

You’re welcome – then be sure to post how happy you are 🙂

Flight I can only recommend, it is really great and what is written in the conclusion of the review is valid. Only maybe the “powdering” is not a choice, but a necessity.
Can you please recommend a suitable lubricant? I bought a water-based lube, but since it’s not directly from Fleshlight I’m worried about damaging the Flight. I tried to compare the composition, but I suppose that what can be used with a condom should be safe :).

With Fleshlight we use any water based lube and they live on even after xx times use for years = so I wouldn’t worry about damage by using “unbranded and unauthorised” lubes – likewise official powder can be cheaply substituted 🙂

Hi, I like the look of the Flight – I don’t really like “realistic shapes”. It has one problem: I have a length of 18.5 cm, so when I look at the “usable depth” of the Flight – 16 cm, then it is probably not the best for me. I have read about the striped fleshlight that the striped one is very interesting in appearance, but the matetrial lags behind the classic one. How does alien compare to classic pink?

We also have the classic versions to compare (Stamina/STU, Sex in Can, etc.) and we don’t think the material is lacking or inferior in quality to the larger (classic) models – it strikes us as comparable, not identical. On the surface it is still finely “sanded”, we consider the strength to be the same. We definitely do not see a difference in the quality of the material.

But you’re right about the length – you couldn’t go too far. With the longer lengths, “unfortunately” you have to have the larger models – usually from the classic range.

Thanks for the info. So I’m choosing between the classic size. Do you have experience with STU vs Lotus? STU attracts because of the great intensity of stimulation, but I’ve read about Lotus being more “real” and not as intense, so the boatman will enjoy longer :).

Without torture I admit that I don’t have Lotus, so I can’t advise 🙂

STU is known for endurance training – there are “dozens” of lugs inside, so it’s very irritating and good for endurance with frequent use. Lotus has a few more pronounced protrusions/edges along the diameter of the toy (looking at a model from the Girls line – Stoya, Lisa Ann, Riley Steele …). I would trust what you have read elsewhere – the pattern of the inner liner would match this 🙂

I have this same product at home ,,,, I can confirm it is fantastic 🙂 I bought the product about half a year ago although I was hesitant to buy it but when there was no opportunity for sex I got tired of the hand and wanted to try something new 🙂 and I don’t regret it feels almost like a real pussy I’ve probably used it over 50 times and it’s still in good shape surely better for masturbation than a hand 🙂 😀

Great:) thank you for the feedback – we can only agree. The material is great, it just deserves more care with powder. But it’s worth the experience.

I’m browsing through the various reviews (not just on your site) and have no idea which fleshlight to opt for. I read that Stoya Destroy’s model is supposedly great 90% of the time, however not everyone praises it, what is your experience ?

We didn’t have a Stoya, but it’s just a “cast” of the vagina of one of the famous porn stars – the insert will also match the classic Fleshlight models. I have personal experience with Flight, STU, Pink Lady and Sex in Can – of these I would recommend Flight – I personally don’t like the realistic look – however if you like the design of a female scallop, the STU would be a good model to start with 🙂


I have a question for you: I would like to buy this product mainly for training. My wife doesn’t see it as a problem, but I know she would like to have longer sex sometimes. Would you recommend me this Pilot or Instructor? Actually, I would prefer the Pilot. Thank you for your advice.
PS: very nice site! Too bad I just discovered it now.

Have a nice day,

The Pilot and Instructor are very similar, the only difference is the different internal structure – the sizes and materials are identical, so the choice is up to your tastes. Personally, I’d also prefer to go for the Pilot – otherwise, purely for stamina training, Fleshlight has a special version – STU (Stamina Training Unit) – it’s bigger than the Flight version, but has a softer insert, with soft pads – these are supposed to help further improve training and actual erection stamina. We tested it too and were pleased – for men with larger penises it’s even better, as the Flight is smaller.

Have a nice evening,

here it is more about the preference of the insert itself, because the materials are of the same quality – for me I would recommend the Flight – it is smaller, looks better (subjective), holds better and above all I prefer the unrealistic shape of the hole.

– In terms of functionality they are basically the same, only the Flight’s insert is more irritating – hopefully I answered:)


thank you very much for the information. Just to ask: what would you recommend more? Rather Fleshlight Flight or Fleshlight Sex in a Can?

Appearance and realism are not a consideration, I’m mainly concerned with >functionality<, I'm sure you see what I mean.

I’ve only tried the Tenga Flip Air. I would like to try either the Fleshlight Flight or the Fleshlight Sex in a Can. With the Tenga, I am bothered by the loud noises the masturbator makes during use. Is this also the case with the Fleshlight, or is it quieter?

Thank you.

Have a nice day,

Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t have a “flightka” handy – you picked a good alternative to the Flip Air, as it doesn’t make any noises (not even squishy ones like the Flipka) – you basically only hear the air flowing (with the valve closed).

The difference is in the design, where the Flightka is open on both sides (depending on the valve opening in the foot) and the Flip Air is closed.

I hope I helped you with your choice:)

plánuji si koupit Fleshlight® Girls Pirates Edition Stoya Destroya na pár srovnávacích stránkách jsem se dočetl že je nejlepší máte s tím nějaké zkušenosti vyplatí se za tuhle hračičku připlatit nebo ještě zvažuji variantu Fleshlight Alien Avatar která také není špatně a je o něco levnější

a ještě jeden dotaz mohl bych místo gelu na vodní bázi použít například tekuté mýdlo ?


vyšší cena bude spíše za využití značky Pirates – všechny vložky pro Fleshlight jsou vyrobené ze stejného materiálu – Real Feel SuperSkin. Takže rozdílnost je jen ve vnitřní struktuře a vnějším otvoru. S Stoya Destroya ani Alienem nemám zkušenosti, ale dle řezů vnitřních vložek vypadají velice dráždivě – osobně bych dal přednost Alienovi, ale jen z důvodu, že nemám v oblibě “realistické hračky”. Obě vagíny však udělají svou práci výborně.

K druhému dotazu – mám dojem, že oficiální stanovisko Fleshlightu ohledně mýdla je negativní – nemělo by se používat ani pro čištění, takže jako lubrikant bude nevhodné – nemusíte kupovat drahý “originální” Fleshlight lube gel, ale stačí jakýkoliv na vodní bázi (pozor ale ne aby byl na silikonové bázi.

Snad jsem poradil – ať Fleshlight slouží – s každým kouskem co jsem měl (STU, Sex in Can a Flight) jsem byl spokojen, takže doporučuji.

Není zač – souhlasím s vaší přítelkyní, taky se mi moc nepozdává realistické zpracování, proto mám raději Flight nebo Flip Airy.

Děkuji za přání – budeme se snažit rozšiřovat recenze…

Děkuji za radu i kompliment, popřemýšlím tedy nad Fleshlight klasikou (kde se mi – rozumnějte hlavně přítelkyni, se kterou bych táké někdy hračku užíval 🙂 – příliš nelíbí real. designy ale ani pure ve spojeni s těl. barvou) a tolik Vámi opěvovanými Tenga flipy (mezi Airem a Hole nevidím už nějak závratný cenový rozdíl).

Ještě jednou díky a přeji hodně úspěchu této pro mě nové zajímavé stránce. 🙂

Dobrý den,

měj bych dotaz,mám průměr těsně přes 5cm, mám chápat “vnitřní průměr” jako maximální, nebo půl centimetru nehraje roli? Mám obavu hlavně z konce, kde je Flight nejužší…

Klasická flashlightka je asi právě tady v tom konci širší(stejně široká už od poloviny až do konce), že?

Mnohokrát děkuji za radu,



s Flightem byste měl trošku problém – mám teď v rukou Flight a nedávno testovanou Staminu – Flight má konec opravdu zúžený – plastový tubus je cca 4,3 mm, ale uvnitř je ještě vložka, která při maximálním stlačení stejně na každé straně ubírá 3 mm, takže výsledný průměr vnitřnku je mnohem méně než vašich 5. Klasická fleshligtka (třeba ta Stamina – STU) má průměr tubusu přes 5, takže by vám měla stačit – plus máte pravdu v tom, že se od půlky honítka už nezužuje a je stejná.

Mimochodem pěkný průměr:) gratuluji.

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