Womanizer or cheaper Satisfyer? This is the question that “moves the internet”. But it’s not only on the internet that these two products are being discussed – a friend contacted me to advise her which one to buy. But what to advise her when I only have experience with one of them? The answer is simple – or at least the path to it 🙂 I bought the Satisfyer pro 2 and here we go for the review.

How does the Satisfyer compare to the successful competition?

The Satisfyer comes to you in a rather nice box. It certainly doesn’t offend as a gift, I thought … but when I opened it up, a transparent blister pack with a toy and USB charger “fell out” at me. At that point, it bbecame clear to me that this is definitely not one of those luxury toys, which puts emphasis on the packaging as well. But let’s face it – it doesn’t affect functionality.

Unboxing video:

The bigger disappointment, however, was that I didn’t find a case in the package, in which to store my Satisfyer so it wouldn’t just roll around in my drawer. I ended up keeping it in its original box (so it takes up too much space and is really impractical). Anyway, the packaging will be bought elsewhere.

Looking-wise, the Satisfyer is a hilarious piece

The golden colour really suits it. Also, it fits perfectly in your hand (at least mine). It has the center of gravity down, so it won’t move in your hand (if you hold the head up).

The silicone attachment is a bit worse – it only has to be put on in one direction. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t so bulky! For me, you can’t do fine work with a poker, but Satisfyer probably thinks otherwise 🙂

The controls are absolutely simple – a total of 3 buttons: on/off, add and reduce intensity. You have a total of 11 intensities to choose from. But let’s be honest, do we need that many? I could do with fewer, because I already find the 3rd intensity level uncomfortable and the 4th even painful. So I didn’t even get to the higher ones, but when I tested them on my hand, I didn’t notice any difference from level 6.

Find out how much the Satisfyer 2 costs

I have no complaints about the controls – it’s perfectly fine 🙂 The other thing I like about the Satisfyer is the magnetic charger with USB plug. But I would like it much more if it could be plugged in both ways – now you have to hit it or the magnets will repel 😀

As I was gushing at the beginning about how great it fits in my hand, I found that when using it it’s a bit worse – because you hold it head down, so the centre of gravity is up. Moreover, the grip itself is not comfortable in this position either – the handle of the Satisfyer widens slightly and when you hold it head down, you have quite a wide area between your thumb and forefinger… this is not as comfortable and natural a grip as when you turn it over.

What about an orgasm?

It’s definitely not in two minutes… Actually, for me, it wasn’t at all (and I tried multiple times). I was distracted by the noise the Satisfyer makes, so I couldn’t completely relax. The other problem was the intensities – they are so unpolished for my taste. It’s fine for a while, then it gets pretty annoying.

So in summary

Not all gold glitters. I’ve tried not to compare the Satisfyer to the Womanizer completely, but when the Satisfyer directly claims it – it honestly doesn’t even come close to the Womanizer. I admit that if I only had the Satisfyer in my hand, I’d probably be satisfied. Anyway, there’s no if in history and I tried the Womanizer first.

So for me – if you’re choosing between the Satisfyer and the Womanizer, I’m going with the Womanizer. It’s more expensive (sinful money for some), but trust me, it’s worth it! You can’t skimp on your pleasure 🙂



Price Robust silicone extension
Magnetic charger Noise
Clumsy intensities
Uncomfortable grip when using
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Your opinions 3 opinions

I’m much more comfortable with the “coarser” satisfier, I have several of them from different brands and the others rather unpleasantly tickle me and I get nothing out of it at all… so I keep going and looking for some equally “coarse” alternative with better charging and nothing…

Thank you so much for the feedback – you are honestly the first one who wrote/ told us that she likes the rougher/stronger stimulation from Satisfyer. But it’s just about each of us, everyone will have different preferences, different sensitivities. Thank you very much! 🙂

For me the best toy I have ever had.It can be used beautifully with a man.
(I was always embarrassed with other toys.Not with this one.)
I recommend it with all the 20 I have on my body.
The stimulation is beautifully controlled from the weakest,to a total earthquake. Orgasm in under a minute.And I’m a stickler and I always need a lot of time to do it.With this I’m in seventh heaven,what a snap of the fingers

Have a nice day, thank you very much for the feedback from a real user. 🙂 We are glad that it makes you happy not only with us but with others. And for us it is great in combination with just a partner, after all the care as it is “autopilot” and we don’t need to focus on it alone is the best.

Can I ask when you will have a review on the site for the Satisfyer Pro 3 which combines suction with vibration? 😉

Have a nice day,

given the not entirely satisfactory results of all the other Satisfyers, we’re not in any hurry to do this – the only one that had a bit of an interest was Rabbit. It also combines suction with vibration.

After much deliberation, I reached for the Satisfyer, mainly because of the financial possibilities. I was buying the “latest” version, where you can already control the suction with the + and – buttons without having to flip through all the programs to the end to continue the intensity from zero again. Very strong embarrassment at first – I had trouble getting it to fit properly, it made weird noises, the buttons were quite difficult to press. However, for example, the shape suits me perfectly, and now that

I’ve been browsing Womanizers in a brick-and-mortar store, I can’t imagine that they fit my hand this well. I think the tapered handle is cool :-). As for use, at first the road to orgasm was very long, however interesting and very wet. This made me continue testing and not get rid of the toy, thinking that it didn’t work on me, and eventually it worked and we became friends.

Orgasm not even within two minutes, but many times within one, even without higher intensity. However, having just felt the Womanizer in the shop and tried it on my finger, I have to say it was heaven and smoke! The Satisfyer is indeed rougher; the Womanizer stroked and the idea of having something like that in my lap was suddenly very appealing. The Satisfyer countered this by acting like a slap in the face. Not to mention that even at the lower levels, at least mine seemed to “stutter” and not be completely smooth.

So now I’m wondering if I made a mistake and should have saved rather than invested :-). If someone doesn’t have a comparison, Satisfyer will do a good service if the user gets used to it. I’m even comfortable with the wider saucepan, and the narrow one on the Womanizer is one of the things I’m worried about if it would be as easy to attach. I’ve read in some reviews that women with tinier clitorises may have a problem with the Womanizer, however, given how long I’ve been looking for mine, I have no idea if I fall into that category :-)).

As I wrote, unless someone has a comparison, I think the Satisfyer will suffice. The last type has picked up the bugs of the previous ones, so for the price it’s available for, it does a very decent job. Even on a charge it lasts a really long time. However, if someone has experience with Womanizer, Satisfyer seems like a rude brute (a sex shop clerk confided in me that she has both at home, but after her experience with Womanizer she will throw Satisfyer in the trash).

On the whole, I would be interested in a review of the Womanizer newest, which can already do some other bits + personally I’m interested in the handle, how comfortable it is to hold, or whether the device can be used when making love with a partner ;-).

Have a nice day, thank you for the comprehensive user review 🙂 I’m sure something different suits everyone, but we’ve experienced the coarseness/softness with Satysfer x Womanizer ourselves, plus you can feel it in a lot of other reviews in the Czech Republic and abroad – but each approach may suit differently too.

We’ve been eyeing the latest Womanizer, especially the vibrating one – we’re testing the vibrating/pulse Satysfyer shaped vibrator with clitoral irritator now, that will go out sometime in the new week. And we’re not losing that one so much, although it has plenty of room for improvement.

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