I have been looking for the “Mizer” or Rude boy vibrator for a long time. I liked the matte silicone it was made of and the simple shapes. Plus the manufacturer Rocks Off is one of our favorites. We picked it up at Pink Elephant and it was soon home (along with a batch of other toys to test).

What you get in the package from Rocks off

The packaging is such that it neither offends nor delights. We throw away the packaging from almost all of our toys and only keep them in cloth or tyvek bags (when the toy doesn’t have its own packaging). Rude Boy is unfortunately only in a paper box and a blister pack, and that’s the end of it. So ideally you still need your packaging/box for storage.

A few numbers

  • length of vibrator: – 12.3 cm
  • diameter: 1/3 – 2,5 cm
  • diameter: 2/3 – 2,7 cm
  • foot diameter: – 3,4 cm

The shape is (as I then found out) perfectly anatomical – it fits exactly where it should. It’s an elongated U-shaped vibrator, smaller on average from my perspective (although the manufacturer describes it as medium-sized).

The Mizera’s vibration is from a removable egg, which has only 1 large silicone button. You click through the individual presses:

  • 3 force vibration,
  • pulse programs in 4 variations (they vary in alternating speeds – you must experience before you read).

Power is via a tiny 1.5V N-type battery – not something you’d jump with excitement about, but on the other hand you can buy it in any newsagent. On 1 battery, the pin/vibrator (it’s a mystery how to label such a toy) vibrates for approximately 2 and a half hours. Considering our quick orgasms combined with Mizera, that will be a heck of a lot of fun on 1 battery.

How did I like it?

Honestly – I’ve never had an anal toy slip into me like this before. All it took was lube and it slowly but very confidently disappeared into me. I only needed to get comfortable with its size before it “came” for the last time, but then within moments it was pressed tightly against me, the protrusions teasing my perineum.

Then all I had to do was turn on the vibe and look for the right combination with the jerking to enjoy it even more. The best variation was the strong intermittent pulses, in which I would always drive and then stop, drive and stop… solid endurance training.

First in-depth testing

I first tested it in the shower, where I’m always more relaxed, water falls on me from the shower… it’s just calm. I started out kneeling, until I finally sat down and stretched my legs after introducing it. I didn’t have to hold the Mizer in so much (although it also wanted to run due to its shape) and could tease my balls freely. The alternative is to squat with the Mizera underneath me and gently rock on it, allowing me to have full control of the toy and, with skill, a free hand for teasing.

Find out how much the Rude Boy Anal Vibrator costs

Even more fun is the Rude Boy on all 4, but this due to stability is better with the help of a partner. OTOH, being on all 4 with a bulging ass, with a teased prostate and a blowjob… wouldn’t you love her for that? I would, but I admire her for it every day.

Total Anal Mizery Rating

Due to the U-shape, the vibrations work on both the prostate, ass, perineum and part of it on the testicles, under which I had a vibration switch hidden. In shape and size I have nothing to complain about.


Someone is bothered that it doesn’t have a more pronounced header to keep it more inside you without holding it. On the other hand, it would make booting more difficult and it might not fit everyone. Downright genius for “non-holding” pins are the various inflatable (albeit latex) vibration pins. They don’t have many competitors.

For my part, I appreciate the pleasant introduction, which is (without experiencing it) indescribably natural and easy. It just goes where you would naturally want it to go. Combined with the vibrations, it’s a very powerful orgasm generator. For us, an aspirant to the best anal plugs. Recommended!



Pure matt silicone Non-standard batteries
Simple and anatomical shape It doesn't have its own packaging
Very strong vibrations
It's also irritating the perineum
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