Named after the ancient Roman goddess of beauty, the Venus balls are an almost ageless classic more or less popular throughout history. According to some reports, they were originally used by Japanese men during sexual intercourse. From them the balls were to be taken over by women who discovered their arousing and health benefits.

Unlike our earlier ancestors, which were made of wood, precious metal jade or semi-precious stones, we have evolved to today’s pieces made of modern hypoallergenic and delicate materials. The Romant YOYO rose beads are made of just such.

Floral design in sex

There are two balls in the package. The material used for both beads is always medical grade silicone. The first one has one bead bigger and lighter and is designed for first use. The second is already composed of two balls, which are smaller, but heavier in aggregate and thus create an imaginary higher level. The balls are shaped like small buds with three waves that represent petals.

They have idealized stems leading from them, which serve to make them easier to pull out. They are available in pink and purple (green is sadly missing – that would be the most thematic). Inside each ball is a smaller ball that causes vibrations and irritates the vagina.

Video of the unboxing


One bullet:

  • length 14 cm,
  • width 3.4 cm,
  • weight 32 g.

Two balls:

  • length 19.1 cm,
  • width 3 cm,
  • weight 52.5 g.

From an instrument of pleasure to an instrument of amusement

The marbles struck me as very nice and exclusive from the first time I unwrapped them. The chosen design of the rose looks beautiful. The silicone finish is as nice as the petals of a real rose itself. Thanks to this combination I had no problems with the introduction. Of course, if necessary, it is no problem to use a water-based lubricant (silicone lubri-gel would damage the surface – and that’s a pity).

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The balls “fit” me perfectly. I could easily run all day with them on without feeling them pressing anywhere, or my lower abdomen hurting. The smaller ball located inside is very quiet compared to other models I’ve tried. So you don’t feel like you’re “ringing” even when you buy it. But it is a fact that I didn’t feel any intense shaking of the balls. I hardly consciously noticed one bud at all. In contrast, the double bead was already more of a challenge.

She was excitedly pressing in the right places and the extra weight meant I had to clench my muscles, often unconsciously, to keep them from falling out. I can’t forget the fine-looking stem used to make it easier to pull the balls out of the wedge. From the beginning I was worried that it might break off. I was battling this thought and reluctance to try this “tail” to the fullest.

The problem was solved by my husband, who of course, after first feeling the toy, had to test the flexibility and started using the shank as a rubber band, which he stretched and shot at me with it. So it was only then that I could declare with a clear conscience that it really could withstand even relatively rough treatment.

In summary, this piece is perfect for women who are just starting out with beads and aren’t sure what type of beads are right for them. This toy is definitely not enough for an orgasm for me, but it’s great as a provocative reminder or other form of foreplay. I find the price too low compared to the quality. Like any woman, I love beautiful things and these buds are definitely one of them.



Quiet I can't feel the inner ball
Two for a good price
Good to keep clean
Soft and durable
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