If you haven’t heard of the so-called Kegel exercises, hurry up and fix that, you can find out more for example HERE. This is an exercise targeted at the pelvic muscles, which you can do while lounging on the couch. You don’t need any equipment to do it, but honestly, the MINI BO balls help a lot.

What are exercise balls for?

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles. In old age, you will appreciate that regular practice makes you, for example, hold urine better, but even in youth they have their uses. For men, they can ensure better stamina during sex and for women, they can teach you how to improve the overall experience for both yourself and your partner through pelvic muscle contraction.

Women in particular have the advantage in this respect that they can make it easier for them to use the balls, so that they don’t have to clench their muscles idly, but rather try to prevent the exercise aid from falling out. This already makes it quite clear that I did not try the balls, of course, but it was a joint work of me and my wife.

VIDEO of the unpacking

The balls are not together. In the box is a set of five pieces in total, consisting of a soft case with a “string” to hold the balls and four balls themselves.

A cursory feel made it clear that they are not all the same weight and a brief internet search revealed the following weights:

  • blue ball – 15 g
  • orange ball – 25 g
  • pink ball – 35 g
  • purple ball – 55 g

What weight should you train with?

So, as you can see, one can choose what weight one feels like “lifting” today and increase the weight as one’s exercise experience progresses. One important piece of information is also worth mentioning here. If you are looking for a classic venus balls, this is not the product for you! They do not contain any moving bodies that cause shocks during movement. This is a similar looking, yet different type of product.

As far as appearance is concerned, I will express here the purely feminine opinion that the product is literally beautiful. Elegant, cheerfully coloured and at the same time unobtrusive. Even the tiny box in which it was enclosed is understated and probably wouldn’t attract the gaze of a would-be stalker. It is also very important to mention that they are really nice to the touch. The materials used feel soft between the fingers.

The beads are basically designed for use in a single person. Just having them in place helps with the exercise itself, but you can also introduce them, and while your hand is trying to pull them out, your pelvic muscles are preventing that. This goes much better with two, and you can make a game out of it, coupled with checking how well the woman has exercised in the meantime.

Find out how much the BOOM MINI BO costs

She herself challenged me to try pulling the balls out while her muscles relaxed or clenched. I had to admit that the training aid really helped her bravuraly, because while in the first case they were out in a moment, in the second case I had work to do. (Perhaps needless to say, what can be done with this acquired skill afterwards.) The game itself then consisted of when I managed to pull the balls out, I put them back in, moving them a little deeper not necessarily with my fingers “as punishment.” Incidentally, the established balls and the “shallow” engagement proved to be good alternative uses of the product.

The MINI BO, by the way, are smaller in size. Each ball is only three centimeters in diameter and they were very easy to introduce. When the woman was hot, there was no need for lubricant. As this is not a product for Venus ball lovers, don’t expect any extreme engorgement in this regard either. It is, after all, an exercise tool first and foremost, and its dimensions are tailored to its intended use.

What do you do with the balls after you take them out? Although they stay firmly in the case when in use, they are quick and easy to remove. As far as cleaning goes, it almost goes without saying, as the product basically consists of all smooth surfaces. Any dirt has nowhere to stick.

In short, if you are interested in trying out Kegel exercises, the MINI BO can become a valuable tool for you. And even if not, there is definitely a use for it.



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Different weights of balls
Easy cleaning
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