Don’t forget to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles… it’s fun with Hiball 😉 Pelvic floor muscle strengthening is quite IN lately – almost everywhere you can find instructions on how to do Kegel exercises or various strengthening tools. For example, nowadays you can even buy a pair of balls in a drugstore.

Hiball balls under the microscope

And speaking of gadgets, I’ve tried quite a number of them (from the aforementioned Venus balls – to vaginal dumbbells – to ben wa balls) and I honestly thought nothing would surprise me in this area. And lo and behold, it happened 🙂

I got my hands on BOOM HIBALL – they are remote control vibrating balls… and in this case, the remote is your mobile phone (unless you have a windows phone). But more on the controls in a moment, first we’ll focus on the look 🙂


At first glance, it resembles a whole silicone Venus ball – it is in fact two connected balls (the diameter of the first ball is 3 cm and the second 3, 3 cm) with an antenna. Compared to Venus balls, the “neck” between the balls is quite wide in Hiball, which you will not notice at all when using it. Anyway, the funniest thing is the antenna – it’s the first flexible antenna I’ve seen in a gadget like this. You can position it exactly how you like it and the antenna stays in that position… it’s awesome 😀

Overall, the look of the Hiball is simple, which I like… honestly it’s nice to have gadgets without unnecessary protrusions, edges and all sorts of stuff you won’t feel or appreciate anyway. But I have one comment about the look: it would be nice if Hiball was sold in a colour other than pink 🙂.

Hiball is made entirely of silicone, so it feels nice to the touch, but it does scrub a bit, so from personal experience I recommend using lube – at least to start.


On the balls themselves, there is a single button that you long-press to turn the vibration on and off. If you want to switch modes, you’ll have to get your phone out and engage your imagination, as you can adjust the vibrations to your liking. I’ve had a lot of fun with this… it’s really fun to play with the phone and see how your body reacts.

Find out how much do HIBALL fitness balls cost

Anyway, the Hiball was primarily designed to strengthen your pelvic floor . The app will help with that too, as it will substitute for a personal trainer – telling you when to tighten your muscles and when to loosen them. Overall, the app measures the strength, endurance and repetition of your exercise… and shows you everything in clear graphs.

I don’t normally enjoy clenching my muscles, but I like to outdo myself… and when I saw my graph, it made me want to push myself harder and better to outperform my existing performance 🙂

And to make matters worse, the app also offers various games… so you (or at least I) will really enjoy the workout.

The Hiball is waterproof, but I personally would avoid water with this gadget, because there is a tiny hole in the “neck” for charging. To be honest, for such a fancy product with this price, I would expect maybe magnetic charging… but what can you do.

Exercising with the BOOM HIBALL is really easy – thanks to the app, you don’t have to think about anything, yet you’ll exercise effectively. What’s more, you’ll enjoy quite a strong vibration… what more could you ask for from a tool like this?

For me, the Hiball is the most fun pelvic floor exerciser. It’s true that it’s probably the most expensive exercise aid, but when I consider the effect, the feedback from the app, and basically everything that Hiball offers, I don’t find the price so exorbitant. It’s a unique innovative toy that you are guaranteed to appreciate 🙂



Strong vibrations Price
Velvety soft silicone Imperfect watertightness
Great mobile app Older type of charging
Innovative aid
Effect on pelvic muscles
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