I have long longed for a massage head. I could see the benefits, great evening entertainment and maybe even a back massage! Pure bliss from my point of view. I researched multiple brands, and finally got my hands on a head from ToyJoy, AkuWand. Everything I read looked promising. Quiet toy, powerful, cordless though a bit larger.

E-tool – ergonomic and economical

After unpacking the packages, I was surprised by the actual size. The box contains the head itself, a USB charging cable and a pink bag for hygienic storage of the toy. The whole measures 32 cm. The head itself is 6 cm and has a smooth silicone surface. It includes a hinge which should make it easier to achieve true pleasure. At its size, it is really lightweight
and feels good in the hand.

There is a charging hole on the bottom. I was very surprised at how quickly the head charged. Once fully discharged, it fully charges in about 4 hours. The LED is red while charging and turns green when charged.

How is the head in bed?

The head is controlled by two buttons. One is used to turn on and off and the other to switch between vibrations. Depending on your taste and mood, you can choose from 10 programs, both vibration and pulse. There is an LED between the controls. The LED lights up green or red depending on the selected program. I found this light incredibly distracting.

VIDEO of unboxing this vibrating head

I was incredibly excited for the test. It’s one of the things I haven’t experienced yet. Overall, though, it was one big disappointment. The head fits well considering its size, but it is unsuitable for a woman of my short height. It is too long and therefore not easy to handle. So you have to find the ideal angle and place to hold the head…

Or ask your partner, he was very happy to help me = not yet. In low light or at night, the flashing light makes you feel more like you’re at a disco than having an intimate moment. I’d definitely fault that, so silly. If the toy is worth anything, I’ll just simply re-stick it with white duct tape (sold at any stationery store) and be done with it!

Find out how much the second generation ToyJoy vibrating head costs

Bigger and longer than I need

The head itself is large and feels clunky on me. I’ve always managed to achieve my first orgasm fairly quickly, and while I have no problem achieving an unlimited number of orgasms, I’ve only ever achieved one with this head. It’s about like working on the fine details of a painting with a painter’s brush. You have to get used to the power and size.

It doesn’t just strongly irritate the clitoris but everything around it as well. Plus your whole hand tingles from the strong vibrations. But take this as a subjective problem, because it is a characteristic of almost all massage heads – they have a large head and thanks to this they irritate everything that they have in their reach.

Which can be a disadvantage for the vagina, but at least the power is well spread over the surface and you can enjoy, for example, massage of erogenous zones = not everything has to revolve around my lap. Purely for the clitoris I would recommend a toy with a narrower head that is designed for that.

I have perhaps never enjoyed a toy so little in my life. Overall, I would attribute this to the whole segment of massage heads that aren’t going to be for me – even though they are some of the most popular and best-selling on the market. There are a lot of sensations alternating here, unfortunately, but I’m not giving up – I want to enjoy those strong vibrations (this Toyjoy head has solid ones) for all I’m worth!



Short charging time Flashing Diode
Strong vibrations Not waterproof
Packaging for storage
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