The Holy Trainer brand is a Swiss manufacturer of erotic toys. At least that’s the word among the community of chastity belt lovers, feminists and femdom play. What interesting things does it offer in its portfolio? And is it really such a big deal that it will expend the difficulty of obtaining this cage and its price tag? Let’s take a look at that in our review by Mark.

The Holy Trainer Penis Wrench

Holy Trainer are chastity belts that are designed exclusively for men. They are made of an innovative material in the form of a natural resin type.

The first time this resin was used was in the third-generation model referred to as the V3 in 2018. It was an unprecedented success and the brand repeated this material for the next generation. In fact, resin has a number of advantages.

Video from the unboxing

Round and steady…

First and foremost, it is extremely resistant to all detergents, solvents or other chemicals, oils and water. The resin is also not subject to the effects of UV radiation.

At the same time, it remains pleasant to sensitive skin of the intimate parts, because it is 100% natural. The advantage of the material is especially its long life and the possibility of shaping. If necessary, the belt can even be shaped in hot water.

According to the manufacturer, the Holy Trainer belts can be worn for many activities, from sleeping to sports, including swimming. There is no need to worry about them getting damaged or deformed in any way. At the same time, the resin material used remains breathable.

VIDEO of the editorial unpacking

Belts made of metal are also marketed under the Holy Trainer brand. However, these are not primarily suited for long-term wear due to their higher weight. They are intended for BDSM practitioners (and those with different design sensibilities). And they are not typically an original product of the brand, but rather a copy.

All variants are by all accounts absolutely safe to wear. And that’s even assuming you choose to wear the device long-term. At the same time, the design and the materials used allow very easy maintenance, which is important for maintaining hygiene and your personal comfort. For example, regular soap can be used for washing, but the device can even be put in the dishwasher.

Find out how much the Holy Trainer V4 Chastity Belt costs

How it works Due to the different sizes, the use of these erotic aids can be recommended to both novice users and experienced ones.

Chastity belts come in sizes XXS, XS, S, M and L – they are better known on the web as Nub, Nano, Small, Standard (ours) and Maxi.

Along with the Holy Trainer, the latest version in particular comes with five throttle ring variants, in 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm or extra-large 55mm diameter.

The design also allows for ease of use. The Holy Trainer is equipped with a tube that is attached to the ring. Placing the penis and scrotum into the ring is very easy. The tube is then inserted into the ring, which ensures a firm fit and completely encloses the member from the root to the tip of the penis. Since the tube is placed in the middle of the ring, the skin cannot pinch.

Lubricant of any type can be used when wearing the Holy Trainer. Thus, both water-based and oil-based products are suitable.

Why choose a genuine Holy Trainer

Only genuine Holy Trainer is made with the utmost care to perfectly suit the male anatomy. Within 24 hours, you should be so used to wearing it that you will hardly realise you are wearing it.

The individual products are by all accounts made in accordance with EC standards and always contain only branded components. Therefore, the chastity belt cannot cause any injury or skin irritation.

Consequently, it is advisable in this respect to avoid especially cheap Asian-made erotic aids, where we cannot be sure of the materials used or the quality of workmanship. In extreme cases, their use may lead to injury or other health complications.

For example, some manufacturers use petroleum-based materials which are, however, completely unsuitable for permanent contact with the skin. Natural resin clearly does not contain any petroleum-based substances, nor does it contain any cadmium or heavy metals.

We have our own experience with this, why take the originals

Even in our editorial office, we’ve encountered some pieces of non-genuine germs that have caused decidedly undesirable skin reactions to testers. These did go away when not wearing the belt, but the experience is definitely not a positive one and don’t repeat after us 🙂 That’s why we chose the Swiss original “Holy Trainer” for today’s test, to get a taste of chastity from the most expensive (and by all accounts, the best quality) side.

Photos 18+ in natura from the testing

How did it wear in my pants

First, despite very careful measurements, I chose a 45mm ring. It did fit, but after an hour, which they themselves recommend as the first longest suitable time, I didn’t like the colour of my testicles.

So, even after previous experience, I preferred to reach for the larger 50mm (which arrived late because of course it takes time from the Swiss” even through customs – but we took their refined milking tool just for locked men – review to follow).

The built-in lock also guarantees maximum discretion, as it doesn’t clink, it doesn’t peek, it just does its duty of not letting you out.

The key is almost not visible under clothes. It is specific only in that, by design, your penis and testicles retract slightly inwards into the groin. Which noticeably presses the testicles to the penis itself = this solution makes it just as inconspicuous. For me, though, it was a matter of habit because I’ve never had a cage like this before and it’s a noticeable unusual thing.

Unique lock straight from them

At the same time, the MagicLocker locking system has been copied by a number of competing brands over time. However, the only original system can still be found at Holy Trainer. And who wants copies when the original is available.

The advantage of this device is above all the maximum comfort of use. This is primarily due to the low weight of the resin version. Comfort is also ensured thanks to the construction, which consists of a specially shaped groove connecting the cage itself to the main ring.

How do I rate it?

The unique concept of the cage must fit you, prevents pinching, has an integrated lock (you get 2 keys for it in the package by the way – one for you in the beginning and one for the cage = after that she will definitely have both) and a comfortable shape.

I like it both in material and appearance – as you can see in the photos (both product and naked for Lascivious registered users), it’s a sleek option that will also make it easier to keep track of your hygiene.

You might not be comfortable at first with just the difference – where the varicella is pressed up against the penis, which isn’t exactly typical with a germ. In the “in natura” photos, you can see how they wrap around the penis tube all the way around. If you had a looser scrotum, I’m sure this would never be a problem, because they wouldn’t be pressed in so much.

So that’s probably the biggest realization for me, and a slight warning = let it be something you can eventually count on. Because otherwise, it’s a perfect piece for a longer lock. In testing, I had it for a week, 3 weeks and a month, and functioning was admittedly challenging (but that’s because of my sneaky “gentle” counterpart – hello Mistress), but at the same time not distressing because of, say, the physical impact of the cage. She simply sat in place despite nightly attempts at an erection. So I recommend it to any submissive toy who wants to hand over the keys and get a nice hard-on:)



Perfectly fitting More pulls the testicles to the penis
Combination of 5 sizes and 5 diameters More demanding/longer delivery
Purely natural material Higher price
Also suitable for allergy sufferers
More colour variants
Swiss origin
Fully restrictive for erection
The integrated lock that everyone copies
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