My partner and I were both looking forward to this toy. But the anticipation was greater than what the reality brought. Not that it was a bad toy, not at all. We just expected more.

Packaging and processing – or what does it look like?

The box is very nice, which is not surprising for the price the egg costs. The paper-plastic packaging contains the egg, the controller, the batteries and a very nice decent black bag, where you can wrap the egg afterwards. I like that! Personally, I like little things like the pouch or the decent packaging very much. It’s such a nice touch and makes it easier to transport, for example.

Video of the vibrating egg unwrapping

The egg is very pleasant to the touch. Easy to clean and disassemble. Just slide one half off and you can get to the batteries. Like the controller, it has a pink colour. However, this is medium for my taste. I would have preferred a more subtle grey colour, which would not be visible in the hand and would not attract stares, for example in company.

Find out how much the Bswish Wireless Egg costs


I don’t know about the other ladies, but my partner didn’t need lube and I inserted the egg into her easily. She was just turned on by the idea of me being able to tease her subtly from a distance and her not being able to control it at all. Who wouldn’t be turned on by that too – it got me off to a good start too. O:)

You can use the dial to select one of seven programmed vibration styles. From weak to strong, pulsing and escalating. For us, program number 5 was the winner. The controller has two buttons. The first is On/OFF, the second is a vibration style selector. Easy to understand and operate. Simply foolproof, so I can recommend it even to beginners.

It’s fine for outdoor play, but don’t expect orgiastic screams from your partner every time you turn on the egg. It’s definitely a nice tease that’s great for getting aroused, and knowing that you’re out somewhere playing and still teasing yourself is very arousing.

Summing up, or a review in the end

To sum it all up. It’s a cool improvement, but it doesn’t bring the orgasmic egg. We were both expecting something more intense. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. We just have to use it differently.

We wanted to try using an egg while we were having anal sex – I won’t bore you, it was enjoyable for me too. Not many people know that the wall between the vagina and the asshole is not as extremely thick as you might think, so it’s good for vibrations to pass through. So with each thrust, firstly I felt the unusual protrusion in her lap and even more pleasantly growled and teased. Both. For me, the ideal piece.

We also have plans for public use – business, cinema, dinner. The only obstacle is the noise level. This is quite high, so you can hear the egg when you turn it on. It’s like a cell phone vibrating in your purse.



Easy handling Faint but loud vibrations
Doesn't smell
7 different vibrations
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