A bunny and an egg… does this remind you of Easter? This vibrating duo will fool you! BOOM Rabbit&Balls is a combination of tenderness and softness created for romantic souls and eager bodies.

Tender and smooth

BOOM Rabbit&Balls is a pair of toys that can be used together and separately. The first part is a remote control vibrating egg, while the control itself can also be used as a vibrator. Both toys come in a light pink finish and will absolutely amaze you with their softly sweaty surface. I have never felt such a distinctly soft surface in any sex toy before. Since the female body itself is very sensitive to touch and surface design, this innocent pink thingy gives the body an often neglected experience of softness.

Meet you!

…with egg

The egg is shaped like an eight, it looks like two connected balls on top of each other. There is an on/off button on the bottom and a long silicone strap. The whole egg is in silicone and this minimizes the possibility of dirt clogging – maintenance and cleaning of the egg is very easy and practical.

…with bunny

The driver of the egg is designed as a cute but naughty bunny. The ears are made for clitoral play, and his body is made for controlling both toys. There are two buttons on the body of the controller – the top one is for controlling the bunny itself, the bottom button controls the vibrating egg. In between the buttons is a red light that signals when it is on and flashes when vibrating.

Charging and cleaning

Cleaning both toys is indeed easy, but due to the silicone surface, the toys need to be washed with alcohol-free disinfectant. Similarly, keep the toys away from oils and choose a water-based lubricant for a smooth experience.

Included in the package is a USB charger that charges both parts of the toy. Charging time takes approximately two hours.


Wake the bunny by holding down the top button on its body for a longer time. The ears start vibrating and then pressing the same button to switch programs. The first three programs are a steady vibration that increases in intensity. The following three programs have a different vibration rhythm and by switching you can choose a suitable vibration.

You will discover the same principle of programs with the egg – the egg has six vibration options, the first three vary in intensity, the next three in pulsation. The egg is simply switched on by pressing its button, and subsequent control takes place on the remote control. However, the reaction of the toys to switching on and off is rather longer, both toys already react immediately to switching programs.

Vibrating duo in numbers

  • Number of vibration programs : 6 for both parts
  • Dimensions of the egg: 85 x 32 mm without the loop
  • Bunny dimensions: 110 x 45 x 30 mm
  • Charging time: approx. 2 hours
  • Control range: 6 meters

Cancellation in public?

Does the idea of a vibrating egg also make your imagination color into exciting moments when your partner can play with you discreetly, for example in a restaurant, through the remote control entrusted to his hands? Unfortunately, don’t expect that from this toy. Both toys vibrate quite loudly and people around you would definitely turn around.

Moreover, the shape of the controller is very specific and even a man’s palm will not discreetly hide the controller. However, you can wear the egg alone as a Venus ball without using the vibration. With its small size, it is very comfortable to wear out and only with certain movements do you feel the exciting pressure.

A sensual experience for delicate women

This whole vibrating duo is very gentle in appearance and function. It looks innocent and the experience itself is innocent. The vibrations are very unobtrusive, which can be appreciated by women and ladies who are just getting into the world of sex toys. Unfortunately, this toy does not bring intoxicating excitement, its action is rather a pleasant erotic mood. The vibrations themselves only cause a “local” effect in a given spot around the toy, the arousal is not transmitted further and it’s kind of without a deeper effect.

However, the toy can also be used with a partner for pleasurable foreplay. You can also experiment with the rabbit ears, which can be used to hug the penis and give it a good massage with the vibrations.


I have mixed feelings about the BOOM Rabbit & Balls toy. One has to play with it for a while to discover a way to experience moments of thrilling pleasure with it. If you are in the mood for gentle caresses and gradually uncovering the secrets of gentle pleasure hidden in this toy, this cute toy is made for you!



Pleasant surface Noise
Cute look Longer reaction time
Dual use of the controller Vibration does not bring noticeable excitement
Easy maintenance The driver heats up quickly
Modern charging The vibration only affects one spot without any exciting effect
Possibility to use the egg as Venus balls
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