We met in the boxing gym, as ROBERT ROSENBERG calls the boxing gym, which has shortly moved from Černý Most to one of the busy streets of Žižkov. The trainees would strengthen themselves with squats, push-ups, and sprints, then put on gloves and start fighting each other… That was the time when the uncompromising trainer of the famous name escorted me to the bar, the perfect place to turn on the answering machine.

At the erotic fair you were showing off your dildo… Where did the idea for it come from?

From a girlfriend. We wanted to make it at home, but it wasn’t working out. So we brought in one of our best sculptors who sculpted it down to the smallest detail. We then made a cast (see our review), which we had our friends approve. They liked it, so we added testicles, of course you don’t cast those :o). In the end, it came down to reinforcement to make it stand up well.

It was only supposed to be a limited edition. But the plan fell through. Why?

We thought that we would not go to the foreign market with it, that it would be availableonly to the Czech and Slovak market. But when the first batch of five hundred pieces was produced, we were surprised by its high sales. The producer therefore asked me to agree to increase the production and I gladly agreed. All we had to do was agree on new terms. I was even approached by a foreign company to try to distribute it worldwide, which I was not opposed to. Every penny counts, especially nowadays.

Lascivní.cz magazine is dedicated to testing erotic aids. Do you own any?

Wow! We have something of everything at home, from dildos to cum balls. Actually, my Petya is one of the best Czech photographers, so we’ve photographed some advertising stuff. Even underwear, which I think can also be considered erotic, especially erotic stuff. We don’t resist “toys”, on the contrary, when we see something interesting, we try to touch it, try it out, in short, to see if it works as it should.

You say, “My Petey”. Are you talking about a new partner?

Yes, a new one. I’m divorcing wife Janet, even though she’s against it. We’ve gotten to the stage that I don’t want it that way anymore, that she’ll either agree to my demands or we’ll go our separate ways. She didn’t, we went our separate ways…

You and your wife were building not only a relationship, but a business. Dare I say it: big business. You were heard and seen everywhere in her company… I don’t even know if it’s appropriate to talk about this sensitive subject?

But why not? I don’t see it as a problem. On the contrary, I think it’s exactly about mending relationships. It’s like in the film Bottle Returns, where Svěrák says, as a teacher at school: “I’m not happy here anymore.” And that’s it, if one is no longer happy in a relationship, there’s no point in bonding it. Yes, you can argue that there are children, but even for them, a new partner can have a charm, they can get along with him. It’s about choosing what we want, what we don’t want.

When you talk about children, I was reminded of a recent documentary about a father helping his disabled son with masturbation. Your children are healthy, they won’t require a similar experience, yet it begs the question, how do you yourself feel about the topic of sexual assistance for the disabled and the elderly?

You hit the nail on the head. I debated the subject 15 years ago and I think it is right to cater for such individuals, even though most residents will look past this service. Just today I had a kid here at the gym who is a Paralympics winner. Although he is wheelchair bound, he lives with a healthy girlfriend, their relationship is going wonderfully well. It’s just about finding a compromise, discovering a new path… I also knew a porn actress who was also paralyzed after a car accident, and she herself suggested that we make a video together to “encourage” the disabled.

That sounds interesting. How did it turn out?

We discussed it with the general public, but everyone discouraged us. They said the Czechs weren’t ready for it, they didn’t know how to handle this fact… And there was, is and will be something about it… Most people see it as perversion, while many of those affected are normal people. Why not work in the field of sex as well? You just have to find the right “method”… And most importantly, to stop – to put it crudely – shunning them, which is a big block.

The aforementioned erotica fair introduced special porn goggles, shocked by the remote-controlled vibrator, or rather the fact that you can have the vibrations controlled remotely by your partner. How did you like this year’s edition?

I’ve already spoken to the organisers on the subject, and I’ve downright praised them. Even Ivana Mattei herself, who I’m in touch with, and who has organised previous editions, was surprised that this year’s was a great success. It wasn’t vulgar, there was something for everyone. Of course, we are a nation that is never satisfied with anything. But if you travel out of the Republic towards the West, you will find that we are already having a hard time comparing.

When you speak so fondly of him, can you think of anything that has pleasantly surprised you about him?

The fact that there were finally a lot of young visitors. Not just from the top forty-five, as used to be the norm. And so it should remain, sex must not be taboo. The more it is talked about, both the positives and the negatives, the more acceptable and attractive it will become to the public.

Let’s move on to careers. Usually when someone turns a dick, they later become a director, producer…

Why didn’t it work out the same way for you?

That’s not true, I was the same way. I worked as a director and producer, even my website is still one of the most visited, I have the most ideas that are copied all over the world. But one day I woke up and decided it was time to quit this business, even though it was bringing in good money. I didn’t make the decision suddenly, I had felt for some time that I wasn’t happy. In particular, I was tired of fighting “windmills”, always trying to argue that porn was serious work and so on.

Journalists who write about erotica are the same way… If they want to write an article on a non-erotic subject, the public won’t accept it, they don’t trust it…

Well, you see. Interestingly, afterwards, friends came to me and confided that since I left the “business”, porn in the Czech Republic died. I saw it at the fair and I understand it. A lot of companies, for example, hire a girl as a hostess, but at the same time she behaves rudely, moreover she doesn’t know how to sell herself, generally speaking…

I understand that, it was a part-time job, in a not so revered field…

Consider my colleague Wicky Angel, who also attended the fair. She’s one of the few girls who, while not my cup of tea in terms of looks, is extremely likable, knows how to interact with people, enjoys porn, knows how to put on a show, and maybe that’s why she has a large community of people who follow her, follow her websites and social media, and talk to her. She’s simply a showgirl, she knows how to sell herself, that I repeat myself. Whereas with other girls who are far prettier than her, and could therefore stand out more easily, this doesn’t happen because – excuse me – they’re not celebrities. They don’t have that aura about them.

As for the aura, you have it. Even for the gay community that buys straight videos of you…

I’m glad to hear that. I used to shoot for a gay magazine, but I never made videos. I like gays, I just don’t like it when they want to touch me. On the other hand, you can learn a lot from them. They take care of themselves, which is foreign to most “normal” guys.

What if they were interested in your boxing classes? Would you mind their presence in the gym?

I was surprised how many gay men do boxing. Because I’m open to them, they let me know. I always say it’s not about skin color, it’s not even about opinions… It’s about being able to work on yourself. If he doesn’t want to work hard, I just fire him. Coincidentally, I get a few gay guys in here, some of them I’ll even run with. They’re cool guys, it’s just that a lot of them are ashamed of being gay that bothers me.

What about teaching lesbians?

You don’t want that. It’s a special breed of people who like comfort, creativity, but not sports. They don’t care about their bodies much, which I think is a great shame.

As you mentioned, you are a father yourself. How do you feel about gay couples adopting children?

Just recently I read an article about why there are more gay people today than there used to be. It is supposedly because of what we eat, drink, that it is already affecting the mother’s fetus or hormones. Clearly, if a child is born “like that”, it can no longer be influenced or forbidden. This is wrong. Otherwise, as far as civil partnership and raising a child is concerned, I would argue that it does not matter whether the child is raised by the parents, grandfather and grandmother, two men, two women, the important thing is how they raise it. That is what matters. It doesn’t matter who raises him, it’s how he raises him.

Let’s stay with the continuous vessels – sex and sport. It is said that sexual activity before sporting performance is not appropriate. What do you think – after twenty-five years of active boxing?

I think that’s the biggest load of crap anyone has ever said. Teddy Atlas himself, who trained world champions and coincidentally was asked the same question by reporters, uttered that he had never heard anything stupid. Athletes are used to having sex before they perform, probably not fifteen minutes of course, but they are used to having normal sex. That’s the same as someone claiming their legs get heavy after sex…

It’s also claimed that regular sex increases testosterone secretion, but in terms of increasing performance, it’s rather detrimental. So how is it?

It is claimed, but then again, few people know that the body can make testosterone on its own. Not to mention that most top athletes take nutritional supplements that boost that testosterone. Whether it’s tribulus or others. Some girls purposely get impregnated before the Olympics because athletic performance suppresses estrogen. Personally, I think it’s a small amount that doesn’t have that effect.

Have you known anyone among athletes who reaches for steroids to experience euphoria? The latter is great, but results in less sperm being produced, libido fading and performance dropping off…

I know a lot of people who injected pure testosterone or took other anabolic steroids that helped. But the problem, as you state, is that sperm is then of poor quality. It’s harder to have children and it takes a long, long time to get it back on track.

You are the prototype of a mannequin. Tall, smiling, teeth without a single blemish, all muscle. What’s your best one?

I had a full-body diagnostic some time ago and found that all of them are great. But, to be honest, I’m not building muscle, I’m building stamina. I’m combining strength with endurance. And let me tell you, the same is true for my physique:) In short, there is nothing to complain about…

We mentioned your new relationship with Petra, what muscles do you admire in her?

Belly when she exercises. And then the glutes, which is the most beautiful muscle a woman can have.

Aside from moderating events and sex work, you spend most of your time in the gym. How did you get into boxing?

I was an apprentice, but before that I did karate for a while. I boxed recreationally my whole life, that is until I was in a bad car accident. Ironically, this stroke of fate provoked me to turn professional. I couldn’t spin the dick, so I recovered by taking up wrestling, which “threw” me in a different direction…

And the result is that you ended up opening your own school…

Yes, sort of. First I started with training in a gym in Černý Most, then the interest grew so much that it was necessary to look for bigger premises. We found them here in Žižkov, but as you can see, even those are getting tight…

We say goodbye at the bar, you’re wearing sweatpants and gloves on your hands. Even as you give me your full attention, you keep one eye on what’s happening on the mats. In short, you’re passionate about coaching…

I’ve explained this many times before. I think of it as a job, a calling. I’m happy to pass on what I’ve learned over the years. It’s also about the hurt, the sweat, the pain… It’s all a practitioner has to experience. It’s not just about dealing blows, you have to increase your physicality by sprinting, squats, push-ups, jumping rope… All this strengthens the body, improves muscle mass and of course burns fat.

You admitted that lesbians don’t go to the gym. However, there are supposedly women among the exercisers…

There’s a simple answer to that: if it weren’t for psychopaths assaulting women, I probably wouldn’t get them in here. As part of the classes, I try to teach them confidence in case they get into physical conflict. Not only will they learn about model situations, but they’ll also lose some pounds. That’s something every woman will welcome, especially if she wants to be sexy.

But what I see here today is more petite…

And she has her place here. It’s no secret that many of today’s excellent athletes started in sports as children. What if similar talent is born here? Moreover, for kids, a gym like this is a “blessing” if we want to discourage them from doing drugs, sitting in front of the computer, plus they learn how to defend themselves against the bullying that reigns in schools. Of course, parents may be concerned about my professional past, but that will soon pass when they see the results.

I was wondering, is there any way to compare the physical demands between a boxing match and filming an erotic scene?

Compare? There’s a difference in stamina. When you’re boxing, a fight like that lasts about half an hour, when you’re filming a dick scene you should last six to eight hours straight. If you box badly, you fall down, whereas if there’s a problem with the filming, you can pause the shot to maybe refresh yourself and go in front of the camera again.

Anyone who doesn’t have a tattoo today is like they don’t even exist. What does yours symbolize on your face?

Same thing as my idol Tyson. It’s symbolism, an image to drive away evil spirits and keep bad people away from me. While Mike had it done in Africa, I settled for a salon in the Czech Republic.

You’re good to talk to. I’m not surprised that you have a profile as a presenter as well as a coach. Quality diction, sufficient vocabulary. When you are booked by a company or another institution to speak, do you choose a dramaturgy?

I offer a three-hour program, which is divided into three parts. In the first one, I lecture on Sex and Partner Fidelity, Making Porn Films as an Art Activity, and Incorporating Porn Films into Contemporary Classic Films. The second part is devoted to discussion, the third to a photo shoot and an autograph session. I can also mediate the event through my Facebook profile, where I have fifty thousand friends at the time. Such a discussion costs the organizer five thousand crowns. I also moderate at graduation nights, sports and other competitive events.

Thank you for the interview.

If you too want to be personally coached by Robert Rosenberg, no problem. He’ll shake off the excess fat, pump up your muscles, and change your look beyond recognition. Where? At Prague’s Konevova Street 57, easily reached by public transport bus 133, 207 (stop Černínova) from the metro station Florenc. Its REBEL GYM is open daily from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm.

A pass for ten entries costs three and a half thousand crowns (valid for two months) if you want to be trained by Robert. If you are satisfied with a group training and you are an adult, the monthly registration fee comes out to a thousand. For five hundred for the same period, the training of children comes out to five hundred.

But watch out! Robert is a strict coach. Late arrival is tolerated up to ten minutes with a fine of thirty crowns and thirty English push-ups (push-ups with a jump). He can also be accommodating. He offers free glove rental for the first five practices, and allows free entry to bulk practices after six straight games won under BC Rebel.

Photos: from the Robert Rosenberg archive, Petra Shebestova, see HERE.

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