She was born in Pelhřimov as an ordinary girl, but she did not stay ordinary for long. Already at the age of sixteen she started posing for fashion magazines, taking pictures of nude nudes, two years later even shooting porn. And from there it is not far to our topic – the use of adult toys. A topic she is willing to talk about for hours, especially after her recent attendance at the erotic fair Erofest 2017 in Bratislava and Prague.

We caught up with you during the presentation of a cast of former colleague Robert Rosenberger’s penis. Do you think this is a commercially interesting move, or is it more of a retro throwback? Italy was made famous by Rocco Siffredi, the Czech Republic boasts Robert…

From the video, which I also shared on social media, it was obvious we were both joking. Robert was holding him and I was boxing him:) I think he didn’t want to do this imitation rather as a retro memory. He is a nice guy himself, who takes things with a grain of salt and has no problem making fun of himself.

So he didn’t mind that the dildo was badly anchored?

I guess so. A flaw in the beauty:) It wobbled and wobbled a lot at the point where the penis grows out of the belly and the testicles are near it. It needed stronger material inside the silicone mold. But nobody cares about the manufacturing background. The main thing is that Robert’s female fans will like it, some of them want to have a cast of a Czech porn “daddy” 😀

There was no shortage of BDSM themes at the fair. What did you say about the presentation of the stand of the online shop Bugshop, which was also perpetually besieged by riggers?

Interesting, but I’m not into stainless and glass toys. I don’t like what is cold and unnatural. Still, I have to admit that dildos made of those materials look very good in photos or videos, and after heating them in hot water they can be worked with. Of course, until I broke the last glass one:)

No kidding! Did you hurt yourself?

I didn’t, but I realized that some glass toys are not as safe as they might seem at first glance. The one I mentioned was shaped like leaves, and the only luckily was that I was sitting on my side when it burst an inch from my skin. Fortunately, I pushed it out right away or it would have cut me. Unfortunately, more glass toys from the company in question were found to be poorly fused and would break at color or shape transitions. However, it’s kind of a fetish style and we all like something different:) I liked the rest of the BDSM gear.

The festival boasted “own brand” clothing. T-shirts, panties and boxers were on display in interesting designs. Did you purchase any of the above as a souvenir and now your friends have something to look forward to under the tree?

There were several brands, but the main one was the one with the Erofest logo. I wore the T-shirt to take some photos after the Miss Erotica casting, but I didn’t take it home. Of course I could have done that, but none of my friends or family would wear it and I’ll gladly borrow “this miracle” again next year:)

How impressed were you with the lingerie show? Doesn’t it seem risky to buy underwear online?

It was a great idea for me, I know the owner of trenykarna and his products and I recommend it to everyone. Putting them on the beautiful models was also a highlight. Of course it’s nice if you know your partner’s size, it’s a super tip for an original gift. I like their style, colors, combination and material. Finally something different from the boring white, grey and black shorts from other stores. And risky? No, I wouldn’t say…

Erotic beds and stools became the featured item again. These are particularly popular with erotic salon owners. But what about you, do you own one like it? I’m sure you do…

You’d be surprised, but I don’t own one, although I’ve been thinking about it for some time. It’s something else again. I’m planning to go to a salon that owns these stools, and take some pictures or film some stuff there…

What did you miss at Erofest?

More stalls with fetish stuff, latex fashion, demonstrations of using toys and gadgets, explanation of how to take care of them, something about intimate hygiene, lectures and discussions on communication between partners, trying new things, breaking down boundaries in sex, debates about porn, sexuality and orientation. Possibility of casting intimate parts and making an original toy, soap, lollipop or anything else funny. Shop for erection and arousal stimulants – for men and women…

Daddy, there’s a lot of…

That’s not all… I also missed the explanation of the importance of intimacy and sex in a partner’s life, and that people don’t have to be ashamed of any fetish or kink. The possibility of counseling for those who are shy or have a sexual problem, or the possibility of group sessions and discussions on various topics. I would also like to see clubs where different themed events and activities are held and people can come and watch or try the thing. In Bratislava there was the possibility to try tantra and other massages…

What was unnecessary at the fair?

Cosmetics stands, casual wear, hot tubs and generally anything that has nothing to do with erotica, sex and porn.

Recently manufacturers have been racing to come up with the latest models of adult toys. Are you following their developments?

Yes I do follow, a few companies have even approached me to test their toys. I was surprised by LELO’s Sona model, which massages the entire clitoris – not just the little tip we’re familiar with – using vibrations and sonic waves. Then there’s the rotating anal plug from B-vibe, which simulates the gentle circular motion of fingers, or the smaller double-sided variant of the Hitachi toy from Japan. I’m also keeping an eye on the development of prostate stimulators or incognito clitoral vibrators.

As you have already stated, glass and stainless steel is not your thing… What material do you prefer?

Wood, or rather wooden toys from Mr. Slave, even a fan of mine who calls himself McVikings has taken to making similar ones. And silicone to imitate faux leather…

What experience with aphrodisiacs?

I’d like to test it out, too. Different pheromones and Spanish flies… and see what really works.

You know a lot about sex toys, can you take care of them too?

I do, both in terms of hygiene and storage and handling.

Have any of you been shocked lately…

Not so much the help as the size of it. Specifically with some of the dildos and anal plugs I’ve come across lately.How can anyone get that inside them? I just don’t get it.

Which toys do you lend to your friends? Or do you stand by the fact that such things are not to be lent out?

“Mine – don’t touch!” I shout when someone reaches for them 🙂 But otherwise I always try to encourage my friends to experiment, I’m happy to buy them a toy…

In case of emergency, could you make one of these with your own hands?

Sure, maybe disassemble the shower:) A strong stream of water on the clit is great.

Most users christen the beloved gadget with a nice name. Can you tell us what yours has (do yours have)?

To be honest, I haven’t named any of them yet. The ones I have that I got as a gift or custom product usually have my name on them. I had a friend make a fancy snake-shaped toy from Mr. Slave and she named it “Angel – Dangerous But Beautiful” after me.

In case the toy breaks, can you fix it?

Not at all. Especially when the vibrating or rotating part goes, and that’s usually because I simply baked it. I just can’t fix a cooked motor. If the surface of the toy gets damaged, it’s no longer advisable to use it for hygiene reasons. And if the wood one cracks or gets scratched, it’s possible to have it repainted and glued back together. But I would definitely leave that in the hands of the manufacturers.

As an experienced actress and model – would you help a friend with advice? What to recommend, what not to. If it came down to a description of functionality, could you handle it?

Sure, I always try to help with advice so that girls don’t fall for a scam company or a bogus offer.

We recently celebrated the Velvet Revolution. People are not happy with the current policies, some would like to return to the days before the revolution. If that were to happen, we probably wouldn’t see you spinning your dicks anymore. Would you work abroad, or would you stay in your home country? If so, in what profession?

I would probably move away and continue doing what I enjoy and love. Shooting, filming and directing is my dream come true. In short, it’s what fulfills me and I’m not going to stop. Even at the cost of moving away and never coming back.

Where are you going to the fair now?

Nowhere else. I turned down a couple of invitations to some in Europe and America, I can’t make it for time reasons.

Thanks for the interview.

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Photos: from the archives of actress Angel Wicky (most of the shots were taken for Playboy magazine, for which she has posed for many years).

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