You won’t just meet Silvia. It’s a good thing we have the internet, or rather Facebook. Alternatively, the ability to call via WhatsApp… One day she’s in Tenerife, the next in Barcelona. Then she rests in Budapest for a while, where she trains new ones as a porn actress, and then she’s off to the whirlwind of life again – to Berlin, this time for the Venus erotic festival. And where will she be tomorrow? Guess… Prague, of course. Finally! That is, if she doesn’t stop by her parents’ place in the Eagle Mountains first. At least for a spin.

Open interview with a porn actress named Silvia Dellai

They’d like to know what their daughter does, what she looks like, how she’s doing in the business… Nasty word, I know. But it’s the times. Especially when Sylvia goes to Prague to represent a software app, a companion-mediating app. No, it’s not a regular dating site. The advantage of this one is that when it “comes” to a man, he meets the callgirl within an hour, sometimes sooner if she’s in the next street. I can’t reveal any more. Perhaps the fact that taxi companies are building their careers on a similar principle…

The upcoming Erotica Festival Erofest 2017, which will take place on 17th and 18th November in Prague, will not only be about new technology, it will also be about introducing the already established – albeit somewhat innovative. What is there to keep developing, one’s head is spinning from all the new things. See for yourself. Just walk through one of the stands at the PVA EXPO exhibition area and you’ll have a head like a search balloon :o)

Lately, the erotic aid bag has been bursting. Can you count how many you have tried in your short lifetime?

All of them. Nothing surprises me in porn anymore.

Really? I can’t believe… Which of these have grown on you?

That would be a long story.

Well, pick at least one…

Maybe the HiTech massage head, that’s my favorite. It looks like a microphone, it used to be used on my back but now it tickles my clit :). It’s a vibrator for demanding women, which has three teasing frequencies…

Yes, yes, it’s a best seller at the moment. It’s even supposed to be the best-selling item ever… But let’s move on. Are you following the news in this industry?

I do, but not much. I know, you want to add that if I work in a related industry, I should be a hawk… Informed in every way… Well, I’ll do better.

Even though you are only twenty-four and have a young and well-groomed body, are you interested in beautifying techniques? For example, anal bleaching, vaginal rejuvenation…

What do you mean? Like I’m worn out…:) I mean, seriously. I’ve come across them, but for me, there’s no talk of any “amortization” of the body yet to interest me that deeply. On the other hand, I have to admit that in order to stay in business as long as possible, I have to take care of myself more than the next girl. I have no objection to modern ways of beautification, moreover, it is becoming a part of every aging woman today, that is, if she wants to remain attractive to those around her…

Do you have a fetish? The Fetish Bazar in Prague, the fourteenth in a row, was more interesting than the elections to the House of Commons, the recent Fetish Weekend event… Fetish everywhere you look. That goes for another porn actress who loves to shop for shoes. As she admitted on Facebook (where else, right), she is directly affected by it. So much so that in the absence of her partner, she’ll lie in bed with a pair of her beloved pumps and cuddle them until she falls asleep…

Well, that’s too bad for the girl! Or fine?I’m not flying in anything yet. But come to think of it, I’m far from it either. Just recently, a production put me in a suede costume and I was awfully comfortable with it.

Well, you see, you fetishist! Humor aside, I take it back and turn the page. You alternate between Italy and the Czech Republic. Is there a difference in the way women dress?

I think it’s on a comparable level. With a slight difference. In the Italian market, you can tell more easily whether the fabric is Italian or imported from China. In the Czech Republic you see more of the Chinese one, so it’s harder to tell the difference.

How do Italians view porn compared to Czechs?

There aren’t many erotic clubs in Italy, so Italians go to Prague for sex and then act like they’re off the chain. Czechs are more uninhibited, I would say sometimes too much so. As for the profession of the porn actress, the Italians worship her as an idol, while the Czechs are a cheap, tasteless creature…

Interesting comparison. Now on to the social topic: You film lesbian scenes among other things, does that mean you are a fan of the gay and lesbian community? Do you recognise the right to civil partnership, which entails legal cohabitation, assured care for a sick partner, the right to information regarding their health, first line inheritance settlements and so on? What do you think about the amendment of the law to include the possibility of adoption of a child by homosexual parents?

I personally have nothing against this minority. I even prefer to watch gay porn, rather than the mainstream – heterosexual – stuff where it’s mostly focused on the woman. I prefer to watch men, well men, that word is rather borderline. I have nothing against cohabitation, I just don’t find it appropriate when two such people are raising a child. I mean, he could be bullied at school or otherwise disadvantaged… Of course, compared to the Italian gay and lesbian scene, the Czech one is something to envy. In Italy it is also talked about a lot, but it is far from being equal to the heterosexual majority. Otherwise, it is true that I have shot a lot of lesbian scenes. I must not forget the bisexual scene, where two guys were having sex and I was their second. Also a very interesting experience…

You were born in Trento, Italy, to Czech parents, but the family returned to Jablonné nad Orlicí. What made her do that?

Opening an Italian restaurant.

You’re recording me. Can you recommend an interesting recipe?

Yes, there is. But if you ask me what I love from the Trentino cuisine I’m addicted to, it’s definitely galsiccia – homemade sausage with cornmeal mash, saffron risotto and venison Italian style.

How about pizza? That’s part of Italian cuisine too…

Of course, but I only like the one my dad makes.

Obviously, why mention this fact when, on the other hand, it doesn’t look dietary considering you have to maintain your figure.

You’re on to something! Fortunately, I can thank a good burn.

And you haven’t opened your own restaurant yet, which you’ve been dreaming of doing for a while. Plus, if you want to continue the family tradition…

Rather than a food establishment, I would prefer a cafe. We’ll see what comes…

A coffee shop is a time of relaxation. When you’re not filming, how do you spend your time off?

I go to parties, dance, and hang out with people until the wee hours. That might be why I don’t always have money saved up for a coffee shop 🙂 Other times I’m just hanging out at the shops.

What, you mean you prefer the Czech basin to the land of fashion?

But yeah, why not. I like to wear tank tops, bodysuits, shorts, jeans and sneakers. And that’s what you get in the Czech Republic. I don’t care about brands.

In addition to making adult films, you and your sister Evelyne are also invited to other activities. What are these, if it’s not a secret?

Sometimes we promote a hotel, a disco, lend a face to software – there’s some money to be made there too. A secret? If you’re not known, you won’t be approached to collaborate… It’s like, “doll, sit in the corner, they’ll find you…” has nothing to do with me:)

It probably does. You have to pay the rent somehow. But if you are approached by a company for advertising, sorry, serious advertising, isn’t working in a daddy a hindrance?

Well, excuse me? This may have been true in the ’90s… It’s not looked at that way today. Unfortunately I can’t compare enough, you’d have to ask a “senior” colleague 🙂

A certain Czech porn starlet flashed in a video clip of a famous singer and then let it be known that she was quitting dick-filming, that she was going to take up acting. Can’t you have a similar epiphany?

But yes, it can, why resist coincidences. Maybe there’s a producer who’ll offer me the part of the new Angelica… But if I’m going to get stuck in once, then maybe for the cafe. What a modest girl I am…

Private immodest. You can get pregnant suddenly too, not that I wish you to…. And then the world is turned upside down… By the way, I noticed you have a garter tattooed on your leg, which is usually a sexy addition to a wedding outfit. They even prefer it in blue, which is also your case. Do you know why they choose that shade?

Because blue is good, as Ondra Hejma sings…

Maybe, but it’s more superstition that’s at play here. It’s supposedly a presented symbol of fidelity and innocence.

Don’t talk! It’ll make me think about myself if it can’t be removed, won’t it?

Now imagine the horror of getting married. Tradition has it that the groom removes the garter from the bride at night and throws it amongst his unmarried friends… What’s more, the worse idea is that the groom has to do it with his teeth where the bow is…

So he’s gonna bite off a piece of meat and throw it amongst the hungry dogs? Well, you can forget about that. I’d rather stay a virgin, sorry, I don’t think that’s gonna work either. Well, I’ll just be single, as long as I keep a nice leg.

Virgin? What’s not can be again. All you have to do is see a surgeon and ask for a hymenoplasty. By the way, this will also be discussed at the aforementioned erotic fair in Prague.

You put my mind at ease:) Hopefully we will finally meet there in person.

I will be only glad and thank you for the phone call and a few lines on FB.

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