Whoop.de.doo is a young purely Czech brand of erotic toys, which Anna Marešová has been preparing with her own design studio since her school work. Basically, the line of erotic/medical aids includes Venus balls, a vibrator and a pair of vibrating eggs. Future additions will include a vaginal barbell and dildo.

The brand Whoop.de.doo was created by student Anna Marešová as the subject of her master’s thesis, but in the end she decided to realize the whole project. She worked on the design, production, presentation and distribution of the products.

Whoop de doo brand

Whopp de doo from a historical perspective

She undertook the project alone without investors, marketing firms and managers. Whoop.de.doo focuses mainly on production in the Czech Republic and thanks to this, the quality of materials and adherence to designs can be personally supervised.

Video from the production

Designed to the Edge – WDD Vibrator

And after x years of work, there was satisfaction – the Whoop.de.doo vibrator won the Red Dot award (it had competition in 5,200 products from around the world), a prestigious award in the industrial design industry.


The jury composed of 41 experts from all over the world focused primarily on the high quality of the design and execution of the products.

“I am very happy about the award. I perceive the award in two ways. Not only did the jury appreciate the design, but my brand with the finished product also stood out in the competition of big companies, and I appreciate that immensely,” admits Czech designer Anna Marešová, who is not only the author of the Whoop.de.doo project, but her studio Anna Marešová designers also takes care of the entire production and sales. “This time last year, I didn’t even have the money for production. It’s a red dot for quality and that’s the best motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Not just a feminine look, but top-notch technology

Anna Mares collaborates directly with technologists and developers to produce products, which is why she manages to achieve great results. The Whoop.de.doo vibrator is unique in its category. The simple anatomical shape hides very sophisticated mechanics, completely encased in medical grade silicone. Although the vibrator has three motors, it remains naturally flexible.


But Anna also focused on all the other details, from the intuitive controls to the final packaging. Like the brand’s previous products, the vibrator was developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. “At the moment, the first edition is sold out, and because there is a great demand for the Whoop.de.doo Vibrator, it is necessary to wait at least two to three months for it,” explains Anna Marešová, who is preparing new products for this year in the form of a heavier version of Whoop.de.doo Venus balls or lubricating gel.

Only the best materials

Whoop.de.doo (also searched by the typo variant Whoop wee doo) makes designer pieces that are wonderfully functional and thought out to the last detail. They use certified medical-grade silicone and only produce a limited number of pieces – while this guarantees a certain exclusivity for each new owner, it adds quite a bit to the production costs.

Erotic aids are light, gentle and at the same time so elegant. Anna Marešová’s main goal was to find the boundary between medicine and eroticism and to bring a quality product in every way. Whoop.de.doo produces (or plans to produce in the next few years) vibrators, venus balls and vibrating eggs.

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