Japan’s Tenga used to focus purely on men’s erotic aids (wankers), but in recent years, thanks to the Iroha sub-brand, it has been trying to attract couples as well. This manufacturer has had a head start against other brands for many years thanks to its novel design and also pleasant prices. The simple design (always without realistic features) has found millions of fans.

Tenga’s goal was to create the perfect male masturbator and break down all preconceptions. Most erotic toy designers focus on authentic vagina design rather than authentic experience design.

Japanese masturbation Tenga has rocked the world…

It doesn’t try to copy nature, i.e. a woman’s vagina or her mouth. Rather, it tries to improve everything it can so that we men can achieve great orgasms even if our female partner is not around. So Those wankers are for the man who’s tired of his own hand (whether left or right, or both). Products from Tenga are of course created in Japan, and as we all know, Europeans find the Asian approach unusual and often indigestible. However, Tenga toys are becoming popular all over the world and even here in Czech Republic.

The Flip Hole by Tenga is thus the perfect orgasm in a box, with no rival in real experience (apart from a real woman’s body, that is). The inside of the Flip Hole is made of ultra-soft elastomer material, the masturbator is also one of the few that can be taken apart and washed, and most importantly, you control your penis with the pleasure buttons.

Tenga wankers

The alternative is a smaller version called just Flip Lite. The advantage of this male masturbator is also its opening mechanism, which allows it to be easily opened after use and then washed out with water. Once dry, it is ready for further use. The only disadvantage is probably its price, which is around 2300 CZK.

Other luxury men’s accessories

The smallest and cheapest gadget is the Tenga Egg. This is a silicone masturbator without a hard outer shell, so you control its tightness yourself with a squeeze of your hand. The Egg< is on the market in 6 different designs that differ in the internal protrusions. Prices of masturbation eggs are around 200 CZK. The authentic-looking egg of the real one does not hide a chick inside, but the “kinder surprise” here is elastic silicone and lubricating gel.

This one drips into the inside of the silicone and with a little imagination, you can even figure out how to get into this jelly egg… The market offers two models – Spider and Clicker. The Clicker allows for stronger stimulation thanks to its grooves, but men in practice claim that the grooves rather degrade the onset of pleasure. In contrast, the Spider has a sort of internal grid with allegedly better results

Tenga OnaCup are male wankers that already have a hard shell so they feel good in the hand. They are referred to as masturbation cups. As with the Masturbation Egg, there are several types. These include the Deep Throat Cup, Air Cushion, Double Hole, Soft Tube and Rolling Head. Each has a different internal structure and there are already very different experiences between the models. Some of these models are also endowed with a pressure relief valve, for example, so you can adjust the intensity of the suction yourself.

Harder and softer – you’ll love both toys

Thanks to the great success of these masturbators, Tenga has also created Soft or Hard versions for selected models. Thus, dildos with these nicknames will be either looser or tighter compared to the classic version. Also going on sale are versions labeled U.S. (Ultra size = larger size), which are designed for men with larger penises for whom the classic sizes would be restrictive. The prices of these wankers are around 450 CZK.

Tenga isn’t slowing down and is churning out more products

The first “accessory” is the Tenga Hole warming stick. After reading the name of this product for the first time, you may find it hard to understand its meaning. After all, what would we need a warming stick from Tenga? Well, their dogs so that they are at body temperature before use. I do like a variety of sherbet, but too much is too much. Admittedly, they defend this product by saying that playing with a heated Tenga masturbator is much more exciting and similar to playing with a real vagina.

In a nutshell, it is a classic plastic rod filled with liquid that is heated by breaking a metal target. Just like the heating pads that everyone is surely familiar with, the Tenga Hole heating stick is disposable. After the first time you break the metal target, you have no other choice but to heat it up in a pot of hot water for its function. So this is a disposable heating rod for chasers.

One thing to not to worry about, though. The wand from Japanese Tenga is not capable of creating such a high temperature that it would damage Tenga sex toys or any other. Yes this wand is a “universal” size so it can be used to heat the insides of other male masturbators and wankers.

The second addition to the Tenga toys is the special Lubricating Tenga Egg Gel that everyone has probably been waiting for. Because after a certain period of time, you need to lubricate the inside of the jerks to keep it from “jerking”. The lube is water-based, so you don’t have to worry about using it for erotic aids made of silicone or other materials.

3D perfect sculpture – or men’s toy?

Another interesting piece is the Tenga 3D wanker – an all-silicone wanker with an unusual design and elaborate teasing protrusions. Tenga has taken the principle from masturbation egg and EGG and elevated it to a sophisticated toy that can be considered a work of art! 6 different surfaces provide 6 different experiences. And thanks to the soft body, you can smoothly regulate your grip.

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Expansion among women and couples

Tenga has also been experimenting with its sub-brand Iroha by Tenga in recent years. Thus, it has already brought out the Yuki, Sakura, Mini Fuji Lemon, Sora Mikan and Midori models. The latest generations include vibrators of the type Yukidaruma, Hanamidori, Hinazakura.

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