Pornographic portals are an essential part of the Internet. What you should know about What is it about and how to register on it?

Birth of

The portal was founded in 1997 by a man named Peter Acworth. He was a bondage enthusiast and at the time was pursuing a PhD at Columbia University. The world of BDSM eventually captivated him far more than academia and the world of finance. So he eventually left school with the decision to make a somewhat different living.

He began to engage in his favorite practice, bondage, together with beautiful women. This is how the website, the predecessor of today’s, came into being.

It is still functional today and contains an extensive archive, which has remained true to the original theme.

Today, the team now numbers more than 90 staff members who ensure that the site regularly adds inventive content.

What is all about

The English term “kink” refers to unconventional sexual practices. In a general sense, it can mean, for example, BDSM or various fetishes.

This is the spectrum of human sexuality that this portal specializes in. The most important thing for its functioning is maximum authenticity. After all, even bdsm itself is about absolute trust. respects this. Therefore, it is not desirable to show recorded videos, where the goal is mainly to do a precise acting performance.

What categories does the site offer

The categories of each video are divided as follows:

  • anal sex,
  • BDSM,
  • bondage,
  • bodily punishment,
  • dominance,
  • humiliation,
  • lesbian sex,
  • role play,
  • strap on (strap on penises),
  • submission.

Most Famous Series/Shows

  • Divine Bitches – femdom humiliation of men
  • The Training of O – several days of training submissives
  • The Upper Floor – luxury BDSM swingers action
  • TS Seduction (TS Seduction) – transsexual domination
  • Wired Pussy – electrosex in the hands of lesbians
  • Public Disgrace – sex and punishment in public
  • Sadistic Rope – rope bondage
  • Men in Pain – femdom humiliation of men
  • Kink University (kinky university) – instructional videos on BDSM practices
  • Hogtied – classic bondage videos
  • Fucking machines (sex machines) – fucking machines in action
  • Everything Butt – typical anal sex and practices
  • Device Bondage (bondage equipment) – bondage using furniture, pulleys, large tools
  • Bound Gods – men bound and humiliated at the hands of gay men
  • 30 Minutes of Torment – extreme punishment and humiliation in 30 minutes
  • Men on Edge – gay themes
  • Whipped ass – spankings
  • and dozens more.

Most famous models

Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr is an award-winning American actress, director and producer. She is best known in the porn industry under the moniker Mistress Lolita. This actress is one of the most popular fetish porn stars today and in addition, she specializes in BDSM. According to many, she is one of the best in the industry. She also has AVN Awards to her credit.

Aiden Starr in action - Divine Bitches video

Veruca James

Veruca James is an American porn actress of Irish descent. She is one of the most popular stars in her field, as evidenced by multiple nominations at the AVN Awards as well as success at the Spank Bank Awards and XRCO Awards. Before entering the porn industry, she made her living as an accountant, among other things. She filmed her first hardcore sex scene in May 2011. She has worked with companies such as Evil Angel and Girlfriends Films.

Veruca James in femdom action

Holly West

Holly West was born in California. She revealed on herself, among other things, that she prefers erotic scenes with girls at work. In private, she is a frequent visitor to swingers, where she also goes with her husband. She has also admitted to a fondness for bondage. On the internet, Holly is very active and is one of the few who communicates regularly with her fans.

Holly West - Suspended in a bondage harness and bound

How to pay for content

If you want to take full advantage of the portal content, you need a registration and an active subscription. Together with it, you get access to more than 10,000 hours of HD video.

Pay by card

You can pay for it by card. Specifically, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and EuroDebit.

However, the payment must come from a card that has been registered in your name, beware. Also check that you are not in a country from which operators do not currently accept this type of payment. You should also use a card that was issued in the country where you are currently physically located.

Paying by prepaid card

You can also use a prepaid card or gift credit card for this purpose. However, you must make sure that your details are registered with the card beforehand.

This means that the back of the card should show the website to be linked to your billing information. Therefore, if your billing information does not match the card, the payment cannot be processed correctly.

In case you don’t own a credit card or prepaid card, you can still print a MailInPaymentSheet. Attach the payment to it and mail it to the address:

CyberNet Entertainment LLC
1155 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

KINK as a brand of fetish gear

And that’s primarily why we’re writing about this brand here. KINK itself has teamed up with another American love-brand Doc Johnson. And together they have created a range of professional sex aids, accessories and fucking machines that KINK itself endorses for its videos. And he uses them live there, too.

At the bottom of each video is a section called Shop the scene, which lists the specific products used.

So these are products that have been tested directly by practice, you can check out one of the videos to see how they are used before you buy. And of course they are color matched to the black-on-black combination that dominates the logo and the porn site itself. Enjoy. 🙂

We work together: