I don’t think Spanish flies need much introduction. It is a fairly well-known aphrodisiac. There are a plethora of varieties on the market, so when we were given the opportunity to test Spanish flies for men Reaven couldn’t resist.


Spanish are presented as a dietary supplement. These are classic drops with no color and a bitter taste. The taste reminded me most of cough drops. According to the instructions, you are supposed to take it twice a day.

In the description you can also read that the product has no medicinal effects and that it affects everyone differently. Ideally, they should make you want to have sex and give you a better orgasm. And how did they work on Reaven?


I have to admit early on that I didn’t regularly use them twice a day. So it’s quite possible that the result was affected by that. After the first use, I felt basically nothing. Except for the taste, which really isn’t appealing. “So what”, I said to myself.

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“It’s only hot extreme after all, so maybe the effect will be all the greater.” And nothing came, not even the desire for sex. So after the first use came disappointment. But I continued to use it.


After a while, I found that I really do have a little more frequent craving for sex. Don’t imagine some viagra or something to promote an erection. Nothing where you say to yourself, now I have to have sex or I’ll go crazy. Just a nice mood.

I’ve noticed that this usually happens when I take the drops, and I wonder if the effect is already happening or not, and my head is clear. So I’ve finally gotten to the point where I really don’t know what is causing the effect of the drops or if it is just some placebo effect.

I finally came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter much, the main thing is the result and that has come at least in part. Although there is nothing hot extreme about it, at least not for me.

So would I recommend them? By all means, you can’t go wrong. Maybe the result will be better for you. But you also have to take into account that you won’t feel any. It’s really not like you’re gonna take the flies and become king of the bedroom. If you are comfortable with your libido and orgasm, I think you can easily do without them.



It is a dietary supplement There is no way of knowing whether this is a fruit fly effect or a placebo effect
Perhaps a little longer lasting effect It may not work
Not very appealing taste
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